Prophetic Words


The Lord spoke to me recently for leaders in the body of Christ and also the five fold offices. I heard the Lord say “There is an intense firing of My hand upon the hearts of My leaders and the five fold right now and it is important that you yield to it and embrace it, for I am preparing them to partner with Me to see the greatest move of My Spirit that they have ever seen.”
The Lord showed me that this intense firing of the heart is taking place right now. The fire of His purifying has increased significantly and the Lord is purging deeply. It is a time of deep consecration to the Lord right now and a time of deep surrender and deeper yielding to His ways and His agenda. The Lord is about to do WONDERS amongst His people. There is a MIGHTY move of His Spirit that is building where the King of Glory is going to step in (Psalm 24:7-9) and when He steps in, I heard the Lord say “When I step in, it’s going to change the way things are done.”
Then Joshua said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.” (Joshua 3:5 – ESV)
The Lord is removing impurities, the Lord is purging mixture, the Lord is dealing with complacency, compromise and His firing of the Lord is out of His love to see the body of Christ walk in holiness. There is a mighty move of His Spirit upon the Church where holiness will be seen like never before. It’s not something that is found in a place of “striving to be holy” but in a place of deep intimacy with the King.
Things are about to change rapidly in the body of Christ. Things are not going to remain as they have. It doesn’t mean that all the ways things have been “done” in the body of Christ is bad, it means we have entered a new era and God is doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:19) and it requires a laid down leadership and five fold ministry that is completely surrendered to His way and His process. As I sought the Lord’s heart, I felt the urgency of the hour and I felt a strong invitation from the Lord for leaders and the five fold to “get your house in order”. It is time to really prepare with the Holy Spirit for the next move of His Spirit. It’s time to “do business” with the Holy Spirit and allow the firing of His hand upon your heart to remove the troubling foxes that have come to spoil the vine (Song of Songs 2:15)
The firing of His hand is not for your harm, it is for your GOOD. The Lord’s heart is to strengthen you, to remove the things that hinder you, to bring you into a deeper place of intimacy and cause you to continue to increase in revelation of His ways and sensitivity to His Spirit.
The firing that is taking place is for the purpose of increase, growth and to see the Kingdom established upon the earth like never before and His Glory revealed.
The firing has been intense and in some ways it is going to increase, but the heart of this word is, do not RUN FROM the fire. Allow the fire to do what it needs to do. Allow the Master potter to do the moulding that He needs to. (Isaiah 64:8)
As you yield to His fire and embrace the fire of God upon your heart and life He is fortifying you and causing you to be strengthened in Him like never before. In the firing He is purging the fear of man, the fear of failure, and the compromise that can come when the Lord speaks to do something “outside” of the box, because “it’s not the way it’s done” and “what will other think”. In the embracing and yielding to the firing of His hand He is increasing the fire within that says “I will not give the Lord halfhearted obedience, but I will obey at all costs.”
The Lord showed me that there are some leaders and five fold ministers who are experiencing this deep firing and feeling like they have done something wrong. That’s not the truth. This firing is not punishment, it’s preparation to partner with Him in the greatest move of His Spirit and harvest that you have ever seen.
Don’t rush His process, don’t try to shortcut the fire, invite the fire, invite the firing, embrace it, knowing that He is a good Father and knows what He is doing and you shall come forth as pure gold.
I had a vision and I saw Jesus inviting leaders and the five fold into the strategy room of heaven in the new era. As they entered into this room, the Lord was downloading revelation and new strategy and blueprints for this new era. I watched as these new blueprints were being unravelled and the Holy Spirit was releasing but because of fear on many levels, especially the fear of man and the fear of ‘losing position’ or ‘fame’ I saw some leaders and five fold ministers throwing out these blueprints because they didn’t ‘make sense’ and the cost seemed too big. The grip and root of fear that had taken hold in their hearts gripped me. I could feel the heart of God to bring freedom and release a deeper revelation of His love to see the shackles that have held them so long broken, but these ones did not even realise they were bound. There was almost a pride of “This is the way things are done and I cannot do it any other way”
I heard the Holy Spirit say “I am removing many leaders and five fold ministers from thrones they have placed themselves on and I am taking My rightful place”
The heart of God was not condemnation, but in the firing revealing and dealing with pride and releasing such a deep invitation to come into His arms in repentance and receive the healing and restoration of their hearts and souls. To receive the freedom that is theirs in Christ, to not fear, but KNOW that in trusting Him and in His ways even when it doesn’t make sense and it was always for good and for increase and for His Kingdom and Glory to be established and demonstrated upon the earth so all would come to know Jesus.
In the stretching of the firing and the release of the new blueprints and strategy He is releasing, He was cultivating a deeper yielding to His ways and a deeper freedom in His leaders. In the embracing of the firing He was increasing eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.
“Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches.” (Revelation 3:11 – NLT)
There’s a deep invitation upon leaders and five fold ministers right now to choose His ways and trust Him whatever and however He leaders in this new era.
I heard the Lord say “I am purifying the mouths of many leaders and five fold”
The sense surrounded me so strongly of words that were being spoken of death, words not from the heart of God or inline with Scripture, slander, gossip, jealousy etc. In the firing I saw 1 Peter 2:1 exploding all around:
“So get rid of all evil behaviour. Be done with all deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy, and all unkind speech.”
In the firing the Lord is dealing with the mouths of many leaders and five fold. The Lord does not condemn, it’s a loving correction from the Lord to bring forth repentance out of His kindness and bring forth a greater unity in the body of Christ. In the firing the Lord is healing the “root cause” of where these words are flowing from. The Lord is dealing with the hurts, pains, offences, insecurities, traumas, unforgiveness in the hearts of many leaders and five fold ministers and bringing them deeper into the place of wholesome speech and edification of one another. (Matthew 15:18, James 3:6)
“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” (Ephesians 4:29)
The Lord is doing a deep, deep work in leaders and the five fold that is necessary to carry the new wine and oil He is releasing and partnering with Him in the greatest harvest that has ever been seen.
Embrace the fire, embrace the preparation and process for the new era we have entered into.