Prophetic Words


The Lord showed me many prophets have been living in fire for a long time. There has been such a deep fire that they have endured especially in 2019. They have endured fiery trials and the fire of the enemy to take them out. The demonic opposition and resistance has been like nothing they have ever endured before. The enemy has been screaming through circumstances in every direction “ABORT YOUR MISSION” but I heard the Lord say… “NEW MISSION!!!!!!! NEW SHOES FOR THE NEW MOVE OF MY SPIRIT”
The Lord showed me that many prophets have been in the battle of their lives in 2019 on so many fronts because they are stepping into their mantle and new missions and assignments from the Lord that are going to shift and affect NATIONS and MULTITUDES. I had an encounter with the Lord and I saw the prophets who have been through incredibly intense fire of opposition have found the fourth man in the fire. They have come to a place of dependence upon Jesus and the Word of God like never before. The enemy has pushed and attempted to force them into a corner screaming “GIVE UP” but the Lord has decreed “COME UP!” (Revelation 4:1)
There is a MAJOR acceleration taking place right now over the lives of many prophets. The enemy is screaming in every direction that breakthrough is further away than it has ever been but the truth is that the Lord is inviting the prophets into a level of revelation of His Word and, His strategies and His wisdom manifested (James 1:5) in their lives and through their lives on an unprecedented scale.
In this new era many prophets are going to step into their mantle and anointing in these new missions and ‘shoes’ He is giving them to see the most incredible demonstration of His power on the earth.
What many of the prophets have been experiencing as far as opposition in 2019 has been about the MANTLE that God is releasing upon them in 2020 and beyond. The Lord showed me that many prophets have been afflicted by the enemy in such a way to “WOUND” them and stop them from advancing.
The Lord showed me many prophets have been ‘wounded’ in 2019 but have continued to remain faithful before the Lord, crying out for the healing of the Lord and the breakthrough of God. In the midst of their own pain and their own turmoil, grief, despair and discouragement they have remained faithful to what the Lord has called them to and kept their hand to the plough even when the enemy as been screaming “ABORT MISSION”, “GIVE UP!”
The Lord showed me that there is a MASSIVE convergence that is taking place in the lives of many prophets right now. They are about to see the convergence of faith and the power of God that is going to bring about the greatest shift and deliverance of their life. 2019 has brought many prophets to a level of brokenness that they have not experienced before but the Lord is bringing about the greatest demonstration of His power and deliverance in their lives NOW. This deliverance has already begun and is going to begin to manifest in exorbitant proportions leading into 2020. The Lord showed me that this deliverance and massive convergence is like engines building up and revving. The deliverance and convergence is going to get stronger and stronger as we move through December and into 2020.
2019 for many prophets has been a battle to not even ‘take ground’ but ‘maintain ground’. Many prophets have felt in the biggest areas of promise the Lord has given them there’s been a continual ‘going backwards’ and almost a force that feels like a suction that when they get one step forward, they suddenly get sucked ten steps back, so there is never any ‘ground taken’ but weariness in going ‘back and forth’. The Lord showed me that as these ‘engines of momentum, deliverance and convergence’ continue to rev up that a MONUMENTAL SLIPSTREAM of His power, healing and deliverance will be found that will ACCELERATE the prophets into these new mantles and shoes for 2020 and the whole decade.
The Lord continued to speak over the prophets ‘This is a final push! Push one more time! Strike in faith one more time. Disagree with what the enemy is saying and what the enemy is attempting to have you agree with. Agree again, THIS IS THE END’
The Lord showed me that these prophets are moving into a time of experiencing the power of the Lord bringing forth “MIRACLE AFTER MIRACLE” in their lives. There has been a MAJOR strengthening and maturing of faith that has taken place in their lives through the battle and the fire and the threshold has now been crossed where they will see MIRACLE AFTER MIRACLE of the Lord’s restoration, redemption and promises manifest. The Lord showed me the word “LAVISH” over the prophets. The Lord is not only going to restore that which looks impossible, that which has looked dead, but He is going to bring forth a redemption that is greater than could be imagined. The Lord is going to LAVISH breakthrough and restoration upon these prophets in this hour, leading out of 2019 and into 2020.
