Prophetic Words


Recently, I heard the Lord say, ‘Daughters of God, I am bringing you into wholistic restoration.’

As I leaned in and listened to His heart, I heard Him speaking:

‘My precious daughters, the time has arrived. The time has felt long, and for many of you it has felt like time has been stolen and wasted: but I say unto you, that I am REDEEMING TIME. For right now you are stepping into an accelerated alignment of My timeline that you have not stepped into before. For as you seek Me, and you stay surrendered to Me in the secret place, I am bringing things into rapid alignment. For I am the God that can restore in a moment. Can you feel the RUMBLES OF RESTORATION? For they are not far off, THEY HAVE BEGUN. For I am not just restoring what has been stolen, lost and broken in THIS season now: My mighty hand is going back through your timelines and I am RESTORING ALL. Can you hear the thundering of My heart and the thundering of My voice over you “I AM RESTORING ALL! IT IS WHOLISTIC RESTORATION.”

‘It’s time to come up higher! It’s time to ascend and see AS I SEE! It’s time to see that I am bigger than your greatest expectations and desires. I am the ALMIGHTY God and I am bringing into rapid alignment ALL that has been broken, stolen and lost. This is a time for you to supernaturally step into a redemption of time. This is the time for you to step into a place of seeing a mighty flow of My Spirit, from many directions, coming crashing into your life to bring forth the restoration that I HAVE PROMISED YOU! I am bringing you further into the wholeness that is already yours, in Me. I am bringing you further into the freedom that is already yours, in Me. It is not far off, it is not out of reach, you are LIVING IN IT! Apprehend it by faith and KNOW that this is a new day.

‘I am not only restoring unto you what was stolen, lost and broken, I am bringing you into the divine convergence of My hand where you will receive harvest of seeds sown in previous seasons: spoils of war from previous seasons and INSIGHT that the enemy tried to steal and cloud from previous seasons into THIS SEASON NOW.

For I am speaking INCREASE. For I am speaking multiple streams. For I am speaking multiple harvests. I am leaving NO AREA of your life untouched. Lift up your eyes, lift up your high praise and ascend into SEEING as I AM SEEING. I am moving many of you from GROVELLING to GOVERNING. It’s time to arise and ascend. It’s time to arise and ascend into the wholistic restoration that I have for you.

‘The winds of My acceleration are blowing and I am expanding time on your behalf. I am supernaturally expanding time. Where you have been in seasons where you have felt like time has been stolen from you; where you have felt like much of what I have promised you or spoken to you to put your hands to, there has been theft and brokenness and it feels like time has been lost or wasted, I am now REDEEMING that time and EXPANDING that time on your behalf. Watch what I will do in you, for you and through you in a moment. I will accomplish in you, for you and through you in a moment, what would take a week in the natural to accomplish. Watch the fruitfulness of MY HAND. Watch the FLOURISHING of MY HAND.

For where the enemy has come so strongly to try and derail you and mess with your times and seasons, I am not only now redeeming time, but I am expanding time on your behalf and you shall walk with Me into greater fruitfulness within you, and through you, to see Me come in as the King of Glory (Psalm 24:7-9).

‘I am NOW raising up a company of women who KNOW THE TIMES AND THE SEASONS! I am raising up My daughters now into a place of KNOWING what I am saying, they KNOW what I am doing and they are carrying the wisdom to lead and guide MANY in this hour into partnering with Me in the greatest move of My Spirit that they have ever seen before. No longer will time be stolen, no longer will many of My daughters feel like they are living under a continual attack of their time being stolen — their insight and revelation being clouded by fogginess, heaviness and confusion. I am now raising up My daughters that are living yielded and at My feet in deep intimacy: with revelatory insight of the times and seasons, that they have not walked in before. For I am lifting up the fogginess that has come over their mind and over their vision and I am lifting them up by My hand into a place of supernatural vision to govern and stand in a place of intercession to make room for My Glory. It is time!!!! What many of My daughters thought they could never do in a day, in the place of rest and dependence upon Me, they will see ME DO in a MOMENT. Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit.

