Prophetic Words


The Lord has been speaking to me a lot recently about RESET and the RESET that He is bringing upon people in the body of Christ.

The Lord spoke to me recently that this RESET that is taking place is a SOVEREIGN RESET for many. It is by His hand and by His power. Many in the body of Christ have been at such a place of “UNREST” because of all they have walked through and are walking through.

Psalm 147:14 resounded all around me:

“He’s the one who brings peace to your borders,feeding you the most excellent of fare.” (The Passion Translation)

“He makes peace in your borders;He satisfies you with the finest of the wheat.” (ESV)

In Christ we can have peace in all circumstances and peace in every storm, yet in this season many have been through such intense battles, pressure and onslaught that they have lost their peace and their hearts battling discouragement, disappointment, fear and anxiety.

Those that have been in this place, continue to draw close to the Lord. Repent for the fear, repent for the anxiety, for the worry and know that the Lord is RESTORING peace in this divine reset.

Many of you have been in the place of “anything but rest”. It feels like a continual battle to “keep your head above water”. The internal torment, the battle has been suffocating. There has been a very real spiritual battle with the enemy trying to take you out, but your hearts are also very tired of the battle. There is a weariness that is both natural and spiritual that you have been battling. I felt the Lord saying that you will find the DEEPEST REST you in Christ that you have ever known in this divine reset.

The Lord is resetting everything and everything will be affected. Where there has been no peace and no life, now you shall know life and you shall know peace in Him like never before. Where there has been famine, now things will flourish. Gone are the days of desolation, here comes the days of restitution.

You are not stepping into the divine reset, you have already stepped into it and you will begin to see the divine manifestation and fruit of this reset as all things come into alignment. The shift has begun.

I heard the Lord say:

“Look not anywhere else but to Me, I am Your Maker and you shall know Me as you SUSTAINER. I am removing chains of anxiety from your hands and your feet, from your heart and your mouth. You shall be like a well watered garden, flourishing and knowing peace. Change is certainly in the air and the day of barrenness is over. This is the day of divine amendment. The divine amendment to bring divine alignment. I am working deeply and you shall know rest like you have never known. Your heart and your body shall now thrive. I will sustain and uphold you. Your divine rest in the divine reset has begun. The transformation has begun to take place.”

Friends, don’t look at things in the natural, look at what the Lord is saying because His Word is manifesting in the divine RESET. The Lord is not just resetting one area of your life, the sovereign reset of the Lord is going to see EVERYTHING in your life affected.

You are moving into the place of deep rest and deep peace again.

There will be specific incredible miracles that will take place in physical bodies in this divine reset. There have been many issues in many bodies, the body is in a place of unrest, but in this divine reset by the hand of God, your body will be reset by His power and brought into complete and total alignment. Healed. Peace. Rest.

Hold on friends! It’s not “coming”, it’s here.

The momentum has already begun. Everything that was crooked, everything that has raised itself up against what God has said for your life, is coming down. All the stubborn things are being brought down by the mighty hand and delivering power of God. He hasn’t left you. He hasn’t abandoned you. He hasn’t left you in the affliction, in the pain, in the torment, in the battle, in the unrest. He’s been there with you strengthening you and holding you.

Everything is about to change! The divine RESET of the Master’s hand where divine restitution shall manifest all around.

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