Prophetic Words



Lana Vawser

As we entered into Texas yesterday the Lord began showing me things going on in the Spirit over Texas. As I have sought the Lord regarding what I had seen, this word came forth.

I had a vision and I saw a large satanic star over the state of Texas. Straight away the sense surrounded me of an intense attack of witchcraft over the state to hinder what God is doing and about to release.

I watched as this satanic star seemed to have ‘tentacles’ that were spreading throughout Texas and I knew that these ‘tentacles’ were looking for areas “brimming with the vision of God” to bring a “blinding” to the vision that God is releasing.

There was such an intense battle going on in the spirit over Texas and the witchcraft felt heavy, when all of a sudden I heard the Lord’s voice THUNDER.

“Texas, you are coming into your greatest days of vision. Texas, you are coming into your greatest days of birthing some of the greatest prayer movements that have ever been birthed in the United States of America.”

I watched as these tentacles moved rapidly throughout Texas and their aim was to bring deception and to hinder the birthing of a mighty move of God.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a loud thunderstorm in the Spirit, it was SO loud that it felt like everything shook. It was the thundering of God. I watched the heavens open and suddenly the fire of God began to fall upon the state of Texas, RAPIDLY. 

“Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains would tremble before you!” (Isaiah 64:1)

The voice of the Lord thundered:

“The enemy has been fighting hard to stop the birthing that I am now bringing forth, but I decree that My fire is falling upon prayer lives, prayer movements and prayer lines that is going to not only demolish and destroy this major attack of witchcraft over the state, but it is going to usher in the greatest prayer revivals and outpouring of My Spirit that Texas has ever seen. My fire is about to fall in such power in prayer lives, in prayer lines and movements unlike anything that has been seen before. There is going to be such a significant activation and impartation released from heaven over My people in Texas that the DELAY that has been attempting to hold My plans and purposes back in Texas, will SUDDENLY be broken. There will be a mighty shift in Texas where there will be visible manifestations of My power that are off the grid, never seen before. As the decrees of My heart and My mouth go forth and are birthed through My people’s prayer and intercession, there will be an ACCELERATION that will be released in Texas in the manifestation of what I have decreed.”

“Witchcraft is attempting to confuse and to blind, but I am decreeing that this will be the greatest demonstrated shift of the breaking of the stronghold over Texas, that it will be branded with the vision of heaven as My people move into their greatest awakening and revelation of My heavenly strategy and vision. So much of what I have planned for Texas has been held back by this stronghold, but I am decreeing that the DAY OF THE LORD is upon Texas. I am rending the heavens, and I am coming down. Now, Now, Now, Now, there shall be an ACCELERATION of the mighty outpouring of My Spirit and revival. There shall be no more delay, but RAPID RELEASE!!!!!”

“In the fire that is going to fall in power on prayer lives, lines and movements, there will be mighty encounters, visitations, and the breaking of complacency and slumber, that all night prayer meetings will begin to break out all over Texas. My people will rise up in greater ways as the My fire increases hunger in exponential ways to see revival burst forth. My people in Texas have been in transition and preparation for what I am about to release. There has been a mighty shaking, there has been a mighty preparation and a mighty battle, but now I am decreeing that there shall be a mighty historic birthing of prayer in Texas that will bring RAPID, ACCELERATED change.”


“As My fire falls upon Texas and upon prayer lines, lives and movements, there shall be MIGHTY DELIVERANCES. Watch My people for a might, Sovereign move of My Spirit and fire that will fall upon prayer lines and bring rapid deliverance. There will be rapid deliverances upon My people in Texas. The chains that have held them, will no longer hold them. A mighty, swift move of My Spirit bringing deliverance is upon My people in Texas and SUDDENLY they will be positioned and catapulted into a new level of awakening and partnering with Me to extend My Kingdom. Complacency, slumber, fear, deception and confusion will SUDDENLY BREAK.”

Suddenly, I was taken up above the state of Texas and was watching the fire of God falling. As the fire of God fell I watched the branding of God taking place and two Scriptures were blazing over Texas.

Revelation 3:18:

“So I advise you to buy gold from me–gold that has been purified by fire. Then you will be rich. Also buy white garments from me so you will not be shamed by your nakedness, and ointment for your eyes so you will be able to see.


Isaiah 66:8:

“Who has ever seen anything as strange as this? Who ever heard of such a thing? Has a nation ever been born in a single day? Has a country ever come forth in a mere moment? But by the time Jerusalem’s birth pains begin, her children will be born.”

As I looked at state of Texas blazing with these two Scriptures, the Lord was speaking about the increase of vision that will be birthed in the mighty increase of fire upon prayer lines, lives and movements and I heard the words:

“Texas will be given new eyes to see as My people receive greater impartation of My sight. As this impartation of vision is released in the fire upon prayer lives, lines and movements there will be MIGHTY KEYS of revelation and heavenly strategy that will be released from Texas into the United States that will be KEY in the acceleration of My Spirit and increasing of faith in My people across the nation to believe Me that a nation can be transformed in a day and no more delay. Texas holds strategic keys of revelation and impartation that I will use to UNLOCK greater moves of My Spirit and reformation in the United States.”