Prophets of God, this IS the end of the battle. Many of you have heard from the Lord that this IS the end of the battle and the greatest freedom, deliverance, healing and shift of your life is upon you but because of the length of the battle, you have lost strength and hope, but the Lord is reviving your hope. Expect to see more and more signs of breakthrough continuing to manifest in the coming days and leading into 2020. There is a THRIVING and BLOSSOMING that God is leading you into in 2020, the greatest days of THRIVING in your life, and the enemy is terrified, but you shall move into 2019 not limping but in the beginning of the slipstream of the greatest move of God in your life thus far.
I heard the Lord say: “Many of My prophets have been faithfully releasing My Word and standing in the place of intercession for the body of Christ and the places I have called them and they have warred faithfully for the breakthrough of others through their decree of My Word which is strengthening and equipping My people. Now there shall be an OCCUPYING that will take place for these prophets of the lands I have given them into their hands. As they have laid down their lives before Me as a living sacrifice and laid down their lives faithfully for their brothers in obedience to the call upon their lives, now it is time for their PERSONAL REPAYMENT. In the heart posture of loving, encouraging and serving others in their destiny and calling while waiting for their own breakthrough, that faithfulness has moved My heart. Prophets of My heart, I say unto you today that you have stepped into the beginning of your seven fold breakthrough and repayment for all the enemy has stolen from you. You are moving from the valley of dry bones where you have decreed and prophesied in your own life to the land of now seeing the bones rattle, come to life and a land of PLENTY. No longer shall you know the land of lack, you shall now know the land of PLENTY.”
“But if he’s caught, he still has to pay back what he stole sevenfold; his punishment and fine will cost him greatly.” (Proverbs 6:31 – The Passion Translation)
It’s time for these ones to ARRIVE and CELEBRATE!
In all of the battle many prophets have endured not only is there monumental shift of healing, deliverance, freedom and breakthrough upon their lives, but there are MANTLES of healing that are falling upon these ones to step into that is going to bring HEALING and DELIVERANCE to NATIONS. There mantles and shoes that the Lord is inviting these ones into will see them sent forth on assignment into nations in the natural and in the spirit through intercession, decree and encounter to see MAJOR UNLOCKING of nations. There is MAJOR healing for nations that is going to take place in the next decade that is unlike anything we have ever seen and this will majorly take place through the prophetic voice of God being released and decreed through the prophets on a scale that is unprecedented.
The fire of opposition has almost killed many prophets, but in the fire they have found Jesus. There has also been a fire of the Lord’s hand that has purged, purified and tested. These prophets have yielded and embraced the fire. They have laid down in humility in the Lord’s fire and embraced His workings and His ways in radical obedience that many would not know the cost and sacrifice they have walked and lifted to the Lord as an offering of worship and in the place of humility before Him now the Lord will LIFT them up like never before. There has been MAJOR testing of the heart by the fire of the Lord upon these prophets in 2019 that in the YIELDING to it and obedience has prepared them to carry the assignments and walk in the new shoes the Lord is releasing.
For what the Lord is calling His prophets to walk in, in 2020 and beyond, there is a call to walk in holiness in order to carry it.
In the testing of the heart there was a greater call to consecration and being set apart for the Lord in many different ways. There has been a great ‘cost’ in the consecration but it’s their love for Jesus that has driven them. The level of holiness does not come from the place of ‘striving’ but out of the place of intimacy and love for Jesus that sees this place of holiness as the overflow. The Lord has called many of these prophets “out of different places and things” and even when it hasn’t made sense, they have stepped out and been ‘set apart’ to Him and what He is saying and in this place the preparation has taken place for them to carry these mantles and walk in these shoes. These mantles and assignments are not being released to just any prophet, but those who have been faithful and ministered to the Lord and walked in obedience.
