Prophetic Words


Recently, I heard the Lord say “I am breathing LIFE into dreams”, and immediately I knew that it was His breath that was bringing a RECONNECT in hearts to dreams that He has spoken and released. If there was a feeling of “disconnect” to dreams He had placed within hearts and spoken to His people, His breath was releasing LIFE to RECONNECT and RESURRECT those dreams again. For some, they had to pick up the dreams again by faith.

As the Lord is breathing upon these dreams again, He is bringing forth joy within these dreams. I watched as these dreams were being filled with the joy of the Lord but also as the Lord breathed upon these dreams I watched as they were EXPANDING holding His breath.

I then heard the words:

“It’s bigger than you think, it’s greater than you can imagine.”

Not only is the Lord re-establishing connection with dreams He has released and spoken, He is also breathing increase and expansion into these dreams. I could feel His heart in that moment, that His plans for these dreams were A LOT bigger than had been dreamt by His people. (Ephesians 3:20.)

As I continued to seek His heart I heard the Lord say:


As the Lord breathes life into these dreams, I felt there was an intentionality that the Lord was inviting His people into. Where you sense the breath of God breathing life into those dreams, intentionally ask Him what the expansion looks like.

For these are things the Lord is about to “add on” to the dream, there are things the Lord is about to “unveil” within these dreams He has released: and in this expansion, there will be great ease.

In the upgrade, in the increase, in the adding more, there will be an incredible slipstream of His grace and empowerment to see His dream expanded further than you could have ever imagined.

He continued to speak:


There are specific instructions of the Lord, in His wisdom and strategy, of how to partner and build in the expansion with Him. It is imperative to take the time to listen and see Him for the “building” of the dream/vision.

I watched as the hand of the Lord set the parameters, I watched as His hand brought forth the extension through His people’s obedience and I then heard the sound of a mighty rushing wind. It was His breath. It was His Spirit bringing life.

There was the sound and manifestation of LIFE all around.

I then saw the weight of His Glory that rested upon these dreams. The weight of His Glory came and rested upon these divine heavenly dreams and visions He had placed within hearts.

The extension was making room for more of His Glory than we had ever seen before, but obedience was KEY in building the dream as HE was leading.

He is breathing life into dreams. A time of expansion has arrived that His Glory may be seen and manifested in the earth in greater ways than we have ever seen.