‘I am bringing all things together and bringing you further into clarity. Now is the time for you to SEE what I have been doing, where I have been leading, what I have been speaking and how it ALL COMES TOGETHER. It’s the time of divine convergence and you shall see in the converging of all I have spoken over many years — coming together now into alignment — that you had not heard wrong, and that the battle over My Rhema Word to you was to hinder your insight, foresight and stepping into the manifestation of all I had been speaking and leading you into.

‘Regret is weighing heavy upon many of you and is stealing your strength, your vision and your life. Come to Me. Draw close to Me. Look at Me and bring the regret to Me, for no longer will it weigh you down like a rock — heaviness after heaviness, regret after regret. I am rapidly and ferociously removing regret from your heart and leading you up high on the Rock that is I, and restoring hope to you again.

‘I am restoring your strength. I am restoring strength into every part of your being. Do not align with brokenness. Do not align with weariness. Lift up your eyes, lift up your heads and look to Me: for the winds of My Spirit are blowing ferociously to lift off ALL that has taken your strength. I am breathing My breath of life into your lungs again, and you shall breathe again.

The dry and dead-feeling parts of your heart will beat and breathe again. You shall not feel like you are running on empty but, in ME, you will move from overflow to overflow. I am taking you deeper into REST in Me and further into flourishing in Me. No more dead dreams, no more dead bones. Lift up your eyes and open your mouths and PROPHESY LIFE!

‘This next year will be marked by the miraculous in your lives. For I will bring you into a realm of seeing the supernatural become even more natural. Many of you feel like your lives have been marked by mountains, marked by obstacles, marked by battle: but I say unto you, 2024, your lives will be MARKED by the MIRACULOUS!!!!!! For many of you have felt spent of hope, spent of strength, but now you shall be INFUSED with hope, INFUSED with life, INFUSED with strength as you see the supernatural and miraculous moves of My Spirit in your midst.

‘For there has been great battle over many of your voices. The attack over your voice has increased in the last year to silence you and stall your step, and hinder your sound. But I say unto you: ASCEND in worship, ASCEND in praise and I am bringing you into the heavenly dimensions to HEAR the sound and new sounds on My heart.

The new sounds of the heavenly dimension of My Word and My symphony.: and these sounds shall be released upon the earth through YOUR VOICE. MY sound through YOUR VOICES that will usher in My healing in the earth, into lives and nations. Listen My daughters, the battle over your voice was so intense, that many of you feel like it almost killed you. The battle over your voice, many of you feel like it broke you, but I say unto you I AM RESTORING ALL and I am releasing MY HEAVENLY SOUNDS through your VOICES to bring HEALING in the earth. I am restoring you WHOLISTICALLY, My daughters, and I am bringing forth an anointing for WHOLISTIC HEALING THROUGH YOU, to flow in power and force, in your homes and wherever I send you.

‘There has been a great attack against many mothers in this hour and the enemy has not only been after the mothers, but he has been after the families and disrupting the homes. But I say unto you, My precious mothers, I am RESTORING YOU! I am coming in power and glory in the night hours as you rest with My angelic hosts and I am RESTORING YOU! ALL WILL BE RESTORED TO YOU! You AND your HOME shall be restored. For I am restoring the heart of the home in many homes. I am bringing rapid restoration to homes and families where the enemy has come and plundered. I am now declaring a WHOLISTIC RESTORATION and healing over homes, and I am expanding the boundary lines of your home to receive MY RECOMPENSE and INCREASE that is yours in this season.

‘My precious daughters, I am bringing wholistic restoration. It’s time for you to arise, ascend and step further into your inheritance in Me. This is a significant moment in time. This is a significant time of encountering Me, and My accelerated alignment and wholistic restoration that is going to change the trajectory of your life. Arise!