Prophetic Words


Recently, I heard the Lord speaking over many, ‘I am bringing the hidden things into the light. The things that have attempted to hinder you are being and about to be exposed and you will move into a new level of divine insight, wisdom and discernment.’

I then began to see many in the body of Christ who had felt like they were being hit in ‘many directions.’ There was so much warfare that they were enduring in this war season, that I saw many beginning to lose their peace. There were many that were coming to the end of their strength in the battles they were facing, and many were feeling like they were playing ‘wack-a-mole’ in their lives with things that were coming against them.

I then began to see that the Lord was bringing hidden things in the light. This is happening on a personal scale, on a large scale in His Church and on a global scale. In this encounter the Lord focused my vision in upon these ones that have been exceptionally wearied from this continual battle time. As the Lord was bringing things into the light, things were being dealt with and exposed. There was an increase of fire upon hearts to deal with landing places in the heart where the enemy had access, but I also saw the Lord dealing with the area of double-mindedness in the hearts of many. (James 1:7-8) In this hour, He is bringing areas of unbelief and double-mindedness into the light, for repentance: and there are many doors that the enemy has been using through double-mindedness, they are suddenly being closed.

As the Lord continued to bring things into the light, I heard the Lord say, ‘PAY ATTENTION to your discernment, do NOT doubt your discernment.’ There is a very strong call from the Lord right now to pay attention to that which He is revealing and speaking and uncovering. As the Lord is bringing things into the light, He is bringing with it divine strategy in walking out that which He is speaking. It is very important right now to pay attention to alignments and to where the Lord is leading. It is easy to get caught up in not understanding or trying to reason it out in the natural, but I felt the Lord strongly, ‘Do NOT doubt your discernment, follow My lead and strategy. For in that place, I am leading you out of wrong alignments, leading you into new things I have for you and into new assignments before you.

‘My people, lean in deeply and listen. I am calling you deeper into My Word and deeper into listening to My voice. For you cannot now give your ear to anything else but My voice. For in this hour it is imperative that you are following My voice wherever and however I lead you. For you must be deep within My Word: for in My Word I am giving you divine insight and strategy that is going to accelerate you into a whole new level of wisdom, divine strategy and discernment. For the enemy has come against many of you and told you that you are wrong, that you have heard wrong, you are in the wrong place, what you have seen is wrong: and has caused you to feel like you are living in a constant perpetual state of swirling confusion. But that confusion is being broken off in this hour, and the assignment against your insight and clarity is being lifted off. REMAIN in My Word.

‘Arise and ascend My people, For I am teaching you and training you in this hour, and you MUST pay attention. For I am teaching you how to govern and live from your seat. It is time for you to arise and live from the place where you are seated. Many of you have been living under what the enemy has placed upon you, or tried to place upon you, and he has been looking for your agreement. Listen to Me, My people: as you remain close to Me, deep in My Word, I am giving you insight and revelation. Such deep strategy and divine intel in this hour that as you TRUST and DECIDE to agree with that which I am speaking, will cause you to live from the high place.

‘You must NOT align and decide with the natural mind. You must lay down human reasoning in this hour and the need to understand, and FOLLOW My voice. I am bringing clarity to you in this hour to areas where you have been living below all that I have for you, and am calling you into a place of ACCELERATED ASCENSION as you align with the truth of My Word, My insight and My wisdom. The time is upon you, where you must truly decide whether you will follow what you understand or where I am leading and what I am saying and revealing. You have lived under for too long, it’s time for you to live above. (Ephesians 2:6)

‘For I have seen many are remaining in alignments and places that I am calling you out of — to please man — and I say unto you, you must lay down the people pleasing ways and arise in obedience to where I am leading. For there are new assignments that I have for you in this hour and new things that I am wanting to build and release through you that are being hindered by your remaining in the people pleasing ways. ARISE and ASCEND in trust and obedience to Me, and see where I am leading you into a greater place of governing in My Kingdom in this hour. For while you hold onto alignments to please man, you hinder the pathways I have before you in this hour.’