Prophetic Words


Recently I had an encounter with the Lord and I saw MAJOR assassination attempts of the enemy upon VISION that God has given many of His people. I saw that many have had fresh encounters with the Lord where He has spoken and released His vision and there was a strong commissioning of the Lord upon this vision “ARISE AND BUILD”.
The Lord showed me that there was such a weight of His Glory and His presence upon these visions that He was releasing that was going to bring transformation and a move of His Spirit with such power and such fire and then suddenly there was an ambush of the enemy. Suddenly there was such a strong attack that has come against the vision and many have felt like abandoning the vision and no longer continuing to build it.
I then heard the Lord say “Where there has been an attack from the enemy to bring death to the vision I am speaking there is an INCREASE of My fire upon the vision. The vision that I have released is the container for My Glory and My fire in unprecedented ways. The enemy may have come with the his fire to attempt to consume and destroy the vision but I am moving in power on behalf of My people who have faced this intense attacks of the enemy upon the vision that I have released to them, and I am releasing My fire that is going to ignite, activate, awaken, heal, transform, resuscitate and revive many. Word curses and witchcraft being released against you is being BROKEN by the power of My name and the power of My hand to deliver you.”
He continued to speak:
“Not only am I increasing My fire that is falling upon the vision that I have released, I am bringing forth DOUBLE for the TROUBLE that My people have endured in holding and obeying the vision. The enemy has come so hard against many carrying these fresh visions of My heart, but I say unto you today, that you shall SEE FURTHER into the vision what I have planned, I say unto you today you shall SEE a greater move of My Spirit and power, mighty transformation and weight of My Glory through the building of the vision I have given to you. I say unto you today that you shall SEE a greater level of favour, provision, blessing, increase and fruitfulness in the vision I have released. The vision I have given you, as you have built and are building in the way I am leading, you will HOUSE My Glory and My holiness that will bring UNPRECEDENTED TRANSFORMATION and what I will do through the vision I have released to you will see My name lifted high and My Glory released. The GOOD NEWS of what I will do will spread FAR and WIDE and MANY, MANY, MANY will be drawn to Me, to My heart and My arms through the testimony of what I will do and My good news. Many of you have received BAD news and disappointing news regarding the vision I have given you, but I say unto you today, the tables are turning and you shall see GOOD news after GOOD news after GOOD news. Unprecedented days of My Glory are upon you.”