Prophetic Words

LVM Update – Policy and Social Media Changes, Courses and Travel.

Hi friends
It has been some time since I sent an update. Certainly it has not been for lack of changes, we have just been busy in the middle of them.
The world is a changing place and are always excited to keep our focus on what God is doing through it all. It is often easy to see the enemy’s plans but it is only God’s plans and strategies that we embrace and our hope is to continue to do that for a long time to come. We are looking over our policy page and have made a couple of small tweaks, we will have some larger updates coming shortly on that. Check it out:
Facebook Pages and Coffee With Jesus
The pages we have on Facebook we started around 2011-2013, we started them even before we formally started Lana Vawser Ministries. We have kept both a profile page and public figure page for this time and each have audiences that are unique to themselves, some people follow both pages. This can be confusing in a world where scammers can produce spoof pages – that it is known by many that we have multiple pages ourselves. So, after so many years of this we are working on a better strategy for our Facebook pages.
The Lana Vawser profile page will continue to have content put up, although it will be more focused on life, perhaps some pictures and a random thought from time to time. We aren’t trying to push towards becoming social influencers, but we do want this profile page to look more like a profile page.
The Lana Vawser Public Figure page will have our ministry content – prophetic words, some snippets, videos and so on.
As we cannot get a check mark at this stage, we will start using our lion logo more often. While it would be good to have a check mark in the future, we encourage you to look out for the logo as a form of verification until we get one. That said, there could be still fake posts or fraudulent people using these icons for short term scams so also make sure you are on the page that we link at the bottom of these emails.
Please, continue to be vigilant. It is always best to connect with us through this website, we will never reach out to you on Facebook or YouTube and ask for donations, or contact us at a Gmail email address.
We have stated Coffee with Jesus again – on YouTube. We hope to see you there!!
Secondly – we have been hosting online courses for the last few months now on our Teachable page. We have seen some incredible fruit from our courses and  we are almost finished our second major course, Ablaze Australia. Lana has received a major download for our next course – Positioned in Purity, and we are excited to be hosting it. We have invited twelve guests to share their revelations live (some pre-recorded) and we often have a live q+a session after the message has finished. If you cannot watch it live then feel free to watch it later at your own leisure. There will also be a few live “mentoring” sessions with Lana and myself (Kevin). This is open to everyone, and while we will stop advertising it shortly you can enroll at any time. That said, you can only participate in the live sessions while they are running. The sessions will start on April 4, for more information look at the teachable page (
Thirdly – for those who enjoyed the Prophetic Voice of God course, Enliven Media have put together a new course for Lana’s latest book – “I hear the Lord Say New Era”. This course is hosted by Enliven Media and they do a great job. You will see some emails coming out later this week with more information on that.
Lastly – plans for the road ahead.
Travel has become a challenging thing for us. While it is harder to travel in this season, we have also felt the grace lift from it a little too. We have dedicated ourselves to focusing on what God is doing in our home and developing online schools for the time being. There are seasons for all things and this is what we are feeling God say at this time. We do welcome invitations to come in, I do try to keep a record of invitations that we can engage with at a later date, but we are focusing on the few things God has put in front of us for now.
We thank you all for joining with us as we have journeyed and invite you to continue for the long road ahead. We are certainly in unprecedented times and we know God has the power to meet every challenge with overwhelming grace and glory. For those who have partnered with us in prayer, or sown into us financially we are blessed and thankful. We know God is doing a great thing in this day and we hope to be good stewards of all He has done.
Kevin (and Lana) Vawser