Prophetic Words


Over the past few weeks the Lord has really been speaking to me about the body of Christ being taken into deeper levels of trusting Him right now and He is training His people in trust.

As I have pondered this with Him He has brought me to numerous Scriptures over the last few weeks concerning trusting Him.

This week He brought me to a Scripture that when I read it I could hear His decree so loudly in the Spirit:


“Give God the right to direct your life, and as you trust Him along the way you’ll find He pulled it off perfectly.” – Psalm 37:5 (The Passion Translation)
“Commit your way to the Lord; Trust in Him also and He will do it.” – Psalm 37:5 (AMP)

We have entered a new era and many new “TWISTS AND TURNS” and “UNEXPECTED PATHS” have begun to be revealed and there are going to be MANY MORE to come. I hear the heralding of God right now “Commit your way to Me”, “Give Me permission to continue to direct Your life in My way and My leading”, “Trust in Me, for I am leading you further and higher than you’ve ever been, we just may take a different path than you expected, but these pathways will be what is best for you.”

“There will be greater favour, fruit and increase upon the places of obedience.”

There have begun and are going to radically increase, EXTRAORDINARY displays and demonstrations of His power that will declare loudly “THE LORD PULLED IT OFF PERFECTLY!!!”

Whatever you are walking through right now, wherever you are on your journey, the Lord is inviting you into a deeper realm of trust, to lean your ear upon His chest and hear the rhythm of His heart and the sound of His whispers for some of the spaces and paces He will have you move into and move at will seem “against the grain”, they will seem completely “out of the box” but in those places await you, your greatest encounters with Jesus, breakthroughs and blessings. There are completely new places awaiting you in this new era and they are brimming with promises and desires fulfilled as you have made Him your utmost delight (Psalm 37:4) and lived yielded.

In the big picture of your life, trust Him. In the small day to day moments, trust Him. In the big decisions upon you now, trust Him – He will make it clear and confirm His Word. In the trials, pain and heartache, trust Him. In the new directions and new visions, trust Him. In the unexpected strategies and things that seem completely opposite to what you expected, trust Him. In the mountain tops, trust Him. In the valleys, trust Him. In the joy, trust Him. In the weariness, trust Him. In the tears, trust Him.

God is thundering “TRUST ME!!!”

There is a major shift taking place for many right now and many feel like they have suddenly found themselves in a ‘cocoon’. There’s a painful process, there’s a dying to some things, there’s a ‘melting away’ and ‘transforming’ taking place. There’s a deep re-evaluation taking place, but I heard the Lord say:

“The cocoon is not an indicator you’re going backwards, the cocoon is a sign you are transitioning into transformation, into greater freedom, into increase, into expansion, into increased vision and you are about to BREAK THROUGH and BREAK OUT into more increase and miraculous transformation than you have ever imagined.”

Friend, be encouraged!

There’s powerful demonstrations of His power upon you! He’s going to pull it off perfectly and a way that man NEVER could.

He is reintroducing His people to His power in SO many ways in this new era!

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