Prophetic Words


I heard the Lord speaking over many who have been feeling like they have been experiencing so much warfare, opposition and hardship lately that they feel like they have been “knocked out”.

There has been such an attack on the authority of the believer, and on their position in Christ and what the Lord is calling them to build in this hour.

I also saw there has been such an attack on the place of “hearing from the Lord” — many have been left feeling disorientated, confused and under the swirl of warfare.

I saw many have felt like they don’t recognise themselves in this season because they have become so battle weary and feeling under so much opposition.

I could hear many crying out to the Lord, feeling like the battle was never going to break. It was then I heard the Lord speak:


I saw not only a major shift taking place by the decree of the Lord over their lives to bring them out from this place of feeling stuck in the battle, but I saw the banks that the enemy had put in place to hinder the great outpouring of the Lord, suddenly broken.

I saw these banks suddenly breaking and a huge tidal wave of the Spirit of God, a mighty outpouring being released into their lives, and I heard the Lord make a decree and the authority of that decree could have crumbled mountains.

I heard the Lord say, “WELCOME BACK,” and I knew instantly that this was a divine comeback.

I saw many had felt like they were stuck, and in the declaration of the Lord “WELCOME BACK,” they were being catapulted into accelerated advancement.

The enemy had come to hinder and delay so strongly and in so many ways, but now these ones were moving into accelerated advancement with the Lord.

They were moving into a time of seeing that which the Lord has called them to build, be built and birthed in a more accelerated pace than ever. It was not a building out of striving and rushing ahead of the Lord, this was the declaration that the Lord was coming with a supernatural empowerment and restoration: to bring forth what He had promised and invited them to build with Him, in a greater and more accelerated way.

I was then surrounded by the sense that despite the battle being so intense and so difficult and there seemed to be so much loss, the Lord was working — and what the enemy meant for their harm, God had turned for their INCREASE.

The words then surrounded me again:

“THE BANKS ARE ABOUT TO BREAK,” and I saw provision flowing in abundant acceleration.

The Lord spoke again, “It’s the abundant provision for the accelerated advancement.” It was financial provision, but it was also provision in every area the enemy had attacked.

The Lord showed me where the assignment of the Lord had come upon the lives of believers in this season to build with Him, and the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy: in those areas, the Lord was bringing forth provision to build with Him in that vision in an accelerated way.

All along the enemy had come to kill the vision, but the heart of the Lord was to cause the vision to be extended and increased in greater ways than was imagined by these ones.

He spoke again: “A mighty outpouring of My Spirit is crashing into these very areas that the enemy has tried to abort, but he has not succeeded. WELCOME BACK.”

As those words, “WELCOME BACK,” thundered again, I not only saw the divine comeback of these ones, but it was as if the vision heard the decree of the Lord and it suddenly came to life again: but as it came to life again, the tent pegs of the vision were extended further and larger than ever before.

His words surrounded me again: “These areas are going to be the areas of the greatest move of My Spirit in this hour. Lean in, be tender and sensitive to My leading, for I am increasing the blueprint of these visions right now to carry more than you have even imagined.”

Words that the Lord had spoken to me many times in the last few years kept resounding loudly in my spirit, “ALL AND MORE, ALL AND MORE” — He was restoring “ALL and MORE”. The boundary lines of the land He had assigned to these ones to occupy, but the enemy had tried to steal from them, was not only being restored, but EXTENDED. Increase! ALL AND MORE!

You are not stuck. You have actually moved into a place breakthrough from feeling stuck in the battle, to the place of accelerated advancement with Him that will see the assignment of the Lord He has given you flourish with greater increase.

For many, you have thought “local” but the Lord is speaking “global”. For many, you have been looking at the vision before you, but now the Lord is causing that vision to become 3D. You will see into the vision in deeper and greater ways.

It’s bigger and greater than you think.