Prophetic Words


Recently as I woke one morning I heard the Lord whisper a Scripture reference to me that I did not recognise.

“Psalm 63:7” He whispered.

“You have been my help and in the shadow of your wings I will sing for you!” (ESV)

“Because you are my helper; I will rejoice in the shadow of your wings” (CSB)

I felt the heart of God wanting to encourage His people that HE is your helper and in more ways than ever before you are going to see this manifested in your life. The powerful demonstrations of the help of the Lord. You have not been left alone in your battle. You have not been left alone in the darkness. You have not been left alone in the pain. You have not been left alone in the trials. You have not been left alone in the circumstances you are facing. The Lord is demonstrating His power and His help. For HE is the helper!

“So we can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?” – Hebrews 13:6 (ESV)

The Lord is showing Himself strong, the Lord is showing Himself as your helper. The Lord is strengthening you. He is defending you and He is protecting you.

As the Lord whispered Psalm 63:7 to me I had the strong sense of His protection. The Lord is wanting to encourage many today that have been battling fear and other things that the Lord is protecting you. He is your protector. As you lean into Him, as you trust in Him, as you rest under the shadow of His wings there is GREAT JOY that you will find. When the battle rages around, when the fears resound loudly, when the intimidation screams, when the foreboding shouts, when the giants roar, there is a place of great JOY that He is inviting you into that is found under the shadow of His wings.

His wings are protecting you, His wings are sheltering you and the noise and clamour around you is simply that, noise and clamour and it will not touch you.

There is great JOY upon you found in resting in Jesus, found in resting under His protection and under the shadow of His wings. He’s got YOU and He’s got THIS.

The noise and clamour that is going on in the past week is because of the new ventures before you. You are being positioned to fly and the enemy is trying to clip your wings, but his attempts will fail. As you make the Lord your God your refuge, the Most High your dwelling place (Psalm 91) you will see His wings surround you and no arrow or dart will come against you or harm you. NO weapon formed against you shall prosper. (Isaiah 54:17)


The Lord whispered to me:

“There will be a greater increase of dreams, encounters and visions of My people being hidden under My wings and there shall they find and walk in greater PEACE than they have ever experienced.”

“I am opening up deeper revelation of what it is to live under the shadow of My wings and the JOY that is found there that is not based on circumstance or people but found in ME.”

“Fear has assaulted My people for SO long and the day of that foreboding, tormenting fear is ending for many. I am releasing this powerful revelation of who I am as protector and helper and the safety found in Me, the safety found in resting in Me and My love that is going to silence the enemy.”

“The enemy is screaming at many: “‘mourning’ will continue” or “‘mourning’ is upon you” but the truth is there is a deeper realm of rejoicing opening up before you that is found in quiet, confident trust in Me and My protection and help”.


I heard His whisper:

“Many of My people are moving into the greatest breakthrough of My peace that they have never known. In the revelation of the power of surrender and trust and living under the shadow of My wings and protection is going to SILENCE many inner storms within many hearts and minds. Many of My people are beginning to walk in the peace that passes all understanding that I purchased at Calvary.”


A vision opened up before my eyes as I watched many in the body of Christ accepting the invitation from the Lord to enter into this deeper place of revelation of living under the shadow of His wings through their engagement with these promises of Scripture (Psalm 91, Psalm 63:7) and inviting the Holy Spirit to come and open up this revelation.

In the blossoming of this deeper revelation I watched as the Holy Spirit moved deeply within their hearts and soul and I watched DIS-EASE melt away. Generational DIS-EASE was breaking and melting away. Anxiety was melting away. Fear was melting away. Traumas and pain, melting away. Many different types of DIS-EASE was melting away and it was being removed and a decree of FINALITY was being established.

As this DIS-EASE was being healed and removed and deep peace and revelation blossoming within many as the revelation of Jesus was manifesting in deeper ways, I watched DISEASES being SUDDENLY healed. SUDDENLY diseases were being healed.

I heard the Lord say:

“I am healing FROM THE INSIDE OUT!!!”

The sense surrounded me that for many as the DIS-EASE was being healed from within, the DISEASES were falling away. There was a WHOLENESS of healing Jesus was bringing forth.

A bubbling spring of praise and joy is beginning to spring forth in many as the revelation of His protection and help is flowing forth that is leading His people into a tangible place of ECSTATIC JOY in who He is and His faithfulness.

Friends, you have NOTHING to fear! Great REJOICING is upon you found in the deeper places of revelation of who He is.

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