Prophetic Words

New Course with LVM and Enliven Media: God is about to do Mighty Wonders in Your life

Have you felt a shift lately? I’ve heard the Lord say that it’s a new era, and He’s about to awaken His Church and purify His Bride unlike ever before. If you are ready to learn how to partner with God as He moves in unprecedented ways, I’d love to invite you to join me in my new e-course, I hear the Lord say “New Era’” (link).
In this e-course, I share years worth of prophetic insights that God gave me as preparation for this new era, so that you can recognize when He’s moving even when it looks completely different than before. Through teachings from Scripture and my own encounters with God, we’ll look at how to practically implement the keys that God is highlighting in this hour.
God is about to do mighty wonders in your life and the world around you, are you ready?
Through 10 weeks of teaching (link) and prophetic insights, you’ll learn:

  • What changes are happening in this new era, so you are prepared and ready
  • How to receive His strategies for this era
  • Where to source your beliefs and perspectives about current situations
  • How to partner with God through prayer and decrees
  • Practical ways to steward your God-given assignment with purity and excellence
  • How to be ferociously focused in your faith

God wants to give you greater clarity about what He is doing, so you can step into unchartered territories with Him. I’m so excited to see what will happen when you start to build together with Him!
I pray that your heart will be refreshed, your life will be transformed, and your friendship with God will be deepened through this course (link) 
Lana Vawser w/ Enliven Media