Prophetic Words


Lana Vawser
There is a great wind of turnaround and vindication upon you. For the circumstances and opposition that has been coming against the Word of the Lord in your life is being halted.
There is an accelerated momentum that is increasing where you will see an unprecedented demonstration of the turnaround of God and vindication of the Lord. The Lord is roaring over your circumstances and they are SUDDENLY coming into alignment.
I saw many injustices that have come against many in the body of Christ over the last little while, and for many, especially in the last few weeks, take heart, for the Lord is “righting all wrongs” with His mighty hand of vindication. The Lord showed me many angels that have been assigned to the people of God that are moving at the command of the Lord to bring forth supernatural “divine moments” of heaven meeting earth, divine setups taking place right now where SUDDENLY things will turnaround and the vindication of the Lord will be seen.
What the Lord spoke to you has not changed, but what will change are the things that have been OPPOSING the Word of the Lord in your life.
I could hear Isaiah 55:11 booming in the Spirit SO loudly. The Lord is activating your faith, He is increasing your faith. He is raising up a people that have greater faith than they have ever had before in the promises and Words He speaks. Taking Him at His Word with confidence on a level they have never experienced.
There is a mighty wave of the Spirit of God that has hit the body of Christ and is about to rapidly increase in momentum releasing the demonstration of Isaiah 55:11.
“So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”
Many of you are about to see the faithfulness of the Lord in keeping His promises and the power of God to ALIGN the natural with the spoken word of the Lord.
It has already begun! The powerful demonstrations of the Lord to suddenly turn things around, but I heard the Lord say “You haven’t seen anything yet”. Get ready to see an increase in powerful demonstrations of miraculous turnarounds and the supernatural exploding in your life like you have never experienced.
Those of you who have felt like you have “lost faith” because of the battles you have been in, I heard the Lord say, that not only is He restoring your faith and increasing your faith, taking you to another level of taking Him at His Word, but He is RESTORING YOU WITH THE GIFT OF JOY!!! Many of you have lost your joy because of the battle and the lack of alignment of circumstances to what the Lord has spoken, but that is all changing and going to continue to change as the Word of the Lord explodes in your life with it’s fulfilment. The Lord is giving you back the GIFT OF JOY that is yours in Christ Jesus. The JOY found in Christ. The JOY in knowing Him. The JOY of seeing promises fulfilled.
I heard the Lord say “SURPRISE!!!!!!” and there was such a sense of excitement and anticipation in the atmosphere. Don’t try and work out “how” the Lord is going to bring the turnaround and vindication to pass. Let Him have His way, because some of the greatest breakthrough’s that are upon you right now are going to come in the most UNEXPECTED ways, and fill you with greater hope for the future, joy, healing of your heart and a breath of fresh air to your soul and vision, that you will be SUDDENLY enlarged in your capacity to dream.
Here He comes!!!!
The winds of turnaround and vindication are blowing. The RAPID acceleration you will experience this month and into the rest of the year, is going to see an accelerated momentum, shift and positioning for all He has for you.
There are some MOMENTOUS MOMENTS upon you that are divinely orchestrated by the hand of the Lord. There are significant divine setups that the Lord is unveiling right now that are going to set you up for 2019.
These divine set up’s are going to give you greater clarity, direction, vision and opportunities for 2019. Many of you have been seeking the Lord for direction for next year and feeling like the Lord has not revealed much to you, but get ready for your vision to be GREATLY EXPANDED. Get ready to SEE into the NEW LAND. These momentous moments of divine setups are going to give you strategy, blueprints and keys for 2019.
These momentous moments will truly position you in ways to FLY in Him like never before. 2019 will be a year to truly fly high in the revelation knowledge, understanding, wisdom and discernment of the Lord with strategic divine assignments to usher in His Kingdom and His Glory coming in the most unexpected ways.
The Lord is preparing and setting the stage for many from now in their positioning for 2019 because of the MAGNITUDE of what He is going to do and release His people that are positioned and ready, into.
It’s SO much bigger than you realise!