Prophetic Words

21 July, 2017 15:33

By Lana Vawser
Foreboding Definition: a feeling that something bad will happen; fearful apprehension.
Synonymns: anxiety, fearfulness, disquiet, uneasy. (Google)
Many have been wrestling with a sense of foreboding concerning the future and change that is coming. This foreboding is NOT from God, it is the enemy trying to stop you from receiving the joy God wants to give you in the revelation of His new plans upon you.
Ask Him to break and remove this foreboding and watch and see what He will do.
He will take the foreboding and release you into a new FANTASTIC POINT OF VIEW concerning the CHANGE that is upon you!
The JOY in the NEW that He has for you is going to REVIVE YOU!


  • Charles VanDelden

    Yes ,most assuredly, I will be joyful when the Lord has begun the process of restoring the earth (All of His creation) to its original state (Isaiah 65,etc.). Until then His Will must be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
    Blessings Lana…..?

  • Elizabeth Leacock

    Lana, i cannot tell you how many times i have received your posts and they have spoken into my exact circumstances, being exactly what i needed to hear, have confirmation of, be encouraged with. Thank you. Thank you for today’s post as well, as i had been asking the Father about the sense of “foreboding”, a feeling that something was wrong, that I have felt on and off over the last two weeks. I had felt that His answer was that nothing was wrong, but it is good to get confirmation. Blessings to you and your ministry.

  • Leon Spangler

    Yes this is a part of what you shared in Lakeland Ignited I was there and want to speak with you but my wife needed to get home BUT it was so good I was so Blessed

  • Deborah C

    Thank you thank you thank you and God bless you for that releasing this word today as I am about to move so my house and I don’t know where I’m going thank you ‘

  • Christopher

    Glad to see your voice becoming stronger and the greater level of influence. God bless and keep sounding off!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Over a week ago, I was surprised by a short and sweet vision that came while walking along in the house. it prepared my heart and mind with great joy. The joy remained the whole week in wondrous anticipation of it coming to pass. It did come to pass and my heart was ready with great joy. It’s so encouraging to know that God provides little visions that minister to our heart and we know it’s His point of view; it’s His heart about something!! Also the content of three dreams are also preparing me for what’s coming. The Word of God does say, “Ask of Me of things to come.” Precious, precious Holy Spirit takes of what is of the Lord and gives it to us! And lastly, while praising Jesus this morning, a glimpse came of Jesus literally personally coming and ministering all the help needed with His Presence in any and all situations and relationships. So near, and so dear; Jesus Christ the Son of God, my Savior and Friend.

  • Cheri

    Just this afternoon I was in intense, and beautiful prayer and worship. immediately when I walked out of my prayer closet, anxiety hit me like a Mac truck! I am at the point of incredible and powerful breakthrough. The intensity of the furnace fires have been more than I could possibly describe, they are that bizarre!! Evil is truly that, evil. but God is faithful and is working all together for good, just as He promised. I’ve learned to pray for those who persecute me, and bless those who curse me, and there are many. I cast all away to have all He is instead, and He is worth it!! Thank you Lana for your UNBELIEVABLY timely messages. ONLY GOD!! I prayed for Him to break this spirit of foreboding and am super excited to see what He does.

    • Tiffany Collins

      Cherish, the same thing happened to me. I taught a bible study the other night. It was a beautiful revelation. It was met with hostility and misunderstanding. Immediately I felt anxiety come upon me. I knew it was a spirit. It brought so much fear that I’ve considered not finishing the bible study this week. I’ve wrestled all week. I’ve been in fear, doubting God’s plans for me. Normally, I love to teach. I’ve had a terrible foreboding that He will require of me what I can’t do. I even told Him I couldn’t do it. I know this not from Him and it is fear, but anxiety is loud. I’ve fought it spiritually all week and am breaking free. This word is such a confirmation of the fight I’ve been in. Terrible trials for years…on the brink of the glorious plan for me. I can so relate to your comment. You are not alone.


    Isn’t it amazing how cunning our enemy is? Thank you for sharing this word as it has reminded me of who my accuser is. God has been speaking so clearly recently (or rather, FINALLY I have paid attention and am listening with my whole heart!). There is a new plan and I’m excited about stepping into it! Bless you, Lana, for hearing His heart for the Church and for sharing it!

  • Jacquie Moore

    Thankyou Jesus. I am soon to move house with my girls and needed the peace of God in knowing this was right and that we would be more than alright and now I read this. Wow. How exciting. Bless the Lord

  • Ruth M Cuthbert

    I actually woke up this morning with this exact feeling…and due to a praying friend or friends, it immediately left me. Praise God!

  • Patricia Doran

    Thank you for this word, as all others! I have to move from my large 2 bedroom apartment ( beginning of October) to a small one bedroom, (due to change in housing policy). I have been wondering how and all it means, getting rid of much and needing help to move etc. Lana and Kevin, since you changed your format back awhile, I have wanted to contact you to tell you and ask you if the font sized could come it used to. I receive it by email only and it is SO hard to read for me! Will you consider it? Also you used to have a title, subject after “New Post” since emails have no reply” I hope you will read this and change the type size back to the large it was and insert subject of beginning of word as before. I do not get on Facebook, but clicked something to show up these comments.
    Please reply and thank you for your ministry that has blessed me and been “right on” as to many things I have gone through that you write about and then the prophetic word that brings hope and encouragement!

  • Tiffany Collins

    If you only knew….I stepped out in the ministry that the Lord has given me. I was met with much resistance. A spirit of anxiety came on me. I’ve been dealing with this spirit all weekend tormenting me that God’s plan will not be a good one and I don’t want to do this ministry. I know it is the enemy and now your word has solidified and confirmed that. Thank You Father.