Prophetic Words


Recently I felt the Lord tell me that there has been a TREMENDOUS battle against the prophets of purity in this hour. These prophets are the ones that are walking with a pure and clean heart before the Lord, they minister to the Lord, and they also carry heralding call to purity and holiness that they release wherever they are sent. They are burning and carrying the plumbline word of the Lord.
The Lord showed me that these ones have been in a deep place of ministering to the Lord and flowing in pure prophetic revelation. They have been engaging with the Lord’s heart and His ways, and releasing revelation that is not tainted and is flowing from a ‘pure place’. These ones are truly friends of God in its true definition. They do not only KNOW GOD but they are KNOWN by God.
The Lord showed me that there has been a sudden assignment of the enemy that has come against many of these prophets of purity. The Lord showed me this assignment of the enemy has come in full force from discouragement, heaviness, fogginess, chaotic circumstances, sudden onslaughts of attacks in their health and many other areas. I heard in the spirit, many of these prophets crying out “Lord, what’s going on?”
The Lord spoke so loudly to me:
“They are moving into a new level of AUTHORITY”
There is a realm of encounter and revelation upon you prophets of purity where you are going to move into deeper realms of encountering the heart of God, the ways of God and the wisdom of God. The Lord is leading you into a place of walking in a new level of authority that is yours in Christ, you are growing up into what is already yours in Christ in a new and fresh way as He leads you into a deeper realm of revelation of His WAYS.
These prophets of purity, these friends of God that are ministering before the Lord in purity, called as plumblines in the body of Christ have been waiting at wisdom’s doorway (Proverbs 8:34-35) for the instruction and longing and the enemy is terrified of the wisdom and revelation that they are receiving and are about to step into. The confusion and fogginess that many have been experiencing is an assignment from the enemy to hinder them moving in and releasing the word of the Lord for the hour we are in.
I heard the words over and over “The attack has been about the new level of authority these prophets of purity are stepping into to INSTRUCT and LEAD the BODY of Christ in how to BUILD with Me in this new era. I am raising up these PROPHETS OF PURITY as SKILLED CRAFTSMAN IN THE SPIRIT. They shall have eyes as eagles to see the detailed instruction of My wisdom to instruct and equip the Church in how to build with Me. I am positioning these prophets of purity to receive wisdom and move in authority to direct and equip the Church like they have never experienced before.”
“Prophets of Purity, you must continue to stand, you must stay focused upon Me with ferocious focus and do not engage or meditate upon the swirl or the confusion, come deeper into the secret place with Me and STAND. It’s about to break! It’s about to break! It is about to break!”
I then saw a HUGE DAM WALL breaking and the tidal wave of His revelation and strategy was coming “thick and fast”. The sense surrounded me so strongly that this deep level of encounter with Jesus and revelation flowing from the Word of God to BUILD with God in this hour was so unprecedented these prophets of purity were navigating a new realm with the Spirit of God that they had never known, but the clarity being released from the Lord was on a scale that has not been walked in before. It wasn’t ‘claiming to have the full picture’ or ‘knowing all things’ because we see and prophesy in part (1 Corinthians 13:9) but it was a level of insight and understanding given by the Spirit of God to DIRECT God’s people. These ones were ‘skilled craftsman’ not because of their ability or their own wisdom, but because of their YIELDEDNESS to the Lord, their sensitivity to Him, their PURITY OF HEART, they were being led into deeper revelation of the specifics to assist God’s people in how to build to house His Glory that’s coming.
I heard the words over and over “move, move, movements” and I saw a huge wind of the Spirit falling upon these prophets of purity and the decree of the Lord was to occupy in this hour. To occupy this new land that the Lord has for them to operate and move in and this is an hour of significant birthing for the prophets of purity. The enemy is trying to hinder the birthing that the Lord is bringing but it’s ABOUT TO BREAK.
I heard the Lord say “The words are about to break and the BABY is coming. MOVE, MOVE, MOVEMENTS ARE BEING BIRTHED”
There was SUCH a strong sense from the Lord to encourage these prophets of purity now is the time to MOVE on the Word of the Lord, MOVE on what He has asked you to build, and what He has called you to build, for many of you, is going to become a MOVEMENT. The enemy has battled against you so fiercely because the Lord is birthing a MOVEMENT through you.
I heard the Lord say “SICKLES are being placed in your hands prophets of purity! SICKLES are being placed in your hands for the HARVEST!” (John 4)
These SICKLES the Lord is placing in the hands of these prophets of purity is tied to the MOVEMENTS God is birthing through you. Make sure to obey the blueprints and strategy the Lord is giving you in this hour for there is a great harvest of SOULS that will come in as these movements are birthed. You will not only see a greater level of His authority that you will operate in as you release the word of the Lord and specifics revelation and training to equip the saints for the works of ministry and the areas of jurisdiction the Lord has you ministering in for His Glory to come, but you will also see a TREMENDOUS harvest of SOULS come into the Kingdom through these movements the spirit of God is going to birth through many of you.