Prophetic Words


This morning I had an encounter with the Lord and He spoke “Major deliverance is going to take place in the crossover into 2020 – it’s deliverance for the new decade”
I then heard the Lord say “Can you hear My ROAR OF REDEFINITION”
The Lord showed me that there have been many things that have “defined” the people of God in 2019 that is not part of their inheritance in Christ and the promises of God for their life. There has been such a battle for so many in 2019, it has been one of the hardest years for SO many. The Lord showed me that many have felt “redefined” by the things that have come against them. Many look in the mirror and see someone different to who was standing there at the beginning of 2019. Many have felt negatively ‘redefined’ by the battle of 2019.
But the Lord showed me He is coming as a mighty warrior and a mighty wind is blowing and will increase over the next few days as we enter into 2020 that is going to bring DEFINITIVE DELIVERANCE.
DEFINITIVE: done or reached decisively and with authority.
(Definition from Google)
In this encounter as the wind of His Spirit blew strongly and the Lord began to ROAR over His people I saw the mighty hand of God come down and REMOVE THE ROOTS! The Lord showed me that many have seen the ROOT of the issue/s that have been coming against them and He is coming in power to REMOVE THE ROOT.
This is the FINAL LAYER of deliverance that will BREAK the CYCLE, BREAK the CHAIN and SHIFT the season for many.
The Lord continued to speak “You will enter 2020 CHANGED”
We are entering into a decade unlike any other decade. This is the DEFINING MOMENT.
The Lord showed me that a He ROARS over His people in the crossover in 2020 and the ROOTS are UPROOTED, ALL of the labels, all of the ways that the battle has redefined the people of God, His ROAR is bringing MIGHTY deliverance from all of those wounds, lies, weariness, discouragement etc and a DIVINE REDEFINITION will take place.
I heard the Lord say:
“EXPECT to SEE in the CROSSOVER like never before!!!”
As the Lord brings MAJOR deliverance in the crossover, there will be a powerful demonstration and revelation of the DIVINE REDEFINITION taking place. God is going to give you such specific clarity for 2020, you will begin to see in greater ways why the battle was intense in 2019, because of what is ahead in 2020 and beyond. You will no longer live under the heavy yoke of redefinition from the battle but you will run in the divine redefinition of His Spirit revealing such deep TRUTH to you in Jesus name.
The Lord showed me in this mighty wind of deliverance and roar of redefinition, the JUSTICE OF GOD will resound loudly in the lives of His people.
In this encounter I saw a LARGE foot step over into 2020 and it also completely covered the lives of believers.
The Lord spoke to me that this foot represented two things.
1. The Lord is trampling the INJUSTICE that has taken place in the lives of His people. He is bringing forth a trampling of that injustice as HE STEPS IN. I could hear the sound of the Lord stepping in, in power. There will be powerful demonstrations in the deliverance of the JUSTICE OF GOD that manifests when HE steps in.
2. I heard the Lord say “My people as they walk close to Me will take great strides in 2020” – I then saw the Lord’s large foot in the crossover into 2020 and upon His feet were little feet like a child’s foot, it was the feet of His children. He spoke “Enter into 2020 with childlike faith, trusting Me and allowing Me to lead you and you will take great STRIDES in 2020”
I watched as the Lord walked through 2020 and His children standing on His feet as He walked and they were taking the biggest steps and taking the greatest amount of territory in their life.
MIGHTY and POWERFUL alignments of the Lord’s justice is going to be seen in the crossover into 2020 and beyond. The Lord is calling His people to enter 2020 with great expectation. To move into 2020 abandoned to Jesus and following in the ways the Holy Spirit is leading with childlike faith.
“Don’t you know that God, the true judge, will grant justice to all of his chosen ones who cry out to him night and day? He will pour out his Spirit upon them.[a] He will not delay to answer you and give you what you ask for. 8 God will give swift justice to those who don’t give up. So be ever praying, ever expecting, just like the widow was with the judge. Yet when the Son of Man comes back, will he find this kind of persistent faithfulness in his people?” – Luke 18:7 (TPT)
Friends, this crossover into 2020 is SIGNIFICANT. Entering into this new decade is LIFE CHANGING!
Continue to ask! Continue to engage with the Lord! Continue to expect! God is moving and is about to move in power and bring forth the greatest deliverance of your life. Raise your faith! Walk by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7). You will not enter 2020 the same as you STAND in faith!
In this mighty deliverance that is taking place there is a shift into the acceleration of God that is going to take place. It is not living life in the fast lane of busyness or ‘doing things’ or ‘trying to make things happen’, it is acceleration by the hand of God and the lanes He assigns His people to.
New lanes are going to suddenly open up starting in January 2020 for many, new avenues where you are going to find opportunities and assignments that will bring forth the greatest demonstration of the acceleration of God that you have ever seen. In these new lanes, you will see the favour of God on unprecedented levels.
As this major transition and shift took place I saw people and things in other lanes attempting to cause many to move from these new lanes. I heard the Lord say “STAY IN YOUR LANE”
No matter what others say, no matter what other amazing opportunities or assignments may be presented to you, STAY in the lane God has shown you that opens up to you and you will find GREAT FAVOUR and increase. It is SO important to stay in your lane and stay true to what the Lord calls you to and not be swayed by other voices or opportunities.
Ask the Lord for wisdom in the sharing of these ‘new lanes’. Be wise and following the Lord’s direction for the sharing of these ‘new lanes’.
The Lord also spoke to me regarding social media and a warning He is releasing for this new era. I heard the Lord say “Be careful to not plaster everything over social media” for some of the new lanes and assignments the Lord will move His people into, some beginning in January 2020, the Lord will give you specific instructions on how to share it and steward it and one of those things for many will be to not plaster all over social media. Some of these new lanes are assignments from the Lord that must be kept in secret between you and the Lord and those directly involved. There will be a major purging of hearts that will take place concerning social media in this new era and the Lord inviting His people into a deeper place of learning how to steward His move with greater purity and integrity.
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