Prophetic Words


Over the last month the word ‘TENDERISE” has been booming in my spirit. I have sat with the Lord and pondered this word before Him since then.
I want to look at the meaning of the word TENDERISE:
TENDERISE: make (meat) more tender by beating or slow cooking (Definition taken from Google)
The Lord has showed me that in this season the body of Christ will either sit in two positions.
The position of embracing the move of the Lord to bring tenderising in deeper ways to the hearts of His people, or they will stand in the place of stubbornness before the Lord.
The Lord has been highlighting Proverbs 28:14 to me recently:
Overjoyed is the one who with tender heart trembles before God,
but the stubborn, unyielding heart will experience even greater evil. (Proverbs 28:14 – TPT)
This is the hour where those that are close to the Lord and know His heart are in alignment with Him and the Holy Spirit is bringing a deeper tenderising to their heart and to the promptings of His Spirit and what He is saying. I released a word recently from a dream that I had recently where I heard the Lord say “I am going to SHOCK My people into alignment.” It was such a deep dream as the Lord was speaking deeply about revival. He was speaking about shocking His people into greater awakening and alignment but also the restoration of the fear of the Lord to the Church.
Over and over and over in the last few months the Lord continues to highlight verses to me in Scripture about pride, stubbornness and being stiff-necked. This is a time to embrace the move of His Spirit by surrendering completely to the Lord, His ways, His wisdom and the new wineskin. This is a time where the Lord is shaking all that can be shaken and the Lord clearly showed me that those who stand in the position of pride and stubbornness and do not follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and repent from pride, will be found wanting. The Lord is going to deal with pride in a way that we have never seen before and the Lord has been relentlessly encouraging the Church and calling the Church deeper into the place of humility, surrender and tenderness before Him.
This is a time to truly be before the Lord and examining our hearts (Psalm 139:23-24) and anything He may highlight to respond in the posture of repentance before Him.
In the continued shaking that will take place, it is out of His love that He is bringing the shaking, out of His grace, to deal with the areas of pride, stubbornness and the stiff-necked to bring proper alignment, because He SO loves His Church, He is SO passionate and desperate for His Church to be positioned and ready for the harvest to come in that He will SHAKE and SHAKE to tenderise and awake.
When I looked at the definition of TENDERISE every word in the definition from Google spoke to me deeply.
When I looked at the words “slow cooking” the Lord again spoke to me about this place of stillness, waiting upon the Lord, lingering, not running ahead.
The Lord is calling His people closer to Himself, He is calling His people to wait upon Him, He is calling His people to a heart posture before Him of surrender, tenderness and to listen to what He has to say and HIS WISDOM on HIS TERMS. Not to hold onto old ways, or dig heels in, in control, but to be fully surrendered and following where He is leading. Walking in His wisdom, no matter what it looks like or what it costs.
Proverbs 8:34-36 has been ringing deeply in my spirit lately:
“Blessed is the man who listens to me,
Watching daily at my gates,
Waiting at my doorposts.
For whoever finds me finds life
and obtains favor from the Lord,
but he who fails to find me injures himself;
all who hate me love death.” (Proverbs 8:34 – ESV)
“If you wait at wisdom’s doorway,
longing to hear a word for every day,
joy will break forth within you as you listen for what I’ll say.
For the fountain of life pours into you every time that you find me,
and this is the secret of growing in the delight
and the favor of the Lord.
But those who stumble and miss me will be sorry they did!
For ignoring what I have to say will bring harm to your own soul.
Those who hate me are simply flirting with death!” (Proverbs 8:34-36 TPT)
The Lord is calling His people deeper into the place of lingering with Him, Exodus 33:11 says “Joshua lingered” in the presence of God. God is calling us as His people into that place, that heart posture, of lingering with Him and not running ahead. The Lord is repeating this over and over and over again because He wants us to get it.
This beautiful invitation before the Lord to ‘linger with Him’ is what the Lord spoke to me again when I saw the words “slow cooking”.
I heard the Lord say:
“Those that linger with Me, those that wait for Me to speak, on My terms and what I am saying, in humility, THESE are the ones who will carry the MEAT of My Word, My deep REVELATION in this hour. The tenderhearted ones, will be the ones that carry My secrets.”
We are in a time of intense shaking, intense tenderising and intense marinating with the Lord.
Can I encourage you, to get before the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to tenderise your hearts in deeper ways. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any areas of pride, stubbornness, any areas where there has been any posture of being ‘stiff necked’. This is a crucial posture for us all in this time.
If He reveals any of those places, repent and surrender afresh to Him in humility and allow His love and presence to embrace you. He does not condemn you, He embraces you. He LOVES YOU!
I feel this a strong warning from the Lord, to embrace what the Spirit is doing in the place of humility and surrender and allow His Spirit to continue to bring a tenderness of heart and to cry out for it.