Prophetic Words


The Lord spoke to me today very clearly that there is a battle taking place over new wineskins right now. The Lord is releasing revelation of the new wineskins in the lives of His people and the new strategies and instructions for this new era, but in the midst of the revealing of these new wineskins and instructions, the enemy has come in raging.

The Lord showed me an intense battle taking place over these new wineskins. See, in this transition and shifting time right now where the Lord is revealing the new wineskin for the body of Christ and for the lives of His people individually, there is an intense level of opposition against them. Why? Because of the new wine and His Glory that is going to be poured out and displayed.

Friends, there is intense distraction coming against what the Lord has spoken. The enemy is attempting to get your eyes off what God is saying and the new wineskins He is revealing and instructions He is releasing by having you fight battles that are not real battles to be fought. The enemy is lying to you, he is twisting ‘truths’, he is bringing fear and condemnation, torment and doubt into many lives, WHY? So you will not settle into the new wineskin and instructions that God has given you.

There is tremendous breakthrough, deep rest, incredible encounters with Jesus and deep healing that the Lord is bringing into your life right now and the enemy is doing all he can to prevent it by attempting to muddy the waters, bring forth these distractions, confusions and torments and hinder your vision of what the Lord is actually saying and releasing.

But the trap that has been set for you by the enemy is breaking. The trap that the enemy has set for you through distraction, fear, torment and confusion is breaking. I hear the Lord decreeing over you today that you shall move into this new wineskin with greater EASE. You shall move forward into these new instructions He is releasing with greater EASE.

The Lord is BREAKING THE BATTLE ON YOUR BEHALF! There is a deep rest that God is bringing to your heart and soul and you will find great JOY in the new wineskins He is revealing. The battle is attempting to keep you from your joy and the new realms of your destiny, but the BREAKER has arrived. The place where your YES has aligned with the changes of His hand, the shifting of His winds, you shall now see an overflow of His peace, His provision, His healing and His breakthrough.

There is such a significant increase of clarity coming upon you regarding what God is saying. Where you heart has been divided because of lack of clarity and confusion, God is making things clear.

Partnering with Him and the new wineskins He is revealing is positioning you for greater fruit, increase, abundance and breakthrough than you have seen. Greater moves of His Spirit are upon you to see His plans and purposes come to fruition in your life.

Take heart friends, the battle over the revealing of the new wineskins, is breaking. You shall know JOY, JOY, JOY unlike you have ever known in the new wineskins and revelation of His instructions for this new era.

The very fact that such an intense battle has entered your life at the same time the revelation of these new wineskins came, is a clear indicator from the Lord WHERE His favour and His hand is and what He is breathing on.
Rejoice! Change is in the air!

Things are about to be seen and done in a way you’ve never experienced, go with His flow and know He is fighting for you and positioning you to see the greatest move of His Spirit you have ever seen in and through your life in Jesus name.

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