Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The Lord spoke to me recently and showed me many in the body of Christ who have been pressed on every side. As I sought the Lord’s heart for these ones, this is the encouragement I felt from His heart. If you are one of the ones who have been pressed on every side, I pray these words from His heart minister life, healing and strength to you.
Here comes your resurrection rebirth!!!
I heard the Lord say:
“My precious children, many of you have been through the fire, the fires of trials and opposition, the fires of pressing, but now I say unto you, you shall now CARRY My fire like never before. The pressing has brought you into a deeper place of seeking Me. It has brought you into a deeper place of trusting Me, and I say unto you, you are not called the defeated ones, you are called the TRIUMPHANT ONES, you are called the VICTORIOUS ONES.
As Elisha lay upon the young boy at My leading and he was brought back to life, I say unto you, I am coming upon you in this season in powerful ways to release My resurrection life upon you.
Do not believe that you are dying. Do not believe that you are being overcome. Do not believe that it is over.
Believe My Word to you.
You are coming back to life! You are coming back to life! My resurrection life is causing a great REBIRTH, ARISING and greater ACTIVATION and MANIFESTATION of My life within you.
This is your time to arise and NOTHING will stop you as you continue to stand in Me and upon My Word. There is a powerful rebirth by My Spirit that is taking place in your life right now. Many of you have felt like it’s over, many of you have felt the battles so intensely, but I say to you, hold on for I am bringing forth RESURRECTION LIFE within you. I am bringing you back to life and stronger than ever. I am breathing My life back into you. I am breathing My healing into you. I am breathing My joy into you. I am breathing My PEACE into you. I am righting all wrongs. I am turning the tables. I am healing your hearts. Here My decree over you:
“YOU WILL NOT REMAIN THE SAME! You will NOT remain the same!”
For in this powerful rebirthing that is taking place, you are coming forth stronger in Me than you have been, but not by your own efforts, not by your own strength but by the EMPOWERMENT of My Spirit and My resurrection life that is brining your heart, your soul and your body back to life. There has been so much barrenness and dryness that many of you have faced, but I decree to you today My people, you are entering your season of the greatest fruitfulness in Me that you have ever known. Your heart will sing again at My goodness. Your heart will sing again with the song that I have placed within you. This is a time of great rebirth to your destiny, your purpose, your anointing, your passion, your gifting that I HAVE placed within you. The enemy has tried SO hard to steal from you – he has crushed dreams, he has stolen from you, he has wearied you, but NOW is your time of ACCELERATED INCREASE AND FRUITFULNESS. The enemy came to devour our vineyard of intimacy, the foxes came in, but I shone My light upon those foxes and showed you the things that have come to steal our garden of intimacy and together we are now removing these foxes.
You are coming forth stronger than before! Hear Me, My people “You are going forth stronger than before. You are coming forth stronger than before. This is not a time to shrink back, give up, or run and hide, this is your time to SHINE.
You will see the manifestation of 2 Corinthians 12:9 in your life in such increased ways in this season My people:
“My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness.”
You are entering a new season of revelation. You are are entering a new season of hearing from Me with greater clarity. You are entering a new season of seeing what I am revealing with greater accuracy. I am sharpening your vision. I am fine tuning your hearing, so don’t be surprised by the battle that has come over revelation. I am now moving you into a season of receiving revelation from My Word and My heart in tidal wave proportions. You will be overcome, overwhelmed and overtaken by the revelation of My heart. Your peace will be restored. Your joy will be restored. The fire that was turned up seven times hotter to try and kill you and knock you out, will be overcome by the fire of My Word within your heart. You are arising out of the ashes.
Where the enemy has attempted to muzzle you, where circumstances have wearied you and stolen your voice, where discouragement and despair at times have shut your mouth, I say unto you My people, as My resurrection life is being released to you in this divine rebirth, FIRE shall flow from your mouth.
Where there has been many battles over your decrees, many battles to silence you and steal your voice, I decree over you My precious children, that the time has come for an INCREASE of My fire and My Spirit upon your mouth. I am bringing My people further into an awakening of decree and the power of decree. For there will be many major miracles and demonstrations of My creative power as you My people decree My Word and it will be established.
My resurrection life in this divine rebirth is restoring your voice, restoring your sound.
In this new era there will be greater signs and wonders that will follow the decrees of My people that flow from their mouths. In this transition it is so important My people to “LET LIFE ALWAYS BE ON YOUR LIPS”
No matter what your eyes see, no matter what your ears hear, let LIFE be upon your lips, for there shall be a powerful move of My Spirit that will flow upon My decrees from the mouths of My people.
“Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.” – Ephesians 4:29 (New American Standard Bible)
“And never let ugly or hateful words come from your mouth, but instead let your words become beautiful gifts that encourage others, do this by speaking words of grace to help them.” – Ephesians 4:29 (The Passion Translation)
My people where there has been a battle to keep you from moving forward and moving in the anointing that I have placed upon your life, there shall now be NEW ANOINTINGS that will suddenly BURST FORTH and be revealed to you and through you in this DIVINE REBIRTH.
There are SUDDEN transformations taking place right now by the power of My Spirit that will SUDDENLY break off trauma, break off pain, discouragement, despair and raise you up with NEW anointing’s, new vision, new strategy and carrying new and fresh oil from My heart.
My people you are going to see Me move through you in a way you have never seen before. You are going to see giftings established in your life that you never knew were there. You are going to see the power of My Spirit burst forth from your life, from your hands, from your mouth in such significant ways that great moves of My Spirit will explode all around you. There will be such powerful releases of My Spirit and revelation of My Glory from within you that you will KNOW that it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit.
It’s time, it’s time, it’s time to see My power released through you like never before. A new era is upon you! A new era is upon My Church! The greatest alignments of your life are taking place RIGHT NOW!!!!! RIGHT NOW I am shifting, positioning and releasing. The pressing as hard as it has been for you My people, I have been with you and I have used the pressing to PREPARE YOU to CARRY what I am now releasing.
You will be left in awe and wonder, in reverence of Me as you see these new anointing’s burst forth from within you. You are about to do in Me what you never thought or imagined you would do. Life! Life! Life will explode all around, MY LIFE.
Where the enemy attempted to kill you, take you out and destroy you, I say unto you, that NOW in this divine rebirthing, you shall see MY RESURRECTION LIFE and POWER flow through you like never before.
Get ready to see My resurrection life flow through you in POWER!!!!
It’s time! Your divine rebirthing time has ARRIVED!