Prophetic Words


Over a number of months the Lord has been speaking to me about the POWER OF HIS NAMES. I have been encountering the heart of God in a deep way where He is speaking deeply about the power of His names being manifested in this season like we have never seen before.
Healer, Provider, Deliverer, Rescuer, Promise Keeper, God of Breakthrough and many, many more. The Lord is speaking powerfully in this hour about faith and He is drawing His people as they lean into Him, into a deeper realm of faith than we have walked in before and it is rooted in His nature, His names, and His Word.
Miracles are manifesting on a level we have not seen before and what we are now seeing is just a small drop in the ocean compared to the wave of His power that we are about to encounter. The Lord is wanting to encourage His people that He is not confined to ‘natural circumstances’, He is the God who makes the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE. His Word does not return void to Him (Isaiah 55:11) and He is building an army of lovers of Jesus who live not by what they see in the natural (2 Corinthians 5:7), they live at His feet, eyes locked with His and from their seat (Ephesians 2:6).
Two years ago I had an encounter with the Lord and He spoke “Lana, I am going to bring My people into a new era where they will see the power of the name of Jesus in the most explosive ways than they have ever seen before”
I believe we are here now.
God is wooing you, He is wooing His people, deeper into His Word, deeper into knowing His character, His heart and His names, because we are about to encounter a wave of His power in an unprecedented way that will awaken the Church in even greater ways to the POWER of the name of Jesus.
There is NO name greater than the name of Jesus. The name above every other name. God is wanting to release hope to you today. Miracles are going to manifest in unprecedented ways in this hour as you put your faith in JESUS and as you put your faith in the name above every other name, JESUS!
“Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name” – Philippians 2:9 (ESV)
Many are having their hearts healed, their faith restored, delivered from trauma, disappointment, grief, regret, hope deferred as they begin to see the POWER of the name of Jesus manifested in their lives.
God is bringing His people back to the foundational place of “Nothing but Jesus”. Many have been like the woman with the issue of blood, they have ‘tried’ everything, and nothing has worked, and they are now pushing through the ‘crowd of impossibility’ to the hem of His garment where they will see the power of Jesus bring healing, bring deliverance, bring freedom, bring breakthrough.
A mighty realignment of focus is taking place in the body of Christ that is bringing hearts, eyes and a ferocious focus BACK upon Jesus, and the revelation of His nature and POWER of His name. A deep repentance is taking place within many hearts for placing faith in things above Jesus and the power of His name.
The Lord is bringing His people back to the first love, Jesus. He is bringing such a deep awakening to the Church of who He is. There is no need to fear, there is no need to run, there is no need to hide, Jesus is with you.
The glorious awakening to a deeper revelation of Jesus is bursting forth. It is causing a deep groaning of travail within many to know Him in a way they have never known Him before. There is a falling away of all other ‘loves’, there is a shedding of all things that would hinder the place of intimacy with Him and a fire blazing within the hearts of many to run after Him like never before.
Jesus is revealing who He is in magnificent ways in this hour and many are stepping into life again as they are seeing the Lord do what He said He would do.
I see a remnant all over the world falling on their faces with deep groaning sobs of love and burning adoration for Jesus as they see the POWER of His name manifest miracles, miraculous turnaround and the fulfilment of what He has spoken in and through their lives. The burning desire within them, as they see Him move in power and CRUSH the IMPOSSIBILITIES in their lives in the power of His Spirit and in His name, are raising them up into a new level of faith to BELIEVE what He has spoken and live in a place of supernatural peace, authority and boldness because they are burning again with the revelation of who He is.
The enemy has taunted many for so long that the Lord would not come through, He would not do what He said He would do, that they would have to get used to living with impossibility, and NOW the POWER of the name of Jesus is being manifested into their lives that is raising up a burning conviction and roar of faith within them that heralds “THERE IS NO OTHER NAME GREATER THAN THE NAME OF JESUS”
We have entered a time in history where the greatest demonstration of the power of the name of Jesus is going to be seen ALL over the earth, the name of Jesus our mighty victor. The company of burning ones, burning hearts with first love fire, not chasing signs, wonders and miracles, but chasing Jesus, and seeing the power of His name trump all other names.
The earth will shake under the power of the name of Jesus, this being the era where it will be heralded from the heavens that JESUS CHRIST IS KING, JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!