Prophetic Words


Recently I heard the Lord speaking over many that have been through an intense season of trauma and loss. The Lord was highlighting perspective and how what many had been through had shifted their lenses. The Lord showed me that because of the trauma many had endured they were now looking at life through lenses of ‘loss’ and lenses of ‘death’. Expectancy of hope, the confident expectation of good, hope and restoration, had been lost. I felt the Lord’s heart so strongly for these ones. There was a tangible sense of the comfort of the Lord and the healing and deliverance by His Spirit from these traumas and at the same time, there was a strong call to “COME UP HIGHER” and to see from His perspective and the LENSE OF LIFE. HIS LENSE!
There was such a strong sense in this encounter that the shifting of the lens was taking place in the secret place. It was IN and FROM the place of intimacy. It was IN and FROM the place of “Coming to Him”.
There was such a limited view that had come through the places of trauma. I knew in this encounter that many were still living IN trauma and FROM trauma and it was affecting every area of their lives. I saw it affecting their physical bodies, their emotional health, their spiritual health, their mental health, relationships and the trauma that had brought a LID upon their life. But NO MORE.
In “coming to Him” and allowing the Spirit of God to minister to the parts of their hearts where trauma has come, I watched as tears flowed like rivers. I watched as tears of healing were happening as Jesus stepped into those places of trauma and by His Spirit, He brought total freedom and total restoration. I watched as Jesus stepped in, repentance flowed for looking through the lens of trauma. I watched as Jesus stepped in, there was a breath of life by His Spirit that was entering their hearts again. As Jesus stepped in, there was an eviction notice to the enemy by the Spirit of God, where the enemy had come and brought SUCH torment into the lives of these precious saints, because of the trauma they had endured. The landing place of the enemy in their lives on the ‘landing pad’ of trauma was NO MORE. The Lord was closing the door.
I then began to see the very places where these traumas and losses had taken place, the Lord was breathing upon those places and He spoke “These are NOW the places of flourishing. These are NOW the places of life. These are NOW the places of My resurrection life. These are NOW the places of great increase. These are NOW the places of radical recompense. These are NOW the places of rapid restoration.” There was SUCH a turnaround that the Lord brought by His Spirit that could ONLY be done by His Spirit. What trauma had stolen, the Lord was now supernaturally bringing forth healing, deliverance and restoration in a way that only HE could do. I watched as supernatural alignment was taking place in bodies, minds, relationships, spiritual health, and circumstances. Trauma no longer had a voice. The enemy no longer had a voice in these traumas as healing flowed by His Spirit and His Rhema word into these places of trauma and changed the narrative, changed the landscape and changed the perspective.
I then heard the Lord say “You will NO LONGER look through the lens of loss. I am removing that lens of loss and I am repositioning you in EXPECTANCY. Where many of you have suffered so much torment in your mind and discerning My voice, the spinning of confusion in discerning what I am saying, that is now breaking and I am bringing clarity in hearing My voice again. I am INCREASING your expectancy as I am breathing upon you. I am calling you up higher, come up higher, by going deeper into pursuing Me in intimacy and go deeper in My Word to receive the revelation and panoramic view that I am releasing to you. Not only am I removing the lens of loss, but I am also increasing your vision to SEE as I SEE. Consecrate yourselves deeper in this time to listen to what I am saying and continue to cry out for the higher perspective, My perspective that I am ushering you into. For in your crying out, in your desperation for Me, I am stretching you and making room for the MORE that I am releasing to you now as I remove this lens of loss. Many of you have felt like the traumas you have endured almost killed you and the confusion and torment it brought has kept you stuck and contained, NO MORE. Today is a new day that I am delivering you into greater EXPECTANCY.”
“Sevenfold restoration, sevenfold repayment and double recompense are upon you. I am delivering you and bringing you into a place of seeing what I am doing and hearing what I am saying like never before. I am working deeply on that place of perspective and expectancy. Make room by partnering with Me in what I am doing in your perspective and expectancy, as great expanse and increase are upon you.”