Prophetic Words


Recently I have had a strong sense of the ‘resurrection power of Jesus’ burning within me. That every battle, every storm, every hardship, every trial has come out of nowhere and attempted to pull many of God’s people under.

There has been an assignment against many of God’s people sent by the enemy to bring about a death to vision, to passion, to forward momentum, to the breakthrough that God is bringing upon His people.

The enemy has come hard against many of God’s people, but God is demonstrating that He is greater within His people than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

In the midst of the acceleration of God, the enemy has also accelerated in his attacks to attempt to hinder God’s people from what God is leading them into.

The Lord has been showing me over and over that that the enemy has thought he has won in so many ways by how he has come against God’s people with these onslaughts. Many have felt like they have lost their breath in the battle. Many have felt like have died in the battle, but the truth is, the Lord has been working IN the battle and what is dying are the things in the heart and the soul that are NOT of God and inline with His Word and His truth.

So the very death the enemy is attempting to bring to vision, to passion, to purpose, to forward momentum, to the increase and breakthrough God is bringing is being turned on its head as the Lord turns what the enemy meant for harm, for the good of God’s people.

There has been a ‘dying’ process for many in these battles and many have stared ‘death’ in the face, feeling like they wouldn’t survive the battle, but then SUDDENLY comes the RESURRECTION POWER of Jesus to bring His people back to life and stronger than ever before.

There is an ACCELERATION OF RESURRECTION upon many of God’s people right now. Many of you have been in battle after battle and many of you feel like in many ways there has been a death that has taken place within you in weariness, in wounding, in dreaming with God, in faith for the promises He has for you, but the Lord showed me that there is an ACCELERATION of RESURRECTION upon you NOW in Jesus name.

The resurrection anointing is coming in many of you that is going to cause LIFE to abound within you like never before and you will RISE AGAIN. You will no longer feel like you are drowning, but you will RISE AGAIN in STRENGTH and RESURRECTION.

There is an AWAKENING taking place in the RESURRECTION that will see you move in the freedom, the strength of the Holy Spirit, the healing and the restoration of God like never before.

You are being resurrected by His power like never before but WITHOUT the landing pads that the enemy has found to come and torment many of you and cause you to fall and to face continual cycles of battles that have brought about a death to many things within you and feeling like you are suffocating and not walking in victory.

There is a MAJOR victory upon God’s people individually right now. The Lord is about to do DISPLAY His resurrection power like you have NEVER seen before.

You have stared death in the face in many ways in this season and the enemy thought he could hinder you, your vision, your mission and stop your forward momentum in this season of acceleration but NOW the acceleration and strength of the Holy Spirit that is being infused in you in the resurrection power of Jesus invading your life, you will accelerate into life, healing, strength, freedom, breakthrough and forward momentum like NEVER before.

Your VICTORY in Christ is about to be displayed LOUDLY in its MANIFESTATION!

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