Prophetic Words


Recently, I heard the Lord say “There is a shift deeper into the symphony of My heart. It is a divine synchronised symphony”
SYMPHONY ORIGIN: “The word symphony is derived from the greek word symphonia, meaning “agreement or concord of sound”, also “symphonos” which means “harmonious”. (Wikipedia)
SYNCHRONIZED DEFINITION: “To cause to occur or operate at the same time or rate, or “to adjust (a watch or clock) to show the same time as another” (Google)
The words surrounded me so strongly “It is a divine synchronised symphony” and I then heard the sound of ‘tinkering’ and I knew immediately in my spirit it was the sound of ‘tinkering’ on a clock or watch and the sense surrounded me so strongly of ‘alignment’. I then heard the Lord say “I am making some adjustments. Slow down to listen to the symphony of My heart and you will hear the symphony of the season”
The Lord is inviting His people to hear the deeper symphony of His heart right now. The Lord is releasing wisdom and strategy to His people on how to walk in the synchronised symphony with His heart. The Lord is making some adjustments and it is very important that we as God’s people pay attention to the adjustments He is making and align where He is moving, align with His pace, align with His voice, His sound and His ways.
“Give me revelation about the meaning of your ways so I can enjoy the reward of following them fully. Give me an understanding heart so that I can passionately know and obey your truth. Guide me into paths that please you, for I take delight in all you say. Cause my heart to bow before your words of wisdom and not to the wealth of this world. Help me turn my eyes away from illusions so that I pursue only that which is true; drench my soul with life as I walk in your paths.” – Psalm 119:33-37 (TPT)
Where there has been distraction, the Lord is bringing a realignment and refocus. Where building for God has overtaken ministering TO God, He is realigning. The Lord is inviting His people to lean in closer. To lean in and listen closely to the symphony of His heart. He is changing spaces, He is changing paces, He is changing places.
There is a greater place of encountering the heart of God upon the people of God who are leaning in to hear and know His ways for what He is doing right now and about to do.
I heard His whisper:
“As you lean in to my heart, you will hear the symphony of heaven. You will hear what I am dreaming about. You will hear what I am saying. You will hear and see that which I am establishing. Many are running with “WHAT WAS” and not “WHAT IS”, and you will find the divine synchronised symphony, our hearts entwined together as you go slow and listen. How I will have you walk will look different, who you walk with will look different, where you walk, will look different, but you will walk in and to the rhythm of My heartbeat. Increase will be found in the lives of those who are walking in divine synchronicity with Me. It is not about striving, it is not about performing, it’s about drawing close to Me and being with Me, abiding in Me, ministering unto Me and listening to Me. From that place, you will be one who will release the NEW SOUND of My heavenly SYMPHONY in the earth. Many are trying to play old sounds, old strings, old songs, but as you draw close to My heart, you will hear MY new song, you will hear the heavenly symphony and the wisdom you will walk in will be one that is not of this world. Adjustments must be made for this new time and new season, draw close, draw away into the secret place to hear the adjustments I am making so that you may walk deeply in the symphony and synchronicity of My heart like never before.”
“Drink deeply of the living water of My Spirit and My Word and be filled to overflowing with the revelatory truths of My heart. Many of your lives are about to change as you see the power of My words (Psalm 119:68 – TPT).”
“Many of you have been in a time of feeling “OVERWHELMED by the circumstances of the season, but as you position yourself before Me by faith to come deeper into hearing the symphony of My heart and divine synchronicity, you will enter into a season of OVERWHELM by the encounter with My heart and the symphony of My heart. The OVERWHELM will be one of joy and deep peace found in the place of encounter with Me. Oh how my extravagant kindness will cause your heart to burn for Me and to follow My Words and ways like never before. There’s a new space in the garden for us to explore together. Many of you have been in a time where the overwhelm of the season has stolen your sleep, but in this shift taking place you will be awake in the middle of the night giving thanks to Me because of the revelation light – that is so right and so true (Psalm 119:62 – TPT). The revelation through My Word is going to change your life, your perspective and your inner worlds, your hearts and souls, in a deeper way than you have encountered before. I am longing for you My people, come close. Listen to the symphony of life bursting forth in My heart. Draw close. The weeds and foxes that have been in the vineyard of our intimacy we will remove together as you encounter My heart deeper than you ever have before. Many who have been intoxicated with ‘ministry’ will begin to encounter a place within My heart that will see first love fire burn within them again and tears of repentance flow. Oh the shift of divine synchronisation that is upon My people. Draw close, don’t rush ahead, listen to the symphony of My heart, allow Me to make the adjustments that need to be made so you may recognise My ways and recognise the time and season upon you. Oh the depth of intimacy we are moving into as you draw close and yield. The shift has begun, and oh the joy of walking in the divine symphony and synchronisation of our hearts in a way never walked in before. Come! Let’s go forth together into new adventures.”