Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Last night I heard the Lord make a decree..
There has been a significant battle for many over the past few months and the Lord showed me that the enemy is attempting to 1) stop God’s people from taking ground 2) he is attempting to silence God’s people and muzzle them in the spirit in various ways.
I want to encourage you, we are not ignorant of the enemy’s schemes, but we focus not on what he is doing, but we focus on what THE LORD is doing. Eyes on Jesus!
There is a significant increase upon many of you THIS WEEK. There will be significant shifts that will take place this week and your ROAR is going to get louder.
I saw encounters taking place with the Lord this week where there will be SIGNIFICANT impartations of FIRE. There are going to be momentous impartations of revelation of the Word, so POSITION yourself.
I prophesy that THIS WEEK the word of the Lord is coming to you in such outstanding and powerful ways, you will receive that impartation of fire in great increase. These encounters will the Lord will be SO powerful that you will not be able to hold in the word of the Lord.
I saw many of you “TAKING A STAND” this week in a bolder way than you have before. There is a VIOLENT roar that is building within you and this impartation of fire will RELEASE your roar and things WILL SHIFT. I saw many because of weariness and fear wanting to shrink back from the giants, but this week, I saw many of you suddenly empowered, strengthened and full of boldness and EYEBALLING the GIANT in a greater conviction of faith and decree of the Lord, and SUDDENLY the giant falls.
“From the moment John stepped onto the scene until now, the realm of heaven’s kingdom is bursting forth, and passionate people have taken hold of its power.” – Matthew 11:12 (The Passion Translation)
“From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven [a]suffers violence, and violent men [b]take it by force.” – Matthew 11:12 (New American Standard Bible)
I watched as this impartation of FIRE came upon many this week and they suddenly arose with fire in their eyes, mouth and hearts and they made a decree.. “NO MORE! That’s MINE in JESUS NAME” and I saw the enemy running in fear screaming like a dog with a tail between his legs.
The enemy has used so much fear and intimidation against God’s people lately, but now the enemy himself was running in fear, INTIMIDATED by the faith and authority of God’s people in Jesus name.
MAJOR shifts and MAJOR impartations of fire are being released this week as you seek Him and devour His Word. Your ROAR is getting LOUDER!!!!
There is a significant increase of the scribe anointing upon the earth right now. The Lord is increasing the anointing to write in this harvest season. The words from His heart preparing and paving the way for the greatest outpouring of His Spirit that we have ever seen. The increase of the scribe anointing upon the earth right now, releasing His words are maturing and equipping the saints and drawing many who do not know Him into the beautiful revelation of who Jesus is and His goodness.
This week there is a significant increase of revelation for those called to write. The enemy has tried to muzzle you and stop you from writing. There’s been a battle for many over your writing, but hold fast, position yourself in prayer and stillness before the Lord and watch the power of God move upon you and release a greater roar in your writing. The Lion of Judah is going to roar over your writing and through your writing this week. The ROAR that He has placed within you, in your writing will RESOUND this week.
MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR breakthrough in writing will take place for MANY this week.
In this vision I saw the enemy prowling around like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour (1 Peter 5:8) and he was roaring lies, fear and intimidation to keep many of you hidden and not taking ground.
But there is a ROAR OF VICTORY, that is going to be released this week that is going to cause the enemy to flee.
As the Lord roars His Victory over you, you will arise in the victory that is yours in Christ and ROAR over your circumstances and giants. The ROAR of TRIUMPH and VICTORY will burst forth from within you in such increase this week, and many of you will see things SUDDENLY CHANGE.
There is a deeper ROAR OF PRAISE bubbling within you. I call it forth NOW in Jesus name. Heaviness, despair, discouragement has attempted to squash your sound and your roar of praise but that is breaking NOW in the name of Jesus. Dig deeper and praise! Offer Him a sacrifice of praise. Lift up your voices and praise. As you praise, the prison doors are flying open. Things are shaking in the spirit. Things are moving. As you praise the enemy is trembling. Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus! Your position of praising Jesus is SHIFTING the atmosphere and CHANGING the landscape. Keep praising Jesus, the TABLES are turning and DOORS are FLYING OPEN!!!!
As you PRAISE you will move into that place of the “final push” to BIRTH that which God has placed inside of you that the enemy is SO afraid of.
Many of you are about to give birth to TWINS (double portion)!!! The enemy has been fighting this in your life, but HERE IT COMES!!!! DOUBLE!!!!!
As you hear what the Lord is roaring and you roar with Him over the battle, things WILL change. There is a ROAR of the Lord being released right now and it is the ROAR OF CHANGE.
Let your roar continue to resound. Decree that things will NOT stay the same. Decree with Him that things WILL change. Decree with Him that His power is being released and things WILL SHIFT.
Don’t allow the enemy to muzzle you anymore! Stand up Warrior! Stand up! The reason your roar has been under attack SO MUCH is because the ROAR OF GOD is getting LOUDER through you than it ever has.