Prophetic Words


The Lord impressed on my heart very strongly to re-share this word from 2018. He said this was a word for MANY right now and you have come FULL CIRCLE into FULFILMENT.
The Lord showed me so many that are still waiting for circumstances and situations of the past and present to be redeemed and restored.
There is a great wind of acceleration that is blowing but it is gaining momentum and these winds are blowing on circumstances and situations to bring about the greatest level of redemption and restoration by the hand of God that you have seen.
I felt the Lord wanted me to release this prophetic word and decree over you today, if you are still in the ‘waiting’ for redemption and restoration of situations and circumstances:
“You have entered the season of the greatest demonstration of the power of God to redeem and restore.”
There is an accelerated birthing taking place right now where not only are you going to see the redemption and restoration of God for past circumstances and situations but you are going to see the INCREASE of God.
I feel His heart so strongly that the Lord wants to reveal His heart of goodness to restore and to redeem and make ALL things new. I could hear the words booming “IT’S ALL NEW! IT’S ALL NEW! I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW!!!”
“Do not remember the past events, pay no attention to things of old. Look, I am about to do something new; even now is it coming. Do you not see it?” – Isaiah 43:18-19 (Christian Standard Bible)
Many of you have walked situations where things haven’t gone “as you thought” or as you “believed for”, and those areas are still areas of pain, trauma and disappointment. The Lord showed me that you have stepped into a new season of seeing things RAPIDLY REDEEMED. You are going to see some of the most impossible circumstances, SUDDENLY redeemed, SUDDENLY restored.
The Lord’s eyes are upon trauma. The Lord is looking at hearts that have been traumatised and He has been orchestrating incredible moments that have begun to be stepped into and will radically continue where the Lord is going to HEAL trauma. The Lord spoke to me recently and said:
“Lana, there are many of My children living with traumatised hearts. I came to bring life and life abundantly. I am setting the stage for the greatest wave of healing of trauma in the body of Christ that has been seen before. The trauma that has weighed so many of My children down for SO long, is now being rapidly healed. I am breaking the chains of trauma. I am breaking the chains of the “expectation of trauma” from My people. Many of My people have experienced SO much trauma in their lives that they have come to “expect trauma”. There is such significant healing taking place right now that is not only going to bring significant freedom to My people but shift expectations. Faith is rising again! Trauma will no longer hold My people back, but there will be such significant increase in the expectation and faith. It’s time to believe again. “
The Lord showed me He has set up “divine set up’s” for His people in this season where there will be rapid restoration, redemption and healing of circumstances and situations of the past. The Lord is going to show Himself SO STRONG on your behalf. The Lord is going to show Himself as the REDEEMER and HELPER.
I felt the Lord say “It’s a COMPLETELY NEW BEGINNING”. He is leading many of His people into significant, accelerated breakthrough’s of MAJOR restoration, redemption and increase. What He is leading you into, is going to be SO MUCH BETTER than you can imagine. He is restoring to you, but MORE than you can imagine. I could hear His whisper “You cannot even imagine the level of redemption and restoration that I am bringing into your life, circumstances and situations. You are going to be overwhelmed by My goodness, My power and My kindness as the redemption, restoration and recompense manifests. THIS IS your time now! THIS IS the season NOW! Activate your faith! Pray the big prayers! Ask Me for the impossible places to be redeemed and restored, because what I have planned and am releasing is BIGGER than your greatest request of restoration and redemption.”
I heard the Lord say:
“Things are going to be amazingly different this time. Things will NOT be the same or STAY the same.”
There is great REDEMPTIVE CHANGE upon many. Do not fear! Be encouraged! Rejoice! For the winds of change are blowing SO strong and will continue to increase in intensity, you will see this time as you enter onto similar pathways you have walked before, things are going to be AMAZINGLY DIFFERENT. As you walk down similar pathways, the breakthrough of the Lord and the power of His redemption and restoration are going to not only heal your heart, but fill you with great JOY as you see the breakthrough and increase of God. Things will not be the same, or stay the same. You are entering that completely new place of increase, fruitfulness and rest. Many of you are about to come to such a deep place of heart rest in the redemption and restoration of God.
It’s a new season and God is not only redeeming and restoring in the most incredible ways, but these POWERFUL moves of His Spirit bringing forth redemption and restoration are leading you into a season of INCREDIBLE JOY and REST in Him in His goodness and love.
Where many of you have experienced seasons of joy being stolen OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER, now you have entered into a new season where the move of His Spirit and the way He is revealing and going to reveal Himself to you in the accelerated breakthrough’s and redemptions, you will experience WAVE after WAVE of JOY upon JOY, upon JOY!!!! You no longer will know the seasons of joy being stolen OVER and OVER and OVER, but now you will know the DEEP JOY we find in our beautiful Jesus and knowing Him and watching the power of His Spirit manifest in explosive demonstrations of His redemption power.
The enemy has fought many of you SO HARD to steal your joy because the Lord’s decree is a season of UNPRECEDENTED JOY upon you!
You have entered and are entering into a season of UNPRECEDENTED JOY! The rivers of JOY are rising! Your intimacy with Jesus is about to radically change and go deeper than it has ever been and you are about to KNOW HIM like you have never known Him before. Trauma’s and fears that have hindered your intimacy, are being healed and broken, and a completely new season of refreshing JOY in knowing Him and watching His move is BURSTING FORTH!!!!!!!!