Prophetic Words


I had a dream last night and I heard the Lord speaking over the body of Christ and he said “PRAY FOR PASTORS”.
Immediately I saw a HUGE open heaven and invitation over Pastors right now to encounter Jesus in a deeper way than they ever have before.
There are SIGNIFICANT impartations that the Lord wants to release to Pastors right now in deeper encounters with Jesus that are going to position them for the new move of the Spirit that is upon the Church.
Something that really stood out to me in the dream was HUMILITY. The Lord used a symbol in the dream to me that represents humility and purity.
I believe the Lord is encouraging the Church right now to pray for Pastors and not throw stones at them, criticise them or speak badly of them or judge them. What they are navigating right now is HUGE in this transition we are facing in the body of Christ.
There is a MASSIVE shift taking place right now and the Lord is calling Pastors to lay down again in surrender and seek the heart of God and His blueprints for this new era we are in. The Lord is calling the entire body of Christ to be ready and positioned for what is upon us and He is calling the Church to lie down again (Romans 12:1-2) and I saw this call upon Pastors right now, to go before the Lord and lay everything down and seek His heart for what is to come.
There is a beautiful invitation upon Pastors that as they position themselves in humility to receive the impartation, instruction, inspiration and insight required to move forward in this major shift right now and move deeper into the new wineskin that is upon the Church.
The encounters that I saw with Jesus awaiting Pastors is deeper than they have ever experienced before and God is inviting them into the new day in greater ways.
So I want to encourage you to join me in praying for Pastors.
1. Pray for them to encounter Jesus, deeper than they have ever experienced. Pray that their hearts would be set ablaze like never before with the revelation of Jesus and His beauty and love for them.
2. Pray for them that they have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.
3. Pray that they have deeper revelation in the Word of God and glorious encounters with the Lord as they seek Him in the Word.
4. Pray for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to increase upon them.
5. Pray for strength, comfort, encouragement, refreshment and impartation in their lives.
6. Pray that the Spirit of God would continue to lead them into deeper into recognising His ways and His heart.
7. Pray for healing of their hearts from any hurt, pain or wounding they have experienced.
8. Pray for greater clarity to see and to hear the new strategies for the new era and receive the blueprints of God and to step into the deeper realms of creativity/innovation that the Lord is and will be releasing.
9. Pray for a tenderness of heart towards the Lord and sensitivity to His movement.
10. Pray for courage, strength and no fear in navigating all that is shifting and changing right now.
11. Pray for deeper fresh revelation from heaven. 
12. Pray for Pastors in their managerial roles as they lead their Pastoral staff and support and encourage them through this time.
13. Pray for prophetic dreams for them in the night hours.
These are just some suggestions in what to pray, but I encourage you pray for Pastors right now and be led by the Spirit of God. Let’s lift up our Pastors around the world that they would encounter Jesus deeper than they ever have before.