Prophetic Words


Recently I heard the Lord say “Toil the new soil”. The sense surrounded me that the Lord is calling for diligence and commitment to the new soil/lands that He is assigning His people to. I was very aware in this encounter of the responsibility upon believers right now to hear from the Lord what soil it is that He is asking His people to toil and HOW He is asking them to toil it.
There is a lot of distraction coming against many of God’s people and it is very important right now to be ferociously focused on the VISION God is releasing to His people concerning the ‘soils’ that He is wanting them to toil. God is calling His people to partner with Him in these new lands to build with Him and to not look to the left or the right at what others are doing, but to remain focused upon the vision and strategy that has been given to them from His heart.
It is a time to guard the heart against comparison, from competition, from copying, from doubt and fear, but to embrace the vision, assignment, and strategy of the Lord wholeheartedly and give yourself to it completely. Work hard at fulfilling the vision and assignment the Lord has given you for this hour. The soil He is asking you to toil, give yourself wholeheartedly to it. Not in striving or trying to build in your own strength, but in commitment, dedication, and obedience to partnering with His strategy to build and toil the soil in the WAY that He is desiring you to.
The Lord showed me that there is explosive fruit bursting forth in the pure places, the places where God’s people are stewarding the soil in purity and obedience. Building the way God is building and not apologising for it, but embracing His way and His strategy. The move of the Holy Spirit that is being birthed in the pure places as God’s people are following the SPirit of God and His blueprint in ferocious focus and obedience is unprecedented. The move of the Holy Spirit upon us is truly apostolic. This is an apostolic era and the Lord Is really calling us as His people to be people who live and move in and from revelation that He is releasing and not yesterday’s blueprint or what someone else is building.
The Lord showed me that there has been a battle for many over the soil that the Lord asking them to toil in this hour, but that is because the greatest move of the Holy Spirit they have ever seen is waiting for them in that land. It is crucial that the ears of God’s people are not only tuned in to what the Lord is saying but that the ears of God’s people are not open or given to the ears of those who are speaking against the vision or mocking the vision that the Lord is releasing.
Do not compromise on the soil the Lord has given you. Do not compromise on the way the Lord has shown you to toil the soil. Toil the soil with your whole heart in the way the Lord has shown you to because there is a mighty move of the Spirit of God in your midst and the nations will flock to the move of God that is bursting forth in your midst, as you steward with purity and integrity, committed to His vision.
Part of “toiling your new soil” is around not looking at yesterday’s soil, or trying to “toil what was”, hearing the strategy and assignment of the Lord, guarding the heart against competition, comparison, and copying, but also the guarding of time and your YES.
This is such a significant time of alignment and assignment, I heard the Lord say “Don’t be careless with your YES”. Be prayerful with your YES in this hour. Some of the areas where you have given your “YES” you can no longer give your “YES” to because there is a new alignment and assignment that requires your “YES”.
The Lord showed me a clock and I saw the hands moving very quickly and I knew He was speaking of acceleration. But again, the Lord reminded me that acceleration doesn’t mean “busy” and it doesn’t mean “doing more” and “giving your YES to everything”. The Lord showed me that His Spirit will breathe upon the areas of alignment and assignment and work of His hands through your life and things will happen quicker. There is a strong warning from the Lord in this hour I believe to not “fill your time” and “fill your schedule” but to be prayerful about where the Lord is leading and what soils you are to toil in this hour.
The Lord will say NO to some things in this hour and there will be some closed doors, but there is a greater YES from the Lord that is awaiting you. Again, I am surrounded by the sense of the importance of this hour of knowing the heart of God, knowing His ways and what He is saying and following the Spirit of God and not moving in what was or scrambling to build or fill. Some need to hear this, be okay with the slower pace. The slower pace but does not mean less impact, the Lord will actually have some of you ‘do less’ in this hour, but the places where you do build with Him and the new soil will explode with greater moves of His Spirit and fruitfulness, harvest and demonstrations of His power than you have ever seen.
There is deep encounters with the Lord that is truly deeper than you have walked in, in these new assignments and new lands and soil He will have you toil. He is going to meet you in a way that you have not encountered Him before. He wants to teach you new ways to build with Him. Draw close, draw near, rest and lean in, because He is going to reveal Himself in such a deep way, that these new assignments and ‘soil’ He is having you toil, will mark and transform you.
Don’t apologise for being a pioneer! Embrace it!