Prophetic Words

It Is Not Time To Give Up, But Watch His Goodness Erupt

People of God, the Lord knows that you are weary. The Lord knows how hard the waiting has been, and how uncomfortable the transition has been. I saw the Lord and His eyes were FULL of compassion and love. He understands, and even when you don’t understand, all He asks you to do is keep holding His hand as He has a marvelous plan.
I saw the Lord holding “party poppers” in His hand and with a huge smile of joy and expectancy like a parent about to give their child a gift that they KNOW is going to bring such joy to their hearts, the same expectant joy was dancing upon His face.
He pulled the string of the “party popper” and there was an eruption of colour and immediately I knew this was an eruption of His promises. In the midst of such a glorious eruption I saw the word “FAITHFULNESS”. Hold tight to His hand, He is going to demonstrate His faithfulness once again. Like a volcano that has been boiling and the pressure building to finally erupt and its lava spills everywhere, the GOODNESS and FAITHFULNESS of God is about to erupt in your life as you continue to hold His hand and it will touch EVERYTHING in your life.
Even the “little things” you thought that the Lord surely would not pay attention to or look at, even these little desires will be fulfilled as the people of God continue to hold His hand in trust and make Him their utmost delight. The Lord is rewarding the faithfulness of His people.
When I saw His face beaming with a smile of such excitement and joy I felt the words all around me “Watch this space (as He pointed to Himself) miracles and supernatural explosions of My goodness and favour are about to take place”.