Prophetic Words


Recently I had a vision and I saw someone walking on a long dusty road and they were carrying a backpack on their back. The sense was this backpack was important to them and they were keeping it close to them, but when I looked closer the backpack was SO heavy. Whatever was inside was really weighing them down.
I then saw Jesus appear to them on this road and He smiled and He asked for what was in the backpack to be given to Him. I could tell there was a deep wrestle taking place in the heart because there was a NEW LEVEL OF SURRENDER that the Lord was asking for. I knew at that moment that whatever was in the backpack, in ‘handing it over’ a deeper level of trust in Jesus was being cultivated.
I watched as this person took their backpack off their back and they pulled out what was in the backpack and it was a HUGE CLOCK. When I saw the huge clock the understanding of the meaning of the clock came to me. It was “TIMING”. It was “MAN’S TIMING” and the “EXPECTATION OF MAN WHEN they think He is going to move or should move.” There was such a strong sense in the spirit of holding to their own timing rather than the surrender to the timing of the Lord. (Proverbs 16:9)
They looked down at the clock holding it tight and close, they then looked up at Jesus. When they looked at Jesus, the BEAUTY that was radiating from Him, the LOVE that was radiating from His eyes was not of this world. There was such a moment of encounter with the heart of Jesus, the love of Jesus and His GOODNESS.
They fell to their knees weeping and threw the clock at His feet. It was a violent ‘throwing off’ of holding to their own timing. They were bringing it to His feet and there was a ferocious surrender that declared “NO LONGER will I hold to MY TIMING. (Proverbs 3:5-6) TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. TEACH ME YOUR TIMING”.
There was such a beautiful moment of encounter as Jesus ushered them into a deeper realm of encountering HIS heart of love, His PERFECT ways and the revelation that HIS TIMING is perfect. SUCH a deep, deep place of trust was forming, deeper than ever. When I looked again, I saw Jesus grab the hand of this person and stand them to their feet. The clock was still at the feet of Jesus, but when His eyes looked upon the clock I saw a turning and transformation happen in the spirit and the clock became a garden. Jesus led them to step into this garden and together they stepped in. They began to walk in the garden together and the Lord was speaking and teaching them about His timing. There was a wind blowing that was revelation to understand times and seasons. I also felt strongly that there is also coming forth a great harvest in the surrender to His timing in the very areas where I saw this person holding tightly to their expectation of timing of God’s move and breakthrough.
The vision then ended.
Immediately the Lord took me back to a dream I had a number of months ago where He spoke loudly in the dream and He said “One of the next things I am going to teach My people is about MY TIMING. MY PERFECT TIMING.”
As I sought the Lord regarding this word and this dream, the Lord showed me that there is a deeper invitation to surrender to His timing right now and powerful demonstrations of HIS PERFECT TIMING and ALIGNMENT. There is a deeper realm of encounter with Jesus and in the Word to understand His timing and the appointed times and ways of God. The Lord spoke to me recently and He said “Yes, there has been delay that many have faced over the years and I am dealing with that, I am breaking delay. But also many have labelled My process and waiting for My appointed timing as delay. I am inviting My people deeper into My heart to learn more about My ways, My seasons and My timing. (Ecclesiastes 3) For those that are drawing close to Me and listening to My heart, I am teaching them more about My divine timing and increasing discernment in this hour. For I am raising up a people that hold tightly NOT to their own clocks, but live deeply in surrender to Me and MY WAYS and MY TIMING and RECOGNISE the times and the seasons. As My people come deeper into My heart in a place of surrender, asking Me “teach Me Lord about your timing, increase wisdom, discernment and understanding upon my life to understand and discern with great sensitivity your WAYS and your TIMING, I am taking them into the deepest well of encounter and revelation of My ways and My timing that they have EVER been in.”