Prophetic Words


This week I had a very powerful dream and as I sought the Lord’s heart for what He was saying in the midst of this dream I heard the Lord speak…
So often we hear the word “possessed” and we can categorize the word as “negative” and often to do with the demonic. When the Lord spoke those words “POSSESSED WITH PURPOSE” there was such a deep, deep sense of abandonment to Jesus and laying down our lives to follow Him to see His name glorified and Kingdom extended upon the earth that filled the dream. In the dream the young man I was watching was completely overtaken by the purposes of God that he left everything to commit himself to the purposes of God in and through his life. Humility filled the atmosphere SO intensely in the dream. It was all about Jesus and His purposes and plans on the earth that this young man would hold onto nothing else but move forward in radical abandonment and obedience to Jesus to follow Him anywhere.
There has been such a battle for many right now where they feel completely consumed by the battles they are facing. There are many that feel completely consumed by the giants they are fighting and the Lord showed me that the enemy is attempting to distract and “deactivate” God’s people by keeping them in weariness to keep them from arising in their authority in Christ.
There is a POWERFUL shift taking place right now, there is POWERFUL change that is taking place, the turbulence of transition has increased but that’s because we are breaking through the barrier.
There has been SO much “chatter” in the atmosphere. There has been SO much “mental torment” and “battle of the mind” and many in the body of Christ have been wondering what’s wrong with them, “what are these thoughts I am having?”, “what’s wrong with me?”. Friends, there is an intense battle of the mind taking place right now, there is an intense battle in the spirit happening bringing confusion and the enemy attempting to cause God’s people to listen to the wrong voice/s, the wrong sound, WHY? because God is RELEASING A NEW SOUND!!!! There is a new SOUND being released on the earth, the sound of His heart, the sound of the fear of God being restored, the sound of the reintroduction of His power, the sound of His Glory and Majesty being revealed in ways we have never seen. The sound of revival! The sound of harvest! The sound of signs, wonders and miracles! The sound of salvation! The sound of intimacy with Jesus getting louder than ever. The sound of the Gospel reaching every corner of the earth. The sound of impossibilities bowing to the name of Jesus. The sound of healing, deliverance, freedom. God is AMPLIFYING the SOUND of His Kingdom being established on the earth. He is amplifying the sound of His sons and daughters arising in their authority and revelation of their identity to do what they have been called to do on the earth. It’s the SOUND of the King of Glory stepping in.
So the enemy is attempting to “confuse” and “distort” the sound. It is IMPERATIVE right now to be asking for wisdom and discernment like never before. Bind the spirit of chaos. Bind the spirit of fear. Bind the spirit of confusion. Bind the spirit of insanity. We aren’t chasing demons and looking for demons behind every tree. We are Jesus focused, we have our eyes on Him, but we must also not be ignorant of the enemy’s schemes. (2 Corinthians 2:11) Look to Jesus and worship! Lift up His name and WORSHIP Him!
The Lord showed me that there is all this ‘noise’ in the atmosphere because of the new sound being released on the earth and because we are transitioning and breaking through the SOUND BARRIER to hear His voice with clarity like NEVER before.
The Lord is bringing the people of God DEEPER into Matthew 4:4, deeper than we have ever been:
“Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that flows out of the mouth of God”
God is maturing the body of Christ to know His voice, to discern His voice from the voice of the enemy and to live by His Word in every circumstance like never before. The wisdom and strategy of heaven is being released to the people of God that have ears to hear like never before. He is inviting us into a deeper place of communing with Him and hearing His voice.
Expect the encounter Jesus and the power of God in this new era where you will be overtaken by the PURPOSES of God like never before. The revelation of God’s love and His power is going to so consume you, overtake you and fill you in a new and fresh way that you will throw your life down before Him in fresh surrender.
The Lord is bringing the body of Christ into a place of deeper yieldedness and into a deeper place of surrender that when we hear His voice, we leave all behind and follow Him. (Luke 5:11)
The distraction that has attempted to stop you is going to be suddenly diminished as powerful encounters with Jesus and the strong arm of God to deliver take place in your life. You will transition from feeling like you are “fighting for your life” to “possessed with His purposes” like never before. You are going to encounter His heart and the revelation of who He is in life-transforming ways that is going to ignite a fire of His purposes upon your life to love others, to preach the Gospel, to raise the dead, to cast out demons, to heal the sick etc. It is going to SO increase like never before that you will be completely consumed afresh and overtaken by HIS HEART.
Where you have felt such a deep weariness and feeling constantly in battle mode, the Lord is shifting you in these encounters with Him to being EMPOWERED by His Spirit in ways you have never experienced. To go further than you have been. To do what you never thought you could do, not in your strength, but in the empowerment of His Spirit.
These encounters are so life-changing, so life transforming that you will receive His heart in such a new and fresh way, everything will change. For many, these encounters will change your direction, they will change your outlook, the will change your ministry, they will change your life. Doesn’t mean you have been doing things wrong at all, but it’s a new era and God is doing something completely new. Many of you are about to receive His heart for things you never had before. You will instantly receive His heart in these encounters, your heart will break and burn like His does and you will be overtaken by His passion and purposes. FROM that place, new ministries will be birthed and your lives will take a completely new course as you follow the purposes and plans of God. Weariness will break off, heaviness will shatter, confusion will diminish and you will be possessed with new vision, a new excitement for life with Jesus, new strategy, new creativity and new pathways.
The intense battle that has almost taken you out, almost killed you is going to make SO MUCH MORE SENSE as these encounters take place. You will go forth with COURAGE, STRENGTH, RESOLVE and the fire of God filling every part of you as you are totally possessed by His empowerment in a new and fresh way, His purposes and passions.
Some of the greatest movements, ministries and expressions of the heart of God are about to SUDDENLY come out of the fire RIGHT NOW to see the purposes of God released upon the earth in such POWERFUL ways to usher in the greatest harvest we have ever seen and friend, YOU are part of it.
Don’t give up! Keep going! The divine time has arrived!
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