Prophetic Words


Recently I walked into a grocery store and on the front page of one of the newspapers it said “JUSTICE AT LAST!!!” – I didn’t go and read the article, but the Lord stopped me in my tracks and He spoke:

“Lana, this is a prophetic sign of the decree I am releasing right now!!!!!”

The Lord began to show me that the POWER of God is about to topple the giants of INJUSTICE. The Lord showed me that the very hand of God is about to TURN THE TABLES on injustice and the divine justice of God is about to be seen all across the earth.

The Lord showed me that the LONG STANDING areas of injustice are about to come tumbling down by the hand of God. God is about to take what the enemy has stolen, what he has broken, killed and destroyed through injustice and the Lord is about to bring forth the greatest demonstrations of JUSTICE that we have ever seen.

I heard Him saying:

“Lana, the POWERFUL demonstrations of My justice that is about to manifest will leave the body of Christ and the world in awe that it was ONLY BY MY HAND that these things have been overturned and turned in My name.”

I began to see a tidal wave of increase of testimonies all across the body of Christ, in the lives of believers where the arose with excitement and joy releasing the sound “JUSTICE AT LAST!!!”, the divine justice of God revealed.
His words continued to flow all around me:

“Lana, not only will I release My divine justice in the earth, not only will I release powerful demonstrations of My justice that will overturn injustice in the lives of My people, I will also bring forth radical increase and restoration where the injustice has been. Divine payback is here! The divine alignment and manifestation of My justice is here! It’s bigger than you think! Lana, not only will there be radical demonstrations of My power overturning injustice in the lives of My people and My Church, but there will be powerful demonstrations of My justice across the earth in cities and in nations, as I, the Lion of Judah ROAR over the earth “SEE!!!!!! SEE!!!! NOW IS THE TIME TO SEE, THE DIVINE JUSTICE OF THE GREAT I AM, I, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!”

“When justice is served, the lovers of God celebrate and rejoice, but the wicked begin to panic” – (Proverbs 21:25 – The Passion Translation)

I heard the Lion of Judah roaring so loudly:

“The giants of injustice have been screaming, the have been intimidating, but NOW the SOUND OF MY ROAR, the SOUND OF MY JUSTICE WILL RESOUND LOUD AND BREAKTHROUGHS OF MY JUSTICE WILL BE PROFOUND!”

There is a celebration of the JUSTICE OF GOD that is going to be seen in this new era like NEVER before. Arise people of God, ARISE AND ALIGN with the SOUND of His JUSTICE in your personal lives, in your cities and in your nations.


“The Lord’s divine justice is about to COME INTO BEING!!!!”

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