I heard the Lord asking a question over and over “Can you hear the sound of healing?”

Straight away I watched as the fire of God was falling on prayer lives, lines and movements there was a huge wave of healing that was being released. This wave of healing was being birthed and released into the body of Christ and through the body of Christ and prayer movements unlike anything that had ever been seen before. There is a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God coming to Texas that will see a MAJOR healing revival take place. There will be a major increase in healing testimonies in the body of Christ, major explosions of the healing of God in meetings that people will flock to from many places to receive a touch from God. 

But then I watched as the wave of healing burst out of the church and out of prayer movements and houses and into the streets. These waves were flooding the streets and I heard the Lord say:

“It’s time for Texas to be healed. It is time for the land to be healed.” 

As these waves are crashing I heard the sound of REPENTANCE in the prayer lives, lines and movements getting LOUDER and LOUDER. As the sound of repentance increased so did the wave of healing that was splashing all throughout Texas. The land was being healed in greater ways than ever before and the dry and dead places were coming to life as the Spirit of God moved in power. Not only was it time for the destiny of Texas to burst forth in greater ways, but it was time for the mighty Texas Turnaround, recompense and restoration to significantly increase.


I then heard the words “From chants to new HEAVENLY SONGS”

When I asked the Lord more of what He was saying, He spoke again:

“Lana, there have been curses and chants sung over Texas, but I am now decreeing that in the mighty outpouring of My fire upon prayer lives, lines and movements there shall be new HEAVENLY SONGS that will rise up out of Texas. For My Spirit has been moving to release a new sound and song within Texas, but as more of these chants and curses break over Texas through this mighty fire and move of My Spirt in prayer lives, lines and movements, a LOUDER SOUND of FREEDOM, LIBERTY, ANOINTING and ASCENSION will come out of Texas. A song of My heart, songs of victory and songs ushering in My Glory in greater ways.”

As I watched this taking place, I watched as the Spirit of God was interceding through the people of God as they prayed in the Spirit and HE was dealing with the curses and the chants. I felt His heart of warning for God’s people to not go “chasing after principalities” but to watch as the fire of God falls upon prayer lives that will see the Spirit of God deal with these things that have been spoken and sung over Texas to bring a containment.

“As My people begin to release the decrees and songs within them that I will give them there will be visible signs and demonstrations of these chants and curses that have hindered the move of My Spirit and attempted to bring major containment, now breaking and the winds of My Spirit increasing in intensity bringing major acceleration of My plans and purposes in Texas.”


I heard the Lord say:

“Texas, you shall be known as a state on the OFFENSE, not a state OF offense.”

The Lord showed me that as the fire of God falls upon prayer lines, lives and movements, He is going to be dealing with offense in the hearts of His people. There are going to be mighty moves of the Spirit of God that is going to bring forth repentance and forgiveness in the lives of many of His people. Offenses between denominations, ministries and places will begin to be dealt with in accelerated ways. There is going to be a mighty demonstration of the conviction of the Holy Spirit bringing forth repentance, forgiveness and unity in Texas. There is MAJOR HEALING that is going to increase between people, ministries, denominations and places as the fire of God increases in significant ways in prayer lines, lives and movements. 

As this was taking place I saw the people of God in Texas moving to a greater place of living on the OFFENSE rather than the DEFENSE. 

2 Kings 6:12 boomed all around me in the Spirit:

“It’s not us, my lord the king,” one of the officers replied. “Elisha, the prophet in Israel, tells the king of Israel even the words you speak in the privacy of your bedroom!”

The Lord showed me that in this mighty increase of His fire upon prayer lives, lines and movements and the dealing of offense in hearts, that God’s people are going to move into a place of such deep vision, clarity and discernment as they seek the Lord, that He will reveal the strategies of the enemy and increase of vision in the night watches, to foil the plans of the enemy in prayer before they have a chance to be implemented.

A mighty shift from living on the defense to the offense is taking place in the people of God in Texas which will continue to increase and bring transformation to Texas to be known as a state of heavenly vision, strategy and living on the offense with the Lord. 

His voice continued to boom all around me:


People of God in Texas, there is a MAJOR invitation from the heart of God upon you to continue to position yourself and cry out for the fire of God to come in greater ways. This indeed is the day of revival and the Lord is ready to pour out. Agree with what He is saying and call forth the fire of God to fall upon prayer lives, lines and movements for there is a historic shift and reformation by the Spirit of God upon Texas, and YOU people of God are being invited in deeper ways to partner with the Lord to see it birthed.

Texas, this is your day! This is your time! The fire of God coming in increase upon prayer lives, lines and movements is going to leave you forever branded with the fire of God as the King of Glory steps in. 


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