Prophetic Words


This week I went into an encounter with the Lord and I saw many all across the body of Christ paralysed in fear. I saw a crippling, tormenting fear that many were experiencing. When I looked closer what I saw was that it was a “ROOT” of fear. It was a stronghold of fear.
I saw these ones were on their faces and they were crying out to the Lord for deliverance. They were crying out for freedom. There was a loud sound of repentance that was flowing from within their hearts. I watched as tears flowed. The deep repentance for fear, the deep repentance for unbelief, the deep repentance for not trusting the Lord and at the same time there was a deep, deep yearning for a fresh baptism of fire, the fire of His love.
I watched as the Lord began to stretch them on the inside, the GROAN was making room for the fresh fire. The GROAN within them was making room for the fresh impartation, the fresh baptism of fire.
I saw many of these ones had been through a very trying season and the weariness was heavy upon them, but as the Lord was moving within them, He was stretching the womb of their spirit, heart and lives to receive the fresh fire of God, there was a deep roar that was coming forth from within them stronger and stronger that declared “I WILL NOT SETTLE. I WILL NOT SETTLE. THERE IS MORE. I WILL NOT SETTLE. I MUST HAVE MORE.”
The Lord showed me that many of these ones have battled the ROOT of fear for MANY years and it is in the last year or so, the fear and torment has been magnified. There has been such a battle for these ones. I then began to see and hear the heavens rumble, the thunderings of God and suddenly I saw fire fall from heaven. It came like a fireball and at the same time looked like a tidal wave. It began to fall upon these ones, one after another, after another, after another and the ROOT OF FEAR within them was SUDDENLY consumed and a huge fireball of His fire and His fiery love was imparted and began to explode within them. As this fireball of His fire, and His fiery love came upon them and within them, I saw this fireball explode into a fireball of faith. It was HIS faith. The root of fear was completely consumed and SUDDENLY consumed. Where this root of fear was, the ROAR OF FAITH came from within these ones that was a depth of faith and sound of faith that they had not heard before.

They began to BURN in the love of God. They began to BURN in the deep revelation of being “IN CHRIST”. They began to arise as BURNING ONES KNOWING their IDENTITY, knowing their IDENTITY and living no longer under ceilings and containments. This was their divine revealing! The revelation of being IN CHRIST was burning so deep within them, deeper than ever, it was an all-consuming baptism of fire in the revelation of what it means to be IN CHRIST.
It was a sudden deliverance. It was a sudden transformation. Then the Lord thundered:
I watched as these ones began to arise in the earth as burning ones, so previously timid, so previously living under intimidation were now arising in the earth TENACIOUS. There was a fire of faith within them that would not be able to be extinguished or contained. They are arising powerful. They are arising now. The enemy has tried to disqualify them and keep them hidden because of fear, but they are now arising uncompromising, single minded, with ferocious focus and completely resolute. They are arising as giants of faith and they are walking in the fire of victory found IN CHRIST and will not accept defeat.
The Lord showed me the impartation of faith that has been given to these ones will see them begin to lead in this hour. They will lead in many different ways, the revival of faith that God is igniting in this hour and new era.
These ones have been pushed into a corner by the enemy, lorded over by intimidation, but they are now free and arising FEROCIOUS IN FAITH. They are deeply tethered to Him in a way they never have been before and will begin to move on assignment of the Lord and see this fireball of faith that the Lord has placed within them begin to explode out of them through the ROAR of faith in their spirit, the embers of this fire flowing and setting others alight. Igniting the groan of deep, deep faith within those they are sent on assignment too.
The explosion of signs, wonders and miracles that will follow these ones will be unprecedented. The groan and roar within them will see the breath and wind of God blow and ignite deep, groaning hunger within those around them.
No longer will they be labeled timid. No longer will they be labeled as fearful.
They are being called and branded by the thunderings of God “My TENACIOUS ONES, walking FEROCIOUSLY AND FIERCELY IN THE FEROCIOUS FOCUS OF FAITH”
“From the moment John stepped onto the scene until now, the realm of heaven’s kingdom is bursting forth, and passionate people have taken hold of its power.” (Matthew 11:12 – TPT)