Prophetic Words


This morning I heard the Lord speaking many in the body of Christ:
“The dry, drought-stricken places of your life will now become suddenly fruitful”
I saw the hand of the Lord moving in these areas in the lives of many believers and there was a sudden BREAKING of the drought, there was a sudden TURNING of the land from a dry, drought-stricken place to a place SUDDENLY overflowing with fruit.
The Lord whispered “Watch and see what I am going to do”
I saw there are areas in the lives of many believers that have become so dry and drought-stricken, it is as if circumstances have shifted even further away from what the Lord has spoken.
There are areas of the heart also that are dry and weary. Friends, the Lord has His eyes on you and He is about to turn those dry and drought-stricken places into the most FRUITFUL places of your lives.
The Lord showed me an attack of the enemy to bring ‘death’ to these places in the lives of believers that the Lord has spoken will be the most fruitful of places.
The Lord showed me so many faithful saints enduring blow after blow, battle after battle in these specific areas of their lives that have become dry and drought-stricken and the heart of the Lord has been so moved by these faithful ones who have continued to keep their eyes on Jesus and faith in what He said He would do even when it seems the “land” has become drier and drier.
He whispered again “HOPE, put your HOPE in Me. I am not a God who should lie. I am turning around the DRIEST of places and the HARDEST of “lands”. You have learned to live in the place of battle and contending, now you shall learn to live in the land of the ‘harvest of MUCH’. The land shall testify to My goodness, My power, and My faithfulness. The driest of places is now springing forth to the most FRUITFUL of vines by the power of My Spirit, and a sound of joy shall resound at the manifestation of My faithfulness.”
I heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit “DON’T DOUBT, THERE IS A MIGHTY BREAKING OF THE DROUGHT – there shall now be an abundance of fruit, the land will be marked by My power, resurrection life will sound and resound all around and the land will be marked with blessing and the sounds of LIFE in Me.
“The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad; the desert shall rejoice and blossom like the crocus;
it shall blossom abundantly and rejoice with joy and singing. ” (Isaiah 35:1-2)