Prophetic Words


The Lord has been speaking to me since last year about this new era being one that requires greater faith and radical obedience. The Lord has continued to say that in this new era there is a very definitive line being drawn in the sand for the body of Christ that asks the question “Do we wholeheartedly embrace His ways and obey Him completely, or not?”
In the journey of seeking His heart regarding this the Lord has been highlighting the story of Noah in Genesis 6:8-22 often. The Lord has been highlighting a few things to me from this passage which I will share over time, but as I have sat with the Lord on this passage the stirring has increased within me that the modern day Noah’s are arising.
There will be times in this new era where the word of the Lord is going to come to “build” in a way that seems completely “out of left field” and others may think you are crazy.
There are definitive moments in this new era where the word of the Lord will come so clearly to “build” with specifics that may be completely “against the grain” of what has been built or in ways you have ever built before.
The Lord is dealing with the fear of man in the Church and pouring out of His love and the revelation of who He is and our identity in Christ in greater ways that is solidifying and maturing the Church in deeper ways.
The invitation will be extended in this new era to step out in ways you have never stepped out and do things you never thought you would do and follow the Lord down the ‘unbeaten tracks’ and ‘uncharted territories’ but in those moments the favour, provision and hand of the Lord will be so strongly upon you that the words of the doubters or the mockers will not shake you.
In these strategies and words of the Lord that He is releasing that may seem completely unexpected and in some ways may not make sense to your natural mind or those around you, in that place God is fortifying you in confidence in His voice and His Word like never before. The deepening of maturity is taking place within you to carry more, build more and do more with the Lord than you have ever done before and there is great PROTECTION found in obeying His voice and His Word.
It is imperative in this new era that the people of God are living in the place of BOLD FAITH and not caged by the fear of man that would compromise obedience to the Word of the Lord. Some of the greatest moves of the Spirit of God in this new era will be seen in places where there are those who are living laid down in complete yielding and surrender to Jesus and His way. Those who hearts are committed to obeying the Lord COMPLETELY no matter the cost, no matter the opposition, no matter the mocking.
“I give my all to follow your revelation-light; I will not delay to obey.” (Psalm 119:60 – The Passion Translation)
“I incline my heart to perform your statutes forever, to the end.” (Psalm 119:60 – English Standard Version)
“I have determined in my heart to obey whatever you say,
fully and forever!” (Psalm 119:112 – The Passion Translation)
What the Holy Spirit is doing and will do in this new era through the obedience to His voice and His way even in what seems like the most left field and unexpected ways will develop within the people of God the deep root system, strength, endurance and faith to REMAIN and NOT BE SHAKEN. While there are weeds of “compromising the rhema word of God” because of fear of man, longevity, strength and endurance cannot flourish as He intends.
Some of the greatest moves of His Spirit in this new era will be seen in the voice of the Lord coming to instruct His people to build in a way that requires complete devotion and obedience to His voice and DEEP reliance and trust in Him and His provision and guess what? He will NOT fail you, He will show Himself STRONG. He will provide, favour will be upon you and you will see that you and Jesus equals the majority.
Those that follow Jesus and His Word in this new era to build where, how and in the WAY that He is instructing in this new era no matter the cost, the Lord showed me a PURE, PURE FLOW of His Spirit will flow. There will be a free flow of His Spirit, there will be an uncontaminated, unhindered flow where the MAJESTY and GLORY of God will be so strongly revealed. The Lord showed me that the WEIGHTINESS of His presence will draw in the harvest from near and far. The Shekinah Glory of God will reside heavily in these places. From country towns, to barns, to stadiums, to houses, to a few gathered in prayer, to a church meeting. Where the foundation has been laid by radical obedience to build with Him no matter how it looks or how crazy others may think they are, heaven will crash in! Miracles, signs and wonders will flow and there will be major fires of revival burning in and through these places that will see cities and nations impacted. Stories we have heard of old of how the Lord moved supernaturally in signs, wonders and miracles through revivalists that we cry out for in our day now, will be seen again in different and greater ways, but it will flow from those and those places where there is radical yielding and obedience to Him, to His Word, His WAYS and his strategies.
I felt the fear of the Lord strongly as He spoke to me that in this new era it will be very clear who is walking in His ways and His strategy, who is building in His heartbeat for the new wine and Glory will flow from them and those places in ways we have NEVER seen before.
I believe this invitation from the Lord requires a response from us as the body of Christ. In this new era we must be in the heart position of “Lord, I am ready to obey before you even tell me what I am to do or where I am to go”. Its the place of JOY to OBEY as a child of God living in the revelation of how good our Father is and who we are in Christ, so in love with Him that no matter what He asks, it is my joy to obey and to follow Jesus without fear because KNOW who He is and His nature.
The modern day Noah’s are arising. Let us cry out to Him “Lord, develop in us a heart that hears and knows your ways, a heart that obeys without delay and obeys completely.”