GREAT favour is going to be released upon these prophets that will be nothing short of the manifested hand of God. Many of these prophets that will arise in this new era carrying the pure word of the Lord have been trained in caves, they have been hidden until this time and the Lord will suddenly bring them out and accelerate and favour them. For they have found favour with God and seek not the favour of man.
“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you,” (1 Peter 5:6 ESV)
“So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honour.” (1 Peter 5:6 NLT)
I heard the Lord say “Prophets, you will find your voice again”
I asked the Lord what He meant and He showed me that because of the battles many have endured they have “lost their voice” in their own personal lives because of the intensity of the battle, discouragement and weariness but in the Lord speaking “Stand up, PUSH ONE MORE TIME, STRIKE ONE MORE TIME” what they shall see through their decree will SUDDENLY restore their voice to them. It will restore to them the revelation of their authority, it will suddenly restore to them the power of the spoken Word and it will usher them into a new level of their authority.
These prophets are moving into a season of understanding Job ‪22:28‬ in greater ways than ever before:
“You will also decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you; And the light [of God’s favor] will shine upon your ways. (Job ‪22:28‬ AMP)
The Lord showed me that in the RESTORATION of their voice they are stepping UP in their office in significant ways. The enemy is roaring, but it is one last ROAR of the prophets that will see them step into the tipping point that literally changes their life completely and their ministry.
As I continued to seek the Lord’s heart for the prophets I heard the words “EAT THE SCROLLS OF ALIGNMENT AND RECALIBRATION”
Then suddenly Ezekiel 3:1-15 surrounded me loudly.
The Lord showed me that this passage is a KEY passage for these prophets in this new era. There are scrolls that the Lord will have the prophets eat that will taste sweet like honey. These scrolls are to be eaten, digested and meditated upon. These words of the Lord’s heart are to marinate within these ones and they will then be sent into the body of Christ in greater measure with words that will bring alignment, correction and recalibration.
These scrolls being given to these prophets are scrolls that are going to bring MAJOR recalibration, alignment, pruning, purging, purifying and maturing to the body of Christ. These words are from the heart of God to prepare the body for what is ahead and all the Lord has for them to walk in. I felt the Lord’s heart of love so strong to prepare and mature His people so they can CARRY what He is releasing. The Lord showed me that these scrolls that will be eaten and released by the prophets will bring forth a war with the religious spirit, but those with eyes to see and ears to hear that know the Lord and know His character and His love will see that this is the hand of the Lord bringing correction and re-alignment to lead them further into all that He has for them in Christ.
“The Lord corrects the people he loves and disciplines those he calls his own.” (Hebrews 12:6 – CEV)
There is correction the Lord is bringing to the body of Christ and this is for the GOOD of those He loves. It is to bring forth a maturing and a strengthening so that they may go further than they have ever been, and walk in an empowerment of the Spirit like they have never experienced before.
The body of Christ in this new era will be in a place of having to learn to navigate and process the correction of the Lord that is released in its pure form and in the love of the Lord, it is part of the maturing the Lord is bringing forth.
There is also a weighty responsibility upon the prophets that receive these scrolls from the Lord to bring correction and realignment to not rush ahead and release these words without wisdom. These assignments come with great responsibility to RECEIVE the Lord’s heart for His people, His love and mirror His nature in the releasing of these words. It is IMPERATIVE the prophets receiving these words are asking for wisdom (James 1:5) on its delivery, having these words tested and journeyed through in the place of accountability and community.
These words are going to bring about some of the greatest demonstrations of divine alignment and preparation by the hand of God to see a major outpouring of the Spirit of God that we have ever seen.
The Lord is rearranging and reshaping the prophetic movement and it is to bring forth a purity and strengthening like never before to release the wisdom and council of the Lord upon the earth that when decreed and released brings forth the greatest demonstrations of His power and the power of His voice upon the earth that brings reformation and shift, seeing His Glory revealed.
It’s an amazing time to be alive and what God is going to do through the prophets and body of Christ will be astounding, but in leading up and stepping into this new move of His Spirit, we must embrace and yield to the preparation of the Lord and the stewardship of His voice as prophets of God.