Prophetic Words


For the last month, the Lord has been speaking to me about the intense battle that many prophets are facing right now. There are many who have been in a place of intense battle and relentless opposition. The Lord has been showing me many battle-weary, discouraged prophets. Many prophets in the secret place crying out to the Lord for strength because they are tired from the fight. 

The Lord’s heart for these ones has weighed heavily upon me in an increased way in the last few weeks.
As I was seeking the Lord, I heard the Lord say “PROPHETS, HERE COMES YOUR SECOND WIND”


”a new strength or energy to continue something that is an effort.” (Google)

The reviving, refreshing, rejuvenating, healing, empowering wind of the Holy Spirit is beginning to blow fiercely upon the prophets who have been in an intense time of battle on many fronts. The Lord has seen your struggle and He has seen the battle and heard your cries and here comes your second wind to strengthen you, to empower you, and to heal you.
There is a NEW STRENGTH that is coming upon you, there is a new vitality, there is a deeper level of empowerment and life being released to you by the Holy Spirit. 

The Lord showed me that this SECOND WIND is not only to strengthen the prophets, to heal them, to empower them afresh and break the deep battle weariness and discouragement off them that has been upon them like a heavy weight but the Lord showed me that there the wind of His Spirit is blowing right now bringing greater clarity and revelation for the days ahead.

This battle many prophets have found themselves in has caused confusion, a haziness, and fog and has caused many to feel as if their clarity has been stolen.
There has certainly been a battle over “clarity” because this is the era of PRECISION where the Lord is releasing clearer VISION and revelation of the era we have entered and specific revelation and strategy in how to build with Him and partner with His Holy Spirit. 

There is such a depth of revelation that the Lord is leading the pure ones into in this era to carry and herald His voice in such weight, such depth, such clarity and strategy that the enemy has been relentless in his pursuit of shutting down and silencing these ones called to stand and proclaim the Word of the Lord in this hour, those who are seeking the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart. 

There is a new company of prophetic voices that are moving and arising in the earth that are carrying His voice like thunder, they are carrying His voice with purity and they have not bowed their hearts to another, they are living deeply in burning adoration for Jesus and to know His ways and they have been in an intense battle because the enemy does not want the level of clarity, prophetic strategy, revelation and insight that is being released through them to be released into the body of Christ and into the earth.
But I heard the Lord thundering over these ones “GREATER AM I within them than he that is in the world.”

“Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4 – ESV)

There was such a tangible sense of God’s VICTORY and POWER for these prophets. I KNEW when the Lord spoke that the Lord was bringing a BREAKING to this particular BATTLE. The shift and breaking had come.

There is not only fresh commissioning and positioning upon these ones in this hour, but there is a MIGHTY second wind of empowerment, strengthening, recompense, and divine justice being released INTO their lives.
They have paid a HIGH PRICE to carry what they carry and they do not see it as a price, they see it as a joy to give all to bring Glory to the name of Jesus.
They live their lives not complaining of the struggle but living in thankfulness of being invited into a relationship with Him, to hear His voice, and to share in His sufferings. They do not toy with revelation and want their name seen in the earth, they bow low before the Lord in weeping and worship of His Majesty.
They live in the revelation of His holiness and majesty. They live in the fear of the Lord and their hearts burn and yearn to know Him. That is their greatest treasure. These ones the Lord trusts with the deep mysteries of His heart. MIGHTY recompense, divine justice, and empowerment is being released upon them now in this second wind and they shall go FURTHER by the power of the Holy Spirit than they ever thought they would go.
They are about to put their hands to things that are greater than they could have ever imagined, they are being entrusted with some divine blueprints in this hour that is going to bring REGIONAL and NATIONAL breakthrough in a way that they have never seen.
You may not know their names, but they are KNOWN in heaven, they are KNOWN by the Lord and they are arising in the power of the Holy Spirit to take their place releasing the word of the Lord to the Church and in the earth and to partner with His Spirit to BUILD upon what the Lord is speaking.

These ones are being given wisdom from the Lord to build right now in a way that is different to how they have built before but many of these pure prophets are being given this wisdom and insight to partner with the Holy Spirit in bringing forth the reformation to the prophetic movement that is upon the Church.
The battle has been so intense upon them receiving and carrying this wisdom God is releasing that they have wanted to withdraw in discouragement and many because of the trauma they have endured through the battles they have faced, but the Lord has seen, and here comes the SECOND WIND. 

To those of you in this place, I prophesy over you “Here comes the SECOND WIND”. Resurrection power is filling every part of you and breaking off all things that have tried to hold you down and take you out. You will arise in boldness and power in this hour to release the voice of the Lord with purity and greater clarity. The Lord has entrusted you with the secrets of His heart as your heart has remained pure before Him and you have not used His voice for your ‘own gain’ but you have continued to speak and release with purity and integrity. You have remained faithful to the Lord and in ministering before Him.
The enemy thought he could take you out but he was wrong. Here comes a divine appointment upon your life with the Holy Spirit, this is the hour of His power being manifested to you, in you, and through you, like you have NEVER seen before. 

It’s time for the next phase of your assignment. Here you come, coming out of the fire unharmed and not smelling like smoke.
Here you come, out of the fire, empowered with a supernatural strength you have not known or experienced before and to go forth as His messenger of fire releasing His voice that will cause a thundering release of the revelation of His Majesty and holiness.