Prophetic Words


The Lord spoke to me this week that the enemy has been coming against many to bring about a weariness and to “wear them down”. I heard those words repeating over and over in my spirit “wear them down”.

It was like a “grinding down”, like adding another weight to the load, it was another hit when they are already wounded and it has become harder and harder for many to keep standing. So many have been in their times with the Lord crying out “God, I can’t stand anymore. God where is the reprieve? God where is the release? I feel so empty and like I am barely surviving.”
Those that were in this place feeling so “worn down”, I heard the Lord say “The enemy has attempted to wear them down, to bring a weariness that is deeper than they have ever known, but I have seen and I am the God of deliverance, I am the God of perfect timing. My strong arm is bringing deliverance and strengthening. I am thundering over these ones “EMPOWERMENT.”


Where these ones have been worn down to the ground. Emptied. Broken. Hurt. Bruised. Shaken. Wearied. There is a very strong wind of the Spirit, like a hurricane that is upon these ones that will completely lift them up out of this weariness, out of this place of brokenness, out of this place of despair and hopelessness and resurrection life will be released into their hearts and into their bodies.

The Lord spoke again:

“A new level of empowerment is upon these ones. The enemy has come against them so strongly to weary them and wear them down, now by the resurrection power of My Spirit they are moving into a new level of EMPOWERMENT of My Spirit. They will experience My power and My Spirit moving in them and through them like never before and they will stand taller, stronger and in greater authority than they have. Where the enemy has tried to kill them and steal their authority, in the resurrection power of My Spirit the awakening to the truth that ALL authority is their’s in Christ is being increased.”

I then had a vision of these ones so worn down, so broken, the resurrection power of the Spirit had come like a hurricane and brought sudden transformation, restoration, revival and strengthening and now they were going further, doing more with the Lord and seeing greater breakthrough than ever. The Lord thundered over them “EXPANSION!!!!”

Many of you have been in that place. At the point of giving up. The opposition, the health issues, the financial issues, the marital issues, the attack of witchcraft, lies, fear and heaviness coming against you, the attack from people, all of it, one thing after another on every side has worn you down. Everything is screaming “BREAK DOWN” but God is decreeing EXPANSION!!!!

I heard the Lord say “The hunted will now become the HUNTERS!!!!”
The enemy has hunted you down, he has come at you in every direction but the Lord is decreeing from heaven “GAME OVER!” The games, the schemes, the wiles of the enemy to break you in this season are OVER and the Lord is reviving you, strengthening you and sending you forth and out into greater expansion and increase than you have EVER known. You are now going out as the HUNTER with Jesus. You are now being set forth by the leading of the Spirit and you will do great DAMAGE to the enemy and the kingdom of darkness. The enemy will be SORRY that he has messed with you.

Right now, you feel weaker than you ever have but in Christ you are about to experience a strength in Him that will manifest in EVERY AREA the enemy has touched in your life to catapult you into a new level of your assignment and destiny in Christ.

The battle has been over what you carry.

This is actually your time of moving into the FULLNESS OF TIME in so many ways. The enemy has fought SO hard to bring delay into your life, but now you are stepping into a fullness you have never known. Watch how things are SUDDENLY going to come together and everything and every one who has taken a stand against you will stand in awe at the resurrection power of Jesus Christ manifested in your life. This IS your divine comeback!

“In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” – Romans 8:37