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Pour out your worries and stress upon Him and LEAVE THEM there! ?

Hi Friends
This week, Lana posted a Video on Facebook. For those who missed it and would like to see, please feel free to look at the videos below.
Incidentally, this is the first time I’ve tried to embed a video, if this does not work please check out our website ( to see the videos in both parts on the main page.
God bless
Lana Vawser Ministries
PLEASE CLICK ON THE TITLE (Pour out your worries etc) TO SEE THE VIDEOS.

Pour out your worries and stress upon Him and LEAVE THEM there! ??
Posted by Lana Vawser on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Part TWO – Pour out your worries and stress upon Him and LEAVE THEM there! ??
Posted by Lana Vawser on Wednesday, July 12, 2017


  • Nancy White

    I don’t know why but the sound will not work on my computer. Is anyone else having this problem? The sound for everything else works.

    • Denis Long

      Dear Lana
      Since you share your revelation free I believe you will have s greater level of prosperity than others This is constantly on my mind I bless you in the name of the Lord and I am always encouraged by your words which are spot on
      Denis Long

    • sharon

      click on the facebook logo onthe bottom right of the video when its playing, it will land you on fb and the video can be played with sound there.

    • Shirley

      Yes, click on the SOUND icon in the bottom right corner of her video window to enable the sound. It would be nice if they set the default to ON, but that’s not the case in this video.

    • Deb

      Did you figure it out? It was the same for me until I hovered my cursor over the bottom of the video and the speaker icon with an X thru it was revealed. I clicked on the speaker icon and the sound came on [in other words, I turned off “mute”]. I pray this works for you!

    • JV

      The video is set to mute on start. After you click the play button, on the bottom of the video look to the right of the time remaining on the video, there will be a speaker symbol with an X, click on that icon and the sound should come on.

  • Lisa styger

    I could only see the first 10 min , there was nothing else there. That was on your web site. I would love to hear the whole message or to read the message that was on the video pour out your worries and stress on him video. Thank you

  • Rick Velasquez

    the Lord is never late on his word ! just when our spirit man needs encouragement
    life is spoken to lift up our head ! praise him and thank him for personal speaking to us !
    in Jesus name
    What a Blessing and a Now word Ricky

  • Linda Ong

    Thank You So Much Dearest Lana! Every Bit Of Your Words n Sharing Sooo Timely
    N Encouraging! Must Come To Singapore!
    Love You! Blessed Joyous Glorious Birthday Yo You! ??

  • SylviaJune Montpellier

    Lana this video was soo annointed and powerful, I’m listening on my phone at 1 amSat, 7, 14,17. I’m Soo thankful for your faithfulness to All of us to encourage us to TRUST, in God and the power of Holy Spirit in us to Stay Strong and NOT give in to. the Lies of the evil forces,, I Thank God for giving ME Great FAITH, and not allowing the Lies of the enemy to discourage us, YOU DECREE OVER US always to TRUST, TRUST, GOD, and not the lying deceving wicked forces of the enemy, a toothless roaring lying enemy, I tell it to SHUT UP,,I DECREE over you Lana, a powerful mighty women of God obedient to His calling,& I look for your name & the Prophetic words you have to share with us through Spirit Fuel,,.I Bless you and Annoint you and thank you Lord for keeping Lana and her family Safe through this Season and always, fulfilling their every Need, In the mighty Name Of Jesus,,

    • Laura Wedemeyer

      Hi. I can’t seem to see or hear this blog on worries from Lana. How did you bring it up? Can you post a link?

  • Beverly Long

    Thank you so very much Lana! You have ministered to me so every time I read what the Lord has given you! You are a wonderful blessing of the Lord!

  • Tim

    I can’t hear the sound either. God bless you Lana and your family. What God is speaking through you means a lot to me. It’s very accurate and specific to what I’m going through. Some days in this past season have been so dark that it takes all my strength just to hold on and not run away. And at those times God has used His prophetic words to speak very specifically to what I’ve been going through to encourage me and guide my eyes back to Him. I have a few of your words posted on my wall. Especially the one about prophecy praise which has been the catalyst God used to keep motivating me to continue to cultivate a lifestyle of praise and worship in the midst of severe discouragement. So just wanted to encourage you with this feedback. Jesus is amazing!

  • Diane Flewelling

    Lana, that was an amazing word. It was just what I needed to hear, and it brought me tears of joy, and built up my trust in God in an amazing way. Thank you, thank you for your obedience.

  • Carla

    There’s an icon at bottom of screen (small speaker with an X on it). Click and drag the dot upwards to turn up volume…or you may click on the X to remove the “mute” function.

  • N

    Hi, is there any way I can download these 2 videos to watch them? I’m in a remote location in Africa and the internet connection is really bad. I thought downloading them would make it easier to listen. Thanks!

  • Cristi Ritchey

    We love you, Lana! Have a Happy and Blessed double birthday! I just had another one on June 22nd. Now thwy seem to be coming 5 or 6 times every week! LOL!!

  • Susana Gavajda

    Hi Lana !
    Thanks a lot for your constant efforts. I really appreciate that a lot and am always looking forward for more of your messages.
    Unfortunately I can’t hear you, your messages have no sound.
    God bless you!

  • N

    Regarding the sound, I notice that it starts off muted. Maybe if you check that yours isn’t muted? Perhaps it’s just a simple thing

  • lana k. thompson

    I heard u just fine. I was using a tablet not a computer. My worry is not in trusting him, but in me. I hope that after I receive His abundant blessing and restoration that I continue to walk and be led by Him and not follow in the footsteps of Solomon.
    I live in Texas. Isn’t just great that someone in Australia can communicate with me and even has the same name.

  • Sandi Lebel

    I watched both parts..the second part froze and I wasn’t able to get it back.. powerful wanted me to hear it all! I will read it. Blessings to you

  • Cindy Barclay

    I thank God for you Lana! I listened to the video from Facebook and you are such an encouragement to me!

  • Ron Lamont

    When the video starts the volume is set to zero by default. Just click on the loudspeaker symbol and turn the volume up, then if necessary return to the start of the video.

  • ashwen gibson blake

    Vinaka Vaka Levu. 8/2/2017 and a word in season for TODAY, I receive it, thanks Lana. Despite being told that we were exuberantly exonerated, the enemy incessantly pursues the members of my family wearied with DELAY, but The House The Lord builds will withstand and stand. And The Lord is every word from the mouth of God and there is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against Him. God is going to put an end to the rumor that ‘The days go by and every vision comes to nothing. Instead, He has reassured us that the days are here when every vision will be fulfilled for there will be no more flattering divinations. Through lives laid down in love to become The Lord’s WORD, we and others will be a stage for The Lord to do “whatever, whenever, through whomever – what a Glory Show! ” This is what The Lord said to us and we hold fast to it and hope you will too: “None of my words will delay any longer, whatever I say will be fulfilled,” says The Lord who is every word from the mouth of God. ABGB