Prophetic Words


This week I heard the words “Australia, you are on red alert!!”

When i googled the meaning of the words “red alert” this is how it was defined:

“the final stage of alert in which enemy attack appears imminent broadly : a state of alert brought on by impending danger. “ (Google)

I heard the Lord say:

“My people in Australia, the nation is on red alert. I am decreeing a state of emergency from the heavenlies. The enemy is coming to steal the baby. The enemy is coming to steal the birthing. The enemy is coming to steal the hundredfold blessing. I am sounding the trumpet. I am sounding the alarm. The enemy seeks to come to steal, to kill, to destroy and to terrify, but I am sounding the trumpet. I am sounding the trumpet and I am decreeing the sound of TRAVAIL.”

“NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW is the time to travail. NOW is the time to invite My Spirit of travail to come and to TRAVAIL through you to LIFT THE VEIL of deception over the nation. Many have been afraid to travail. Many have been under a heaviness. Many have been under a slumber, but I am SOUNDING the alarm.”

“It’s time to PRAY! It’s time to PRAY! It’s time to PRAY like you have never prayed before. It’s time to partner with Me to see My mighty hand come down and to break stubborn resistance in the nation. There is a spirit of death that is operating in the nation to steal the birthing I am going to release. I am calling forth the intercessors to arise! arise! arise! arise in this final hour and shut down the plans of the enemy.”

“The intimidation that has come against many of the intercessors in the nation over the last few months and especially this week is an ATTACK. Trust in My protection. Trust in My hand over your life. The threats of death are smokescreens to stop you from praying. To stop you from speaking. To muzzle you. For the enemy is coming to steal the hundredfold blessing but I am decreeing a victory cry as My people partner with Me to see My hand move.”

“The enemy is coming to steal, but I am coming to shake. I am coming to shake the nation and all that can be shaken. There must be a shaking for the revealing to take place of My Glory. There must be a shaking of the foundations not established in Me to bring forth the foundations of righteousness that I desire to establish in the nation.”


I heard the words “Australia, in the fire, you shall come forth as pure gold.”
As I leaned into the Lord regarding this word I heard these words:

“My people in Australia do not be afraid of the fire. Do not be afraid of the fire, for the fire comes to purify. The fire comes to establish and re-establish. The fire comes to refine. The fire is coming hotter than it has been, but Australia I am decreeing that you shall come forth as pure gold. You shall come forth REFINED in the fire. You shall come forth PURIFIED in the fire. You shall come forth fortified in the fire.”


The words surrounded me:

“My strong arm will be found in the fire. My strong arm will be found in the fire to come down and to save, to deliver and to bring down stubborn resistance. My Word shall come forth like a hammer (Jeremiah 23:29) and smash down the stubborn resistance.”

“I call you forth prophets. Come out from under intimidation. Come out of your hiding and SPEAK. Come out of your hiding and decree. There has been a battle over many of you to keep silent, but I am summoning you and calling you forth. Come out and step forth and decree that the HUNDRED FOLD BLESSING OF MY HAND will NOT be stolen from the nation. The inheritance of the nation of Australia that I have decreed will NOT be stolen. Decree over the nation that DELAY WILL NOT be found in the nation.”

“Prophets and intercessors ARISE!!! Arise and call the nation into her inheritance. Call her forth. Continue to stamp on the hard ground. Continue to strike the ground until you see the hard ground burst forth and the well springing forth. Decree forth “SPRING UP OH WELL!!!!”

“The enemy working and planning to come and steal the birthright of Australia, and it is time to war. In these midnight hours it is time to wage war against the enemy. For the enemy seeks to come with a ‘final blow’ and I am decreeing ‘red alert.’”

