Prophetic Words


The Lord has been speaking to me for a long time about birthing. As we have just come through Pentecost I believe that Pentecost was a marker of the beginning of greater things that are going to begin to take place in the Church and in the earth like we have never seen.
The Lord was showing me again over the Pentecost weekend how many are in a place of birthing, how many are in the place of travail right now, and it is deep. There is also a place of significant impartation of deeper revelation, divine insight and His heart that He is releasing, and the importance of being rightly aligned with Him.
What God is releasing right now to those who are truly after His heart and truly seeking to know Him, ministering to Him, it is a VERY weighty time and what He is releasing is going to change the course of many lives, destinies and ministries. The impartation being released from heaven right now is so weighty, He is releasing such deep secrets, revelation from the Word and His heart, it is going to change direction for many, it is going to change expression for many, it is going to change the way things are doing and seen and it is going to be a time of stepping into a place of partnering with the Holy Spirit in what He is doing, on a level that has never been walked in before. Truly carrying the Glory of God and seeing His power displayed.
I heard the Lord say “The birthing room is not for the crowds, be wise who you invite in”
It is VERY IMPORTANT right now in what the Lord is birthing that there is not a “parading” of “look what God is doing in me” or even from the place of excitement of what God is doing, to tell the masses and invite just anyone in. This is not being in suspicion of people, this is not to withdraw in an unhealthy way, what the Lord was showing me is that the birthing that is taking place is SO DEEP, it must be protected, it must be treasured and inviting just anyone into the delivery suite or allowing others to ‘dictate’ what is has to look like, could hinder the birthing. This is not something to be taken lightly, or played around with.
I had an encounter with the Lord recently and He showed me curses being spoken throughout the body of Christ and poisonous words being spoken over brothers and sisters in Christ, and this is plainly just not on. The Lord is calling the Church higher into a place of purity, conviction and intentionality to be ones who speak life, encouragement and not speak words of death over one other, especially behind their backs, because of judgement, bitter roots, unforgiveness, jealousy and competition. The Lord is going to begin dealing with these that intentionally speak word curses and poison in the Church against their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. The Lord is committed to UNITY and He is committed to seeing the Church arise and to be known BY THEIR LOVE (John 13:35)
There are those of you who have been in travail for quite a while and it has significantly increased over Pentecost. There are those of who have had travail fall on you in the past few weeks. You are birthing. There is a major impartation the Lord has placed within you and in the coming months it is going to manifest.
Make sure, you ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom on who to invite into your ‘birthing room journey’. For the Lord has specific ‘midwives’ that He has called to be alongside you as you birth, but the birthing room is not open to all.
What God is developing within many right now is going to bring such transformation and reformation that great, great, great care must be taken in the delivery.
Stay close to the heart of God, stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit in what the ‘birthing process’ is to look like because there is a battle over the birthing, the enemy wants to delay the birthing, but there will be NO DELAY in the birthing as you continue to listen to the Holy Spirit and obey His leading, even if it is unexpected or doesn’t make sense to your natural mind. Trust Him.