Prophetic Words


Recently I heard the Lord say ‘A great displacement is happening’ and when He spoke this word, I knew there were multiple layers of revelation to what He was speaking.

The first thing the Lord showed me was a fercocious eviction of the enemy from territories that he has occupied in the lives of believers, it was a ferocious deliverance, a swift shift where the Lord was banishing the enemy from the territories of the heart and areas of lives where he has occupied in the lives of believers.

The Lord showed me that many believers had been in a place of feeling like they were CONTINUALLY CONTENDING with the enemy in these specific areas of the heart and areas of their lives and there seemed to be constant cycles of battle that they had been facing, but I saw with one fell swoop of the Lord’s hand, the displacement of the enemy was taking place and where the Lord was displacing the enemy from these territories, the Lord was now branding the territories with ESTABLISHMENT. There was a deep rooted fortification, establishing taking place in Christ and the freedom that we find in Christ.

I heard the Lord say “Expect the UNEXPECTED ESTABLISHING”. I saw the Lord begin to move in accelerated ways to establish His people in greater places of freedom and also an establishing in the new season that they have stepped into. I saw so many had been in a place where they were still being affected by things of the past season and I heard the Lord’s voice thunder over them “COME UNSTUCK”.

There were so many that were hearing the Lord speaking of the new season that was upon them but were feeling stuck in and feeling like they were not able to freely step into all that the Lord had been speaking to them about the new season that is upon them now. I began to see the Lord quite intensely severing cords to the old season. He was severing places where the enemy had occupied, he was severing dependence on things other than Him from the past season. I began to see this intense separation taking place and many were feeling like it was quite turbulent and feeling the shaking quite intensely, but I continued to hear the Lord say “It’s an accelerated work so you may run and step into all I have for you in this new season with greater freedom and flight.”

In the great displacement that the Lord was doing, I began to see such an accelerated alignment taking place where the enemy has attempted to speak false narratives over the season that the Lord is inviting these ones into, and I heard the Lord say “I am displacing the false narratives and I am establishing MY NARRATIVE for your season.” I began to see there had been so much “chatter’ in the spirit around so many where the enemy was trying to define their season with lies and accusation and smokescreens and mirrors but the Lord is displacing the false narratives, He is removing the smokescreens and mirrors and He is establishing His people in HIS blueprint and HIS design for their season.

I heard the Lord say “I have closed the door to the past season, the door is closed and the new door has opened. Look not to what was, look to Me and look to where I am PLACING you. No longer will you be in a place of confusion, no longer will you feel like you have been living in a place of tension, but I am bringing you into the greatest place of being established in all I have for you in ways you have never imagined. Be expectation for the unexpected. For where I am placing you in this new season, I am moving suddenly and I am bringing forth abundant provision in a but a moment. The season has shifted and now you shall SEE where I am placing you.”


I heard the Lord say “Overnight you will feel BRAND NEW”. I asked the Lord what He was saying and I heard the Lord say “Great DISPLACEMENT is happening in DREAMS”. The Lord showed me such intense deliverance continuing in dreams and as His people sleep, that they will wake up feeling brand new. The season shifted. The heaviness lifted. The muzzle on mouths gone. The witchcraft attacks, broken. The fogginess gone. I heard the Lord say “It’s time to come up higher”.


I heard the Lord say “Be established at My feet” and I felt the weight of the moment we are in right now, where He is displacing the enemy and territories he has occupied, He is severing dependence and entanglements from the past season, and He is leading His people into a significant season of being ESTABLISHED and ROOTED, a deep place of occupying on a level we have never experienced, that the Lord is calling us deeper and deeper into the place of intimacy to truly listen to His voice, to discern HIS way and HIS leading.

I heard the Lord say “I am going to shake My Church again and I am going to displace all that is not rooted, grounded, founded and established in Me, and I am going to do a deep work to establish My people in a greater place of dependence and yielding to My ways and bring forth My Bride in purity, humility, maturity and strength. I am going to shake My Church again and I am going to DISPLACE THE DROSS AGAIN, even deeper still.”

“The great displacement of the enemy and all things not of Me has begun. The displacement of things built on foundations not rooted in Me, is going to increase dramatically and the establishing of My people, My Bride in a greater place of intimacy, dependence and maturity will come forth greater than ever before.”