Prophetic Words


Recently, I heard the Lord speaking to many, ‘Do not accept the false cloaks. I am releasing NEW MANTLES.’

The Lord began to show me that right now the enemy is working hard to lure many into accepting false cloaks that he is trying to put on them.

The Lord showed me that these false cloaks were things that did not belong to them. I heard the Lord thundering over these ones ‘THESE DO NOT BELONG TO YOU.’

The Lord was highlighting the importance of the moment that these ones are in right now: that there is a major shift taking place in the spirit over these ones.

The Lord is lifting OFF OF THEM the things that have tried to hold them down, and He is giving them new mantles.

The Lord spoke, ‘I am actually DELIVERING YOU of false cloaks and giving you new mantles. Pay attention, for the enemy is attempting to place these false cloaks upon you.’

I saw the Lord delivering these ones from the false cloaks of many seasons past: from heaviness, to comparison, to grief, to despair, to hopelessness, apology and much more.

These cloaks were being removed from these ones and then I saw the battle taking place in the spirit.

The enemy was speaking to these ones, ‘You have not been delivered of these things, they are still heavy upon you and deep within you. You have not been delivered.’ Where, in fact, deliverance HAD happened and WAS happening.

The enemy was fighting hard to cause these ones to keep their eyes upon these things and the weight of these false cloaks, but the Lord was calling these ones to lift their eyes up higher, and lift their eyes onto Him. To see that indeed a mighty deliverance had happened and is happening, and these cloaks were but smoke and mirrors to lure them into a space of despair, heaviness, and to HINDER MOMENTUM.

The Lord then spoke again:

‘The new mantles I am releasing are coming with a heavier weight of My Glory, and the winds of acceleration are coming with these mantles to usher in greater MOMENTUM of My Spirit through these ones. The enemy is attempting to hinder their momentum, but as they align with Me and My truth and receive MY new mantles, they will not be hindered, momentum stalled and falsely cloaked.”


I heard the Lord say:

‘Many are living in the traps of comparison.’

I then had a vision and I saw many in the body of Christ ‘comparing mantles’ and as they were comparing mantles, there was not only a MAJOR distraction that they were being lured into, but I watched as cages were being built around them, and scrolls were being dropped on the floor all around them.

The Lord then said to me, ‘Comparison is containing MANY. You must look to ME and what I have called you to. I am delivering My people deeply from the orphan spirit and the cages of comparison and competition. I am bringing deep healing, I am bringing fire upon comparison in a stronger way than many have felt before.’

He then began to speak over those who were in comparison:

‘It is time to come up higher. It is time to STOP having conversations with comparison, and come and have CONVERSATION WITH YOUR CREATOR. There has been an elevation of the conversation of COMPARISON, over CONVERSATION with the CREATOR. Draw close to Me and repent for exalting conversations with comparison. Let Me embrace you, let the fire of My love refine, purify, heal, deliver and bring healing to you. I am bringing swift and strong alignment: for it is time to arise in your sonship like never before — your true identity in Me — and pick up your SCROLL again.”

Immediately I knew, these scrolls that had been dropped were assignments the Lord had given these ones in this season, and distraction had taken root to lure them away from fulfilling that which God had called them to.

There was absolutely no condemnation. All I could feel was the love of the Father and His hand bringing strong alignment, healing and a call to ferocious focus in this hour.

There was a call to embrace the fire in a deeper way and a call to position themselves for the receiving of restoration, repositioning to fulfil the assignments He had given them, and also the receiving of the new mantles.

There was deliverance, healing, alignment and restoration happening all at once. I could feel so strongly the heart of the Lord positioning these ones to build with Him in greater ways than they had ever built with Him before, and being drawn into a deeper place of intimacy with Him and focus upon Him.

I heard His voice again:

‘This deep purifying and alignment must take place right now for them to walk in all that I have for them in this new season.’


I heard the Lord speaking to these ones, ‘Dive deep into discernment. Do not take everything at face value. Draw close to Me and let me show you what is truly taking place”

Again, I could hear the words, ‘Do not accept the false cloaks.’ He continued speaking, ‘There is much taking place in the spirit around you, My precious ones, where the enemy is trying to load you up with much that is NOT yours. There is also My hand bringing alignment and you will find the answers you need — the clarity to be received — as you ASK ME.’

‘It’s time for ASCENSION! I have much to show you. I have much to reveal to you. Cast off distraction. Ask Me to show you the false cloaks. Ask Me to show you what is yours to carry. Ask Me to show you what to pick up. You will be surprised how much ‘smoke and mirrors’ has been surrounding you. I am thundering over you, ‘COME UP HIGHER, COME UP HIGHER.’ And as My voice thunders over you, deliverance is happening: clarity is being concreted and the greatest alignment of your life is happening RIGHT NOW in the release of these new mantles. COME UP! COME UP! COME UP! It is time to ASCEND!’