Prophetic Words

Selah Web Conference 2020

Hi, Friends. 

The world is going through one a massive time of trauma and turbulence, we believe that things will never be the same again. We feel in this time there is an imperative to rest, pause, reflect. We would like to extend to you an invitation to pause together, and hear from some powerful voices about what they are hearing in this time.

Speakers include:

Lana and Kevin Vawser, Anita Alexander, Tom Ledbetter, Gary Beaton, Krissy Nelson, Patricia King, Natalie Fuller, Matt Beckenham, Katherine Ruonala, Rabbi Curt Landry, Larry Sparks and Todd Wetherly. 

This is a free conference, we want all to be able to be blessed by this without obligation. There will be an opportunity to donate towards the event. All donations will be divided up among the speakers and their ministries.

We hope you can come and join us. There will be a live session using Webinar Jam, and the videos will be uploaded on our website within a day of the event so everyone who missed it can watch it too. You will need to register to be part of this, and also register (separately) for the live stream. There are limited spaces on the Livestream on the day.  

We have had our web designers working on the website to make sure that it is working efficiently. There have been peak periods where our website has slowed down making registrations difficult. If you experience this, please be patient – we have some modifications already in progress to make sure it is all working for the day.

To register, please check out our resource-table. ( 

To watch a short promo video, please use this link. (


Have a blessed day.