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This morning as I talked with the Lord I had a vision where I saw the nations of the world before me. I looked at the nations and I saw the heart of the nations crying. It reminded me of the encounter I had with the Lord recently where I saw the heart of the United States crying under the pain and bondage it had lived under.

I looked at the nations and the hearts of the nations crying and the words boomed around me "LOVE ME, LOVE ME, LOVE ME, LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE. LOVE ME!" It was such a deep, deep cry, a deep groan from the heart of the nations. I was surrounded by the urgency of the season. The crucial moment we are in as the people of God right now, on the cusp of the greatest move of His Spirit we have ever seen across the world. Even as darkness surrounds, the Church is arising and shining. (Isaiah 60:1)

As I watched the heart of the nations crying, there was an invitation from the heart of God to HIs people coming forth strongly. To 'get in place' and proper alignment with our declaration, our confession, what we see as "true reality" and stay in our position.

The Lord is bringing us deeper into the place of Ephesians 2:6. ("And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus") to be living from the reality of what it means to be seated with Christ. I felt the Lord encouraging us as His people to keep our eyes on Jesus, to lift them above what we see in the natural and to declare what HE is saying and what HE Is seeing. There has been a lot going on right now to 'steal the attention and focus' of God's people and to attempt to bring us into a place of aligning ourselves, our declarations and our confessions with things opposite, things from the soul realm, things the enemy is saying, that is all completely opposite to what HE Is saying.

I saw a shift taking place in the body of Christ. The Lord is wanting to UNITE His body in a place of oneness in Him, declaring from the place of deep revelation of His goodness and love.

As I saw this shift I saw there were groups of people who were standing declaring life and love into the heart of the nations that had been faithfully standing and they were going deeper into revelation of what He is saying and seeing over the hearts of these nations. I saw others who were in a sitting position and some sleeping (neutral) being awakened by the wind of the Spirit to what He is doing right now and asking His people to do concerning nations, stand up and join those who were already standing, declaring. Then there were others who were declaring things into the heart of the nations that were sadly declaring things opposite to what the heart of God was for the nations. The sense surrounded me that it was SO important where we are aligned and standing in our intercession and declaration over nations right now.

As God's people were declaring and interceding from the heart of the Father into the heart of the nations, specifically declaring LIFE and LOVE, the cries of pain and grief I heard at the start of the vision turned to the cries of NEWBORN BABIES. I heard the cry of newborn babies from every corner of the earth. SO LOUD!

I could hear babies crying all throughout the nations. I felt the Lord saying that as we stand up and pray, intercede and declare LIFE and LOVE into the heart of the nations, declaring and interceding from what HE Is saying, NEW LIFE will come forth and what was implanted into the nation, that the enemy has attempted to miscarry or abort, is going to suddenly begin to show signs of birthing and delivery. It’s going to come forth, but because of the church taking their place, and speaking LIFE LIFE LIFE and LOVE. The nations are crying out to be LOVED BACK TO LIFE!!!!

"For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland." (Isaiah 43:19)

As the Lord released the invitation to love the heart of nations back to life at the same time I kept hearing the words "grass root level". He is taking us as His people deeper into the place of declaring what He says and sees, not only for nations, but for our cities, for our personal lives, for our relationships, for our own hearts and lives.

There are EXPLOSIVE moves and SHIFTS by His Spirit taking place right now for us for our own lives, for our cities and our nations and we must make sure that the confession of our mouth and alignment of our heart is flowing from the the revelation of His Word and what He is speaking.

He is LOVING US back to and deeper into life. He is LOVING US BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! Your declaration of His Word and prophetic words over your life, the lives of those around you, your cities and nations are making room for explosive moves of the fire and manifestation of His burning love that you have EVER SEEN. Put borders of what He is speaking and His Word around your circumstances, around your cities and your nation through your declaration and watch the transforming, all encompassing fire of His love fall in power!


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