Prophetic Words


Recently, I heard the Lord say, ‘Be prepared in the coming days to stand and not compromise the blueprints that I have given you.’

As I leaned in and listened to the Lord’s heart, I heard the Lord say:

‘I am calling you deeper. Deeper and deeper into the secret place, to know My heart and listen to My voice. For there are tests coming in the coming days, in this season, where you, My people, will see pressures coming in many directions upon the new blueprints that I am calling you to build with Me that you will have to stand against. The empowerment, the courage and the boldness that will be needed to stand against the pressures that will come against you for moving in obedience to Me — especially when it looks out of the box and challenges the complacency of others — will be found in the secret place with Me. There will be so much grace upon the new blueprints that I am releasing and calling you to build and pioneer with Me, in the earth. But those who are faint of heart and do not know Me deeply, will find it hard to withstand the pressures that will come with the new things I am releasing and building.

‘My Refiner’s fire has been intense and it has been hot, but I am returning for a pure and spotless Bride. I am going deep into all areas where there is compromise in the hearts and lives of My people: as I am raising up an army who will stand uncompromisingly for My truth and My ways in the coming days, and will not bow to other gods and man made ways and pressures in these days. There are many who have not been embracing My Refiner’s fire, and I continue to call out and I continue to knock at the doors of their hearts to call them back unto Me and call them back into union with Me. But many refuse to open the doors of their hearts (Revelation 3:20) and when the time comes to stand for Me in the ways that I am leading — ways that are out of the box, against the crowd or not what they have known before — they will not be able to stand, for they have compromises within their hearts. I am calling My people back to Myself. I am not raising up an army who bow down weakly to pressures and whatever comes their way. I am raising up an army that lives in deep union with Me, in deep intimacy and they know Me: deeply founded on My Word and they will stand in Me and for Me, no matter the cost. I have been dealing with compromises in the hearts of those embracing My Refiner’s fire in these days, so My army will arise UNCOMPROMISINGLY STRONG AND UNAPOLOGETIC.

‘I am about to bring hidden compromises in My Church out into the light in greater ways than have already been seen. I am bringing the hidden compromises out into the light, for there will be a major deliverance that will take place on a deeper level than has already been seen. There will be an even greater “hidden compromises” exposure, especially in leadership, that will come into the light in this hour, that will cause greater shockwaves throughout My Church: but it will continue to usher in the fear of the Lord and the awe of who I am. I am uprooting and exposing these areas as I am building My Church who are strong, secure and founded in deep intimacy with Me, purity before Me and walking in holiness from a place of deep adoration of Me. There has been much toxic poison that has been festering beneath the surface in many hidden places in the body of Christ: and it is not only displeasing to Me, it has cultivated a compromising Church — and I did not die and give My life for My Church to walk in ways of compromise and be a compromising Church. I paid a great price for a Church of laid down lovers, who live in deep intimacy with Me and know Me and follow Me — uncompromisingly and unapologetically.

‘There is also going to be an increase in tests in this hour, regarding the blueprints that I release in this hour that will require a great uprooting and a “no toleration.” For there are specific instructions that I will release in this hour that will highlight areas where you will have to partner with Me to see My Spirit UPROOT that which does not belong, and you must obey and follow My leading. There are also areas where I am exposing: and as I release these new blueprints, there will be great insight and discernment that will accompany these blueprints that I will give to you, that will specifically unveil the spirit of Jezebel and where she has been hidden in many places. And as you follow Me and My instructions, she will be confronted, uprooted and brought down by My power and by My name: but you MUST follow My instructions and you must NOT tolerate her. For in these days, I am exposing and uncovering those who have tolerated Jezebel and where she has been given free reign and access, and I am calling for repentance.

‘My people, do not allow the enemy to come into your ears in the coming days and try to convince you that the blueprint/s I give to you are wrong because of the “confrontation” that they bring or expose. For I am separating, exposing, uncovering and bringing deliverance. Watch the spirit of Elijah come like never before. I am bringing down all that is not founded in Me and that which is in mixture: and these new blueprints, as they are obeyed and followed, will challenge what is not founded in intimacy, purity and My ways.

‘Beware of mammon in this hour, as those who serve mammon will be ensnared and trapped in compromise and unable to move in the ways I will lead and the blueprints I will release. For there are many within My Church who serve mammon and I am calling for repentance and for a return unto Me.

‘For there will be great temptation in the coming days to compromise the instructions that I give to you, My people. I am releasing a warning to you to stay deeply in the place of intercession. For in the place of intercession you will find great strength in Me, and intercession will release the instructions that I have for you for each step and to move where you need to move. Many have felt they have been living under the fog of witchcraft and unable to see clearly, but I am causing you to ascend above, and now you shall see in ways that you have not seen before.

‘There will be an even greater dying to the applause of man and reputation that will take place in the coming days for many — to follow Me and Me ways and to build in the way I am calling you to build with Me. Do not be counted in this hour as one who lives in compromise and compromising the blueprints and instructions that I give to you. Come deeper into the secret place with Me and know Me. For the temptation to cut corners and compromise in the coming days will be great, but those who have died to self and continue to live in a place of deep surrender to Me, will arise to build the arks that will host My Glory.

‘There is great cost to follow Me, and in the coming days, for many, there will be greater cost in following Me and the blueprints that I am releasing to pioneer in new ways with Me. But the Glory that you shall see in your midst, and the power of My Spirit that shall flow, will be unprecedented. The provision and miracles that shall be in your midst as you follow Me in obedience, from the place of deep intimacy and knowing Me, will be something that you have never experienced before.’