Prophetic Words

Our next school is opening soon – FLOURISHING FAMILIES

Hi Everyone!!!
We have an exciting announcement!!!!!
We want to share with you about our next online school called:
April 12th – July 28th, 2022
It’s time for revival and a move of God IN and THROUGH your family, like never before. God’s heart for your family is to FLOURISH!
This 16 week online school is going to be a space where His fire is going to fall on your family.
We have incredible friends joining us leading sessions:
Rachael Burton
Natalie Fuller
Justin Allen
Roma Waterman
Shell Shaw
Kath Reed
Rebekah Bartels
Candice Shaw
Bianca Serratore
Emily Woskett
Mandy Woodhouse
Jodie Hughes
Elliot Bonser
Sarah Cheesman
Anita Alexander
Sarah Wiseman
….And many sessions with us… Lana and Kev 😉
We also have 3 amazing zoom sessions set up for children to encounter Jesus and hear His voice, it’s going to be amazing.
This 16 week online school is a place where the prophetic voice of God is going be released into your family, into your home and into the family of God. It is a place where we believe families will flourish as His voice comes in power and by His Spirit brings healing, deliverance, fortification, freedom, strengthening, revival fire, activation, empowerment, restoration, miracles and SO much more.
We really hope you can join us.
Please visit THIS LINK for our Teachable page, and read it through for ALL information and registration details are on there and we really hope to see you there.
It’s time for families to arise and shine like a city on a hill for His Glory. It’s time for YOUR family to FLOURISH like never before.
Lana and Kevin