Prophetic Words


Recently I heard the Lord speaking over the body of Christ and His tone was quite strong “DO NOT BE DISTRACTED BY THE DARKNESS”.
When the Lord spoke the sense was there is a lot of intensity and battle taking place right now and the enemy is fighting hard in many ways and areas BUT it is CRUCIAL to be looking for what the Lord is doing and what the Lord is speaking.
The Lord showed me that there is a ploy of the enemy right now to ‘distract’ God’s people with his schemes and his plans and ploys and whilst we are not to be ignorant of the enemy’s schemes (2 Corinthians 2:11) what the enemy is doing is not the focus of the believer. The focus of the believer is JESUS! The focus of the believer is to be ferociously focused on Jesus, what the Lord is speaking, and what HE is doing.
The Lord showed me that there was a lure of the enemy right now to attempt to bring God’s people into a place of ‘distraction’ and it was like a ‘lullaby’ to be so mesmerised and focused upon the works of darkness and its intent was to STOP momentum, to STOP God’s people from moving forward and into all the Lord is calling them to arise and walk in right now.
As I leaned into the Lord I felt the urgency of the Lord upon Matthew 4:4. “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that flows out of the mouth of God”. The Lord is calling His people into a deeper place of meditation upon the MANNA of the Lord. There is a deeper call from the Lord upon God’s people to COME UP HIGHER and to recognise the times and the seasons and to SEE from His perspective. There is a call from the Lord to discern and perceive the time, to discern and perceive the way of the Lord and what He is speaking. There is a weightier call into the secret place right now where we are being invited to behold His Majesty, to walk deeper in revelation of the power of the name of Jesus, the revelation of Jesus Christ and the POWER of His Word manifesting in our lives personally and in cities and nations.
I heard the Lord say “Many are distracted and fighting the wrong battle. Do NOT be distracted by darkness. This is a MONUMENTAL time, it is a MONUMENTAL moment where I am moving extraordinary and unprecedented ways and if My people are focused upon and distracted by the darkness they will not arise and shine with Me in the ways I am calling them to in this hour.”
The Lord’s voice then thundered around me:
Ferocious focus upon Jesus and deep intimacy like never before (Psalm 27:4, ) Flint like focus (Isaiah 50:7) is the call of the Lord right now, more than ever. Minds stayed upon the Lord (Isaiah 26:3) more than ever. Seeking the wisdom of the Lord (James 1:5) more than ever. The fire of the Lord is falling powerfully in the place of prayer and intercession (Matthew 6:6).
The Lion of Judah is roaring. Can you hear the sound of His Roar arising in the earth? It’s time to align with the ROAR of the Lord in greater ways and NOT the roar of the enemy.
I heard the Lord say “So many of My people are meditating on the MEDIA and not the MANNA – come to Me and repent and turn to Me, eyes locked with Me and meditate upon who I am and what I am speaking and what I am doing for this is the hour where My Glory is going to be seen and revealed in greater ways than you have seen. I am going to PREMIERE MY POWER in ways never seen before. Eyes on Me! Eyes on Me! Eyes on Me! For where do you sit? Your seat is not on earth, your seat is with Me (Ephesians 2:6) LIVE from your seat. Do not allow the psychological warfare that is taking place to have the upper hand over you because of where you place your focus. Focus upon ME and know that I am the One who sits in the heavens and laughs. I Am who I say I AM. I AM THE GREAT I AM! There is nothing I cannot do. Be transformed in the revelation of My nature. Eyes up! Arms up! Focus, Behold, Praise, Worship, Intercede, Stand and Declare from the place of deep intimacy and revelation of WHO I AM. Do not be distracted by the darkness but recognise you are moving deeper into the time where you will see ME in greater FULLNESS. You are going to see in ways you have never seen WHO I AM, the GREAT I AM! I am teaching and training you My people to walk by FAITH and not SIGHT! The greatest days of seeing the manifestation of My Majesty and demonstration of my DUNAMIS is upon you!!! FOCUS FEROCIOUSLY”