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LVM Update – Last Post for Old System – Important and brief.

Hi friends.
I will keep this brief, this is a general notification that may be useful for many people.
It seems that our email system has started working again, but as it still remains an unreliable system I am still moving towards a new system.
SO many of you have moved over, we are so blessed to have you on board. If you have not yet, you need to click the subscribe now button on our website (or just use the link below).
If you have subscribed but do not see any emails coming in after this email, please contact us using the contact form on our website (
The emails should start coming out after a set time each day. This will be different from the ad-hoc timing that we once had. They will appear on the website first and may be there for up to a day before the email. This is a setting in the system that we cannot change.
If this is the last email you get from us, please go to our website and re-subscribe. It may be that you have not done it yet, as we have done a lot of merging and uploading of emails there may be a few emails that have been lost in the process. I do apologize for this, please subscribe once more.
We hope this ministry blesses you – and hope to have this system repaired and reliable enough for many years ahead.
Kevin and Lana Vawser

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