Prophetic Words


Recently I had an encounter with the Lord and I saw the Lion of Judah roaring over many prophets and in His roar I heard His voice thunder “THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS”
The authority and the power in His voice caused everything to shake. The Lord then began to show me that MANY prophets have been under a level of warfare and attack of witchcraft that is unlike anything they had experienced before. I watched in this encounter as SO many prophets were so tired from the level of “push-through” that they have experienced in this season. It felt like their constant stance was one of “push back” as things were coming at them at every side.
The Lord then spoke “I am going to show you what the attack looks like” and I saw a HUGE whirlwind come into their lives and it was battering their lives from so many directions. The Lord’s voice spoke again “The constant battering is causing them to question the vision”
This attack had come so intensely that it was attempting to bring a strong confusion and disorientation of what the Lord had spoken and is speaking. It was causing such a disorientation and confusion in their season that was coming hard and fast to attempt to cause them to “lose their footing” and just “wander aimlessly”.
That’s when the Lion of Judah roared. “THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS”
When He roared and I heard His voice thunder, He wasn’t saying that warfare is ending forever, what He was speaking was there was a TURNING taking place within this warfare, that the hand of the Lord God Almighty was turning the enemy’s schemes on their head. I then began to see out of this fierce whirlwind things began to come flying out of it. I was so surprised because they were things I did not expect. They were things that represented recompense, they represented double, some things represented ten-fold, spoils, restoration, acceleration and places of life and flourishing.
Genesis 50:20 and Romans 8:28 surrounded me. The themes of the Lord turning. What the enemy meant for evil, God was turning for good. His voice came forth again “Where this whirlwind has come into the lives of many of My prophets and brought a battering in every direction, I am declaring a mighty turning only by the power of My hand and My Spirit to bring forth recompense, restoration, accumulation of spoils, acceleration, places of life and flourishing in EVERY direction.”
I felt in the Spirit so strongly the battle has been so intense for these prophets, it almost took them out and the Lord was saying “I am giving you permission to rest a while.” It was almost like many prophets were feeling like they had to keep pushing through even though they were feeling so weary, so empty, so battered and the Lord was saying “Come and lay down beside the still waters and receive your refreshment. Find your breath again.”
“Not only am I re-establishing My prophets on their feet again where they have felt like they’ve been knocked off their feet, I am raising them up again in greater increase in their land, clarity and conviction of the vision and they will go forth from this season to prophesy and equip in the saints in greater anointing, strength, fire, empowerment and vision than ever before.”
His voice thundered one more time:
“Where the enemy came to bring such confusion and cause a disorientation upon many of My prophets I now declare over you come before Me and LISTEN for I am giving you VISION and DIVINE INSIGHT FURTHER than you have EVER seen before.”