“Prophets, stand up and SPEAK! Do not change what I am speaking. Do not be afraid to speak what I am speaking. Do not water down the words I am giving. Speak the words of truth, speak the words of life, speak the words of alignment with love and boldness. I am raising up prophets in the nation of Australia with swords in their mouths. The sword of the Word that will bring forth such an alignment, such a purification and such a strengthening to the body of Christ in Australia. Prophets in Australia, beware to not be “ear ticklers” but stand forth and speak with purity and integrity that which I am speaking. Allow repentance to rise within you and then receive even greater revelation of My heart for what I am releasing into the nation of Australia. For I am not speaking words of death into the nation, I am speaking words of life, but do NOT be afraid of releasing words that correct or words that exhort for the correction that I am bringing into the body of Christ in Australia is being brought with love, it is being brought with truth and it is being brought with encouragement to PREPARE My people for the greatest move of the Spirit of God upon the nation. Stay TRUE prophets of God to that which I am speaking. Speak life!!!!!!!”

“I am calling you forth My people, STAND UP! Stand up for righteousness. Stand up and call forth the tidal wave of My righteousness and My presence to flood the nation. For the enemy is setting up dam walls to stop the flow of My Spirit and the flooding of My righteousness. It’s time to take back the land My people for the scales have been weighed and the body of Christ in Australia has been found wanting. It’s time to repent. It’s time to step out of complacency. It is time to step out of mixture. It’s time to repent and to humble yourselves and cry out for the healing of the land like never before. (2 Chronicles 7:14) The heartbeat within the nation of Australia is crying out for revival. The heartbeat of the nation MUST be revived and I am looking for a people who are standing NOW WITHOUT mixture or agenda and crying out for the move of My Spirit on My terms, in My way, and My timing.”


“Leaders, I am holding many of you accountable. Speak My Words without hesitation. Speak the words that are flowing from My heart and from My Word without mixture and without watering them down. Speak forth righteousness. Speak forth the truth of My Word. Speak forth the truth of My heart and do not allow “fear of man” to silence you and water down the messages that I am wanting you to release. Repent of idle speech. Repent of words of death over the nation. Repent for words of accusation and words of flattery. It’s time to allow the coal from My throne to fall upon your lips and bring a purification. For My desire is for you to partner with Me to usher in the greatest move of My Spirit that has ever been seen in the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit. My desire is for you to flow with Me in My agenda, My time and My way to see My Glory lifted high. There must be a turning, there must be a repentance. I am a good God, I am a good Father and I correct out of My love and to bring forth life, increase and the demonstration of My power and Glory.”

“Do not abandon wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will keep you safe. “ – Proverbs 4:6


As I continued to sit with the Lord, I heard the words:

“Worship! Worship! Worship! It is time to worship LOUDLY! Worship above the noise. Worship above the confusion. Worship above the confusion, for worship will fling open the gates of the nation to usher Me in as the King of Glory.”

“So wake up, you living gateways!Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny!Welcome the King of Glory,for he is about to come through you. You ask, “Who is this Glory-King?”The Lord, armed and ready for battle,the Mighty One, invincible in every way! So wake up, you living gateways, and rejoice Fling wide, you ageless doors of destiny!

Here he comes; the King of Glory is ready to come in. (The Passion Translation)”

“What I am going to do in the nation of Australia will bring the nation to a standstill. It will bring a holy awe, a wonder, the reverence of who I am in the nation. I am coming in a way that’s unexpected. I am coming in a way that will surprise and to some it will offend, but I am coming in POWER. I am coming to position Australia as the key to unlock many other nations. I will release a new sound out of Australia to the nations of the world, the sound of My heart and the sound of revival, and right now the enemy is attempting to muzzle the sound. The enemy is attempting to hinder that sound, but as My people rise up and worship Me above all else there will be a mighty move of my Spirit that will break down all the walls the enemy is building to keep Me out. There will be a sound released in and through the nation of Australia that resounds loudly “WHO CAN STOP THE LORD ALMIGHTY”

“My people no matter what you see in the natural, no matter what you see with your physical eyes, STAND! STRIKE AND STRIKE AGAIN!!!!! STAND, STRIKE AND STRIKE AGAIN!!!! The Church of Australia will be brought to her knees again in awe and wonder of who I am, of My power, My Glory and My beauty.”

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