Prophetic Words


This week as I was sitting with the Lord I heard Him speaking over many in the body of Christ “The mightiest mountains are turning into momentous and monumental miracles”.
I saw so many in the body of Christ that have been facing huge mountains of impossibilities, huge mountains of delay, huge mountains of struggle and suddenly I saw Isaiah 40:4
“Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and hill be made low; the uneven ground shall become level, and the rough places a plain.”
The Lord showed me where you have seen the mightiest mountains that have raised themselves up against what God has spoken and promised in your life and your family’s life, the areas of the greatest battle where these mountains have risen up, God is flattening them and they are becoming the places of the most MOMENTOUS MIRACLES you have ever seen. These mountains have screamed and shouted intimidation, they have screamed impossibility, but these places shall now be the largest places of TESTIMONY for what God can do.
There is a FULL CIRCLE FULLNESS that God is bringing forth at this moment. There is a FULL CIRCLE FRUITFULNESS that God is bringing at this moment. FRUITFULNESS that FAR SURPASSES anything that you have ever seen. It is a FRUITFUL harvest!
I heard the Lord say “The wait has been long, the battle has been hard and the place of promise has seemed like a wasteland but I say unto you now that the wasteland is turning into a land of FRUITFULNESS. Your WOES are turning into WONDERS of who I am and what I am DOING in your midst. All I have promised and MORE is now SUDDENLY FLOODING IN! You will carry MORE than you ever have before. The sound of life and victory will resound all around. The thief has been caught and now He must repay and there will be SEVENFOLD restoration and blessing. Recompense, restoration and blessing will come to you from SEVEN different directions. There is a divine completion upon you and divine perfection in MY alignment manifesting. My perfect order is being established like NEVER before. The enemy came to bring chaos and destruction but the greatest turning of the tables is upon you to see My perfect order and alignment established with MORE than ever before.”
These mountains who have stood before you will now tremble and fall as they are introduced to the God of power. ALMIGHTY GOD!
…And then they will fall, turning into places of MONUMENTAL